Chapter 56

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Female Magician’s Charming Body as Gratitude – Part 3※
As expected, licking off all the sperm on her face would be impossible, so Ashe-san went away for a little and returned with a neatly clean face.

“How was it? Have you felt at least a little of my gratitude?”

After wiping my sperm off her face, she looks more and more beautiful.

“A little──”

I choked on words from excitement.

There can’t be a better reward than this.

My passion that settled down is ignited again after seeing Ashe-san’s mysterious smile.
The depths of my abdomen seems to be boiling.

My symbol quickly swells up thanks to the hot blood gathering in it.

“Ashe-san, I…… can’t, endure anymore……!”

I push Ashe-san down on the bed.

She seized the initiative last time.
Having sex with an older married woman leading is not bad.

But, I want to take the lead this time.
I want her to surrender to me──

The instinctive desire of conquest sprouts inside me.
I cover Ashe-san’s body on the flaring up impulse.


With a drunk expression of surprise and delight, Ashe-san leaks out a light sound.
It’s the same soft, amazing body from the other day.

“To push me down so suddenly, you are surprisingly enthusiastic.”

Ashe-san says spitefully while being pinned down by me.
She looks at me with an expression that says: Let’s see what you’ve got.

“It’s alright, I will make you more comfortable than the last time.”

Her straight temptation completely shakes with my reason.

“Here I go, Ashe-san.”

I place my turtle head towards the wet secret entrance.
Jukuu, the vaginal juices spill and a bittersweet scent drift over to my nose.

“Ah, quickly Abel-kun…… come with all your might……”

Ashe-san invites me with a whispering voice.

“…… Ooo……!”

I push my hips forward while giving a soundless war cry.
I break apart the hot petals and invade the wet interior.

“Ku…… uuu……!”

The touch of the hot vagina transmitted to my penis and I lightly groan.

Hot as ever and mysteriously slimy as before.
I don’t have the composure to insert it slowly.
I pierce to the deepest part in one breath.

“All the way in at once……! A, Abel-kun’s thing inside me…… clogging me up. It’s going to burst…… fuu.”

Ashe-san gasps while patting her stomach.
As if deliberately trying to touch my penis settled near her womb.

I stop all movement and immerse myself in the lingering feelings of insertion.
I can’t get enough of the warmth surrounding my meat rod.

Women’s insides are so warm, so hot──
The thrill of joy and excitement rises within my chest.

“I’m going to move, Ashe-san.”

I grab Ashe-san’s slender legs and begin moving my hips with all my might.

“A…… fuu, n……! Ah, so, violent…… n, fu…… kuwa.”

Ashe-san’s seductive voice is mixed with screams.
I pull out to the entrance, then push forward up to her womb.

“…… A, fa…… so deep…… uu……! So good, Abel-ku…… n.”

Ashe-san’s eyebrows relax and she lightly moans.

Our bodies bounced on the bed like springs.
I don’t make her surrender with my technique, but with my powerful piston strikes instead.

Zuchiyu, guchiyu…… jiypu, juyupu……!

I restlessly attack this mature married woman’s secret hole.
Many creases climb all over my dick when I insert and pull out.

“Haa, haa, waa……”

I continue thrusting my piston with all my energy while heavily breathing.

As expected, one would tire out after thrusting so intensely for a while.
But, the feelings of pleasure dispel my fatigue.

I consecutively attack Ashe-san’s hole with strong thrusts.

“Ya…… yaaa!? Why, are you lasting so long…… n, even stronger now……!? Ah, waun.”

Ashe-san’s facial expression gradually turns surprised.

Far from looking tired, it seems she wants me to go even stronger with her hips swaying left and right.
If that’s the case, I as a man, am more honored to do so.

Even stronger, more intense.
I just grind her earnestly with nothing else in mind.

“Wh, what’s, this……!? N, kua…… an, aun, like th, this…… first time, e……!”

Ashe-san says with a trembling voice while her silky white body shakes under me.
A strong feeling of conquest wells up within me when I look at her.

The words “first time” are sending me into a frenzy, I’m like a possessed by a devil.

Ashe-san is making such a face just before me.
The instinctive sense of superiority stimulates me, which makes me raise the speed of my pitching.

“Ah, amazing…… a thick one, inside me…… again and again, pierces me…… fuah, an……”

Ashe-san looks up at me while moaning.

“Say, are you feeling good, Abel-kun? Do I, as a woman…… n, kua…… satisfy, you……? An……”

“Let alone satisfaction, I’m feeling far beyond that……!”

I strongly nod while increasing the power of my pitching even further.

Of course, this is not flattery.
Ashe-san’s tightness, the pressure, the slimy flesh walls, everything feels exquisite.

An electric current of pleasure shots to my brain with every insert and pull.
Besides, every time I insert and pull, Ashe-san’s mature meat pot tightens around me more and more and the pressure on my dick increases.

The creases climb all over my cock as if remembering its shape.

“More than before, more…… kuuuu, again…… tightening…… uu.”

I let out a hollow voice while feeling the time of ejaculation coming.

The quick movements of my hips gradually disappear and they instead become more rhythmic.
I embrace Ashe-san’s upper body in a trance.

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