Chapter 55

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Female Magician’s Charming Body as Gratitude – Part 2※
After Ashe-san kneeled before me, she took off the belt of my pants.
Kacha, kacha, the metallic sounds are raising my feelings of expectation.

Ah, quickly──。

Goosebumps are all over my legs.
After the belt is removed, Ashe-san takes my trousers and underwear down with both her hands.

“U…… ah.”

The fresh air lands on my waist area.
Exposing my most embarrassing place to the opposite sex creates a mysteriously pleasant feeling on my back muscles.

When the pants fell on the floor, my fully exposed symbol jumped vigorously up and down like a spring.
Of course, it has been fully erect since a while ago.

“How lively.”

Ashe-san praises me while staring at my genitals.

“Let me have a taste.”

She gently moves her graceful hands in vertical motion on my pipe.
Half of my rod is covered by her warm hands.


Ashe-san’s face approaches my crotch with a sigh of admiration.

She blows the wind on my glans.
Mysterious feeling runs through my spine at the joy of getting a blowjob.

“Wa, u…… mu.”

Ashe-san opens her lips in O-shape and swallows the head of my meat stick.
She twirls her tongue around my glans and licks the discharged pre-cum.

“Ku, uu…… oo……!”

A weak electric current runs to the tip of my tailbone.

Jupo, zuchiyu, jupuuuuuu……!

The saliva was making noises because of my overswelling thing coming in and out of Ashe-san’s mouth.
The pleasant feeling of the warm water on my meat stick gradually spreads to my whole waist.

“Uaa…… Ashe-san, feels so good……”

I raise my voice at the skillful technique of a married woman.
A slimy tongue climbs all over my glans and gently strokes it.

It’s a tongue that knows man’s weaknesses very well.

The insides of her cheeks get narrower and the pressure on my dick increases.

“Ooo…… fu, a…… oo, fu.”

I desperately try to keep standing on my weakening legs.
The pleasure from her amazing lips keeps increasing.

Ashe-san extends her graceful hand between my crotch while continuing the fellatio.

“N, chiyu…… so, thick….. so heavy……”

Ashe-san spits out my stick and brings a rain of kisses on it while touching my testicles.

“Ah, even though you released so much before, so much has already accumulated……”

She gently massages them, then she switches the target of the kisses from my penis to my testicles.

Chuuu, she sucks the skin so much it lengthened which made my genitals tremble.
Furthermore, she smoothly moves around my testicles with the tip of her pink tongue.

“Chiyu, u…… everything, that accumulated…… n, jiyu…… I will let you…… let it out…… re, roo.”

“Ku…… ooo…… fu, o……”

A generous wave of pleasure runs from the pit of my stomach to the tailbone.

The insides of my testicles seem to be flaring up.
This is the first time since I was born my testicles were caressed in a mouth.

“Why, does it feel so…… g, good……!? Uo……!”

Is such place also a sensitive spot──I felt mysterious shivering around my backbone while feeling surprised.

After Ashe-san licked my testicles clean, her tongue returned back on my symbol.
Zuru, zuru, she swallows it up the root.

“Chiyu, jiyu, ruuu…… mu, gu…… uu.”

Ashe-san’s deepthroat intensifies.

“Ua, am, amaz…… numbing…… ah, Ashe-san…… so good……!”

The fact that she swallowed my entire symbol and even licked my testicles makes my passion burn hot like magma.

“Feeling so good…… chiyu, Abel-ku…… me too, can’t get enough……”

Ashe-san says without pausing. She reaches with her fingers towards her crotch.

Although she was stroking herself through her shorts, it seems she gradually got irritated by it and put her hand in the shorts.
Guchiyu, guchiyu, the noise of her masturbation intensifies.

It’s my first time watching a woman masturbating.
I see, women masturbate this way.

A mysterious color of impression fills me.
Such a mysterious scene sets my waist on fire.

“Fu, uu…… let’s become, comfortable…… together……?”

Ashe-san doesn’t slack at all while doing fellatio and masturbation.
She nimbly uses her tongue, narrows her cheeks and applies two pleasant pressures on my penis.

Masturbating during fellatio──the voltage of my pleasure keeps on increasing while watching the sexy married woman.

“Wa, yes, I really….. uaa, feel like melting…!”

My hard penis is throbbing inside her slimy mouth.

A feeling of ejaculation gradually sinks in my brain.
It seems I am reaching my limit faster than I thought.

“Mu, reroo…… n, good…… like always, anytime…… chiyu, pa…… let it out…… nn.”

It seems Ashe-san sensed the rise in my excitement and sped up her technique.
The increased speed caused striking friction, creating a sweet numbing feeling.

Already, the limit.

Jiyuruuu, I reached the limit from Ashe-san’s skilled sucking.
My lower part of the body starts convulsing.

Noises escape from my mouth and Ashe-san spits out my dick from her mouth.

“Kuaaa, coming! I’m coming…… u……!”

The friction caused me to reach the fatal point and I erupted at the core.
Semen gushes out from the tip of my glans.

Byuru, dobyuruuuuuuuuuu!

I became absentminded at the new unique feeling of refreshment.
Ah, I leak out a small sigh.

“Kyaa…… n!? So, hot…… aun, more, e…… com more…… e.”

Ashe-san raises a sweet voice while bathing in a large amount of semen pouring on her face.
The fingers in her shorts keep moving.

She kept on masturbating even while I was shooting at her face.

“Oo…… still, coming…… uu……!”

It doesn’t have to be said that I’m still releasing without signs of stopping.

Doku, doku, dokuuuuu!

I grab my throbbing dick with one hand and aim towards Ashe-san, pouring semen on her face to my heart’s content.
Looking at the married woman covered in my sperm, the feeling of conquest is unbearable.
Moreover, Ashe-san herself desired it and happily catches it with her face.

When I poured the last drop on her face, Ashe-san leaks “Ah…” sigh of admiration.

Jiyupu, Ashe-san pulls out fingers from her shorts.
Her slender fingers are covered in a slimy, transparent liquid.

“Fuu, I also got so excited……”

She stares at her fingers wet from her liquids and lets out a small sigh.
Then, Ashe-san slowly stood up.

“N…… what a strong taste.”

Ashe-san mutters after licking the sperm near her mouth.
After confirming that she is satisfied with my taste, I immersed myself in the lingering pleasure.

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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