Chapter 54

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Female Magician’s Charming Body as Gratitude – Part 1※
Next day after work, I have been invited to Ashe-san’s home.

By the way, it seems that her husband-san skips from town to town because of his work and rarely comes back home.
Because it wouldn’t look good to invite a young man during her husband’s absence through the front door, she secretly lets him in from the back entrance like she did last time.

As soon as we finished work, she quickly guided me here, still in the knight clothes.
I was not able to suppress the increasing beating of my heart when coming in through the back entrance.

…… I feel like I’m doing something really bad.

Rather, will it turn out like last time?

Nono, that can’t be.
This time, Ashe-san was speaking to me in a businesslike manner, not like before.

The last time felt like a one day affair.

I must not think deeply.
The partner is a married woman.
Surely, such an erotic event won’t happen, she will only normally thank me.

…… I, it’s not like I’m expecting such development!
It’s true!

I wonder why my lower part of the body feels strange while thinking.
I entered Ashe-san’s room while suffering from mental anguish.

“You did really well yesterday, Abel-kun. Let me thank you as the captain of Third Corps again.”

Ashe-san deeply bowed to me after closing the door.

“T, thank you.”

I feel somewhat ticklish, I became embarrassed.

I will get embarrassed if you thank me so much.
In addition, she’s an older woman and my superior at work.
“Giira is locked in the lowest part of the dungeon. Although without the gem he is just an ordinary man──the opponent is from the Empire, we don’t know what hidden powers he may still have. The appointed interrogator should be able to get some information about the Empire.”

Ashe-san continues reporting in a businesslike manner.

“This is embarrassing to say as the captain, but we wouldn’t be able to subdue Giira without you. No, I and the knights of the Fourth Corps would have died at that place. Your Magic is really wonderful.”

“N, no, that……”

“Please, keep polishing that power and help even more people. You have saved me. Not only as a captain, but also like an individual, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Ashe-san thanks me again.
She respectfully bows.

“A, hahaha……”

I don’t what expression to make.

I have been overpraised since a while ago.
Isn’t this the first time since I was born to be praised so much?
In my previous life, even in the present life──

My back feels somewhat itchy.

“If I praised you in public, people may think that I’m favoring you. I had to trouble you to come to my home instead.”

Ah, what. So that was the reason?

As expected──No ero development.
Such disappointment, such bad luck.

“──That was actually only half of my gratitude. The real gratitude is different.”

Ashe-san approaches me while smiling.

“Real gratitude?”

“Oh my, you won’t understand unless I say it?”

Eh, before I could think, Ashe-san seized my lips.

She pushed her hot, wet and charming lips against mine.
I instantly felt like melting.

O, oioi, it’s really the ero development!?

The expectations and sudden lewd development rapidly make me excited.

“Mu, uu…… chiyu.”

Ashe-san moves her body closer while kissing me.

When she reached both her hands behind my back in order to hug me, her soft chest started rubbing against mine.
Even our lower parts rubbed as if seeking each other.

“N, fu…… o…….”

It’s like my lower part of the body remembers that melting pressure and forces me to gasp loudly.

Ashe-san’s fingers touch my crotch through my pants.
A new sweet, numbing feeling falls on my penis because of Ashe-san’s finger pressure.

“T, that, Ashe-san……?”

I stare at Ashe-san dumbfoundedly after the kiss ends.

“My gratitude.”

The married magician smiles.

“Of course, you will most likely receive some kind of medal from the Knight Order. But, separately from that, my personal thanks.”

I quickly gulp.
Last time, even today.
She tempts me, then instantly returns to her businesslike manner.
And now again──

I really can’t read this person.
But, to be able to spend time with such Ashe-san, is unbearably pleasant.

“With my meager body. That is if it’s to Abel-kun’s liking──”

Far from liking──
There’s nothing better than this.

“I’m happy……!”

I spit out from my dry throat.

“Fufu, you have already stiffened so much.”

Ashe-san lightly pecks my lips and smiles teasingly.

“B, because, Ashe-san is…… so…… uu, ku, fu……u.”

The pressure on her fingers increases and my penis inside my trousers start feeling even more comfortable.
She’s good, as expected.

“I will let you feel even more comfortable than the last time.”

Ashe-san eyes mysteriously brighten up.

Even I──

I stretch my arm towards Ashe-san’s waist.
I roll up her knight’s skirt and expose the shorts underneath.

“Ya…… a.”

Ashe-san leaks a shy voice while kissing me.

It’s purple today, huh.
Her bewitching white thighs create a fascinating contrast with her purple panties.

When my finger crawls on crotch, kuchiyu, a faint wet sound resounds.
I slowly increase pressure and stimulate her female genitals.

“Ya, wait…… n, fuah, n!?”

Ashe-san leaks unusually surprised voice at my sudden counterattack.

I increase the force behind my fingertips without minding.
I press on her petals through the thin cloth.

I can feel the hotness of her labia over the cloth.
My fingers slide around the thin cloth.

I increase the pressure little by little.
I delicately change the pressure of my fingertips while watching my partner’s facial expressions.

“A…… chi, wait, good…… n, kuu……”

Ashe-san’s expression appears to be confused.
The suffocating moans escaping from her lips are sexy.

I bring my face closer to Ashe-san’s and seize her lips.

“Fu, muuu!? N, gu…… chiyu…… uu……”

Ashe-san’s eyes open wide.

I screw my tongue in while coveting her lips.
Excited from the intense kiss, our genitals rub against each other.

It was silent for a while.
Only breathing echoed through the room.

“Haa, haa, haa……”

After kissing for a long time we separate and Ashe-san starts gasping for air.
The proof of the hot passionate kiss is the transparent saliva falling down from her mouth.

“Fuu, even though I wanted to thank you. You made me feel much more pleasant.”

A certain passion glittered in her drowsy eyes.
She gently slides her hand under the skirt.

Guchiyu, it made a wet sound.

She probably went under the shorts and touched herself directly.
If it makes sounds like these, she’s probably even wetter than I imagined.

“Did you hear? I got wet so much because of your touch.”

Ashe-san whispers in a mysterious tone.

“But, Abel-kun too──”

She glances at my crotch.
It’s pointing up, swelled inside my pants, trying to get out.

“Throbbing so much. Ah, irresistible.”

Ashe-san leaked a sigh full of desire, then she kneeled before me.
That brave and gallant captain of the knights, respectfully waits in front of me, waiting to service my penis.

At last, Ashe-san’s real “Gratitude” is beginning──

My blood boils with the expectations and the feeling of conquest.

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