Chapter 53

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Magic Bullet
If I destroy that──

I fix my eyes on the red glow emitting from Giira’s chest.

The thing that grants that fellow a Magic power exceeding 100,000 is that gem.
If that’s the case, then if I destroy that gem, all of his magic will disappear.

However, how do I destroy it is the problem.

I tried to drown him with my inferior spells earlier, but every one of them was erased or repulsed by his Resist.
Having said that, using the Flash of Annihilation is out of the question since it would set the whole Capital ablaze.

A spell with enormous destructive power and narrow explosion range──
I don’t have such spell in stock.

“It’s time to end it. You know understand that you can’t hurt me with your magic, right?”

Giira swings his right hand towards me.
A pale green light dwells in his palm.

“Rest assured. I will let that woman live.”

He looks at Ashe-san behind me with indecent eyes.

“It would be a pity to kill her, she’s a good woman. Once her wounds heal, I will violate her thoroughly…… Kukuku.”

“──Like I’d let you do that.”

I grind my teeth.

“Fuuuuu, die!”

Giira exhales and releases the green spell.
The light in the air condensate and charges towards me like a spear.

“That is──!?”

The moment I see that fellows Magic Spear, something flashes in my mind.

I deflect Giira’s magic with “Shield of Protection – Aegis Sphere” and jump backward.

“Tsk, you defended against that.”

I ignore Giira who is clicking his tongue and start concentrating.

…… Can you do it, me?
I talk to myself.

No, it’s not whether I can do it or not.
I will do it.

In order to protect Ashe-san──

“The golden eyes which pierce the sky. Spiral Blade. Crystal of Fresh Blood.”

I start chanting the most destructive magic I have in stock, the Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast.

My extended right hand starts emitting a bright light.
The brightness of the dazzling bluish light increases.

“W, what, your Magic power──!?”

Giira raises his voice in surprise.
Giira likes surprises.
He sensed the magnitude of my Magic power.

“To exceed me in Magic power…… im, impossible, that can’t be possible……”

“Spinning Light. Twinkling Darkness.”

A bluish light gathers around my hand.
Releasing a vast amount of Magic power that even I can’t measure──That is the principle behind the Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast.


“B, but…… if you release that much energy, not just me, the whole area will explode! Are you planning to ruin the Captial in exchange for me, you bastard!”

Giira shouts.

That right, I can’t use the Flash of Annihilation here.

Lukewarm sweat streams down my cheek.
My heart quickens and my body starts feeling the strain.

I beg you, work properly──

While praying in my heart,

“Sharpen. Pierce the point. Further than the point.”

I have added arrange into the chant.

When I saw Giira’s spell a little while ago, I got an idea.
That I could try doing the same with my Flash of Annihilation.

The moment I had that idea, a new incantation popped in my mind.
The same way when I learned the Flash of Annihilation.

“Sharpen. Magic Bullet.”

This fellow is a Flash of Annihilation condensed into a bullet.

A bullet that can pierce anything.
Its name is──

“Flash of Penetrating Magic Sphere – Photon Bullet!”

I release the light that gathered around my right hand.

The bluish light charges straight in line while drawing a spiral in the air.
The explosion of the condensed energy in the Magic Bullet shouldn’t spread so much like the explosion of Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast.

The atmosphere leaks out creaking noises.
It’s the proof of Magic Bullet exceeding the speed of sound.

In an instant, the Magic Bullet pierces through Giira’s armor.
And even the gem buried in his chest.

“A…… ga, ah……!”

Giira falls down with a short groan.

I stiffen at the sight of the Magic Bullet continuing after piercing Giira.
The bluish light suddenly soars into the sky while drawing a spiral.


It flies high in the sky and explodes in a dazzling light.

Alright, it seems that I’m able to control its trajectory of my own free will.
Though the speed is way too fast, so I need some adjustments──

“A…… uu……”

Hearing groaning, I return my gaze towards Giira.
The red armor and helmet on Giira’s body starts transforming into small pieces, then completely disappears in the air.

Giira’s whole body convulses.
It seems that he barely survived.

Which reminds me, didn’t Ashe-san say『I didn’t want to kill you if possible』?

I approach Giira.

With his precious gem broken, he’s just your average Joe.
An ordinary human being without any Magic power.

“Light of Healing – Cure Grade.”

I heal wounds on Giira’s chest with healing magic.

“Y, you……”

“Captain’s orders.”

I wryly smile at the groaning Giira.

I create tentacles using the Invisible Tentacle – Tentacle Mist spell and restrict Giira’s movements.

My first job as a member of the Assault Magic Corps.
The apprehension of Magic Gem Soldier Exceed Prototype No. 1 Giira──



“You did well, Abel-kun.”

Ashe-san approaches me from the side.
Although the wound doesn’t seem to be completely healed, she can already move around.

“In order to not let escape him this time, we will put him on the lowest floor of the dungeon with heavy surveillance. We must get information on the Empire from him.”

“I’m sorry, you got injured because of me──”

The cruelly ripped clothes on Ashe-san’s side and the blood dripping from it looks pitiful.

“I just selfishly wanted to protect you. Even though Abel-kun was able to protect himself.”

Ashe-san smiles.

“My body moved on its own…… I’m sorry.”

“No, that──”

I shook my head.
I shook it may times.

“Thank you very much.”

This person wholeheartedly tried to save my life for the cost of hers.
I’m thankful for that fact above all.

“It should be me saying thanks.”

I return a smile to the laughing Ashe-san.

“But, right…… I want to show you my gratitude properly.”

Ashe-san whispers to my ear.

“Won’t you come over to my house tomorrow?”

She lightly blows breath on my neck.


I stare back at Ashe-san’s sudden proposal.

Smiling Ashe-san is really beautiful after all.
Dignified and elegant.

The excitement from battle vanished immediately.
Just from staring at her, my heart starts beating bittersweetly.

What on Earth would that be?

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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