Chapter 52

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Natural Genius vs. Artificial Genius
“Defeat? You? Defeat me?”

Giira ridicules.

“A captain class didn’t leave even a scratch on me, you know? What a small fry like you can accomplish?”

“…… Ashe-san, please wait for a little.”

I ignore Giira’s words and talk to Ashe-san in the back.

“After I defeat that guy, I will immediately take you to see the doctor.”

After saying so, I fix my eyes on Giira once again.

My entire body is hot.
My blood seems to be boiling.

Is it the anger from Ashe-san getting hurt?
Or is it exhilaration of battle?
Or is it both──I don’t know myself.

Even though I was full of fear when I faced a magician for the first time in the village.
I feel the fear of fighting fading away with each battle.

Of course, I have great confidence in my own abilities.
Not only that──I have gotten used to it unbelievably quickly.

The battlefield.

“What are those eyes? Are you angry?”

Giira laughs at me.

“Although I was certain that you would beg for your life.”

“Like hell! I will teach you proper etiquette for bullying our Captain.”

“Hmph, did you perhaps──fell for that Captain? She’s certainly a beauty.”

“Ah yes, to the point I regret that she’s married.”

…… Why am I having a conversation with an enemy!?

“Rather, aren’t you interested because she’s married?”

“Somewhat…… No, you are right.”

“Ou, so you understand. It’s a pity that you are a knight of this kingdom.”

Giira laughs happily.

…… Hey, this isn’t time for conversation, me!
I tsukkomi’d for the second time in my heart.

Well, if I can talk like this, it shows that I’m calm.
At least, I’m not afraid of him right now.

“Anyway…… I will defeat you.”

“Just try it! You don’t have any means to defeat me, who can negate every spell!”

Giira brags.

Fuu, the atmosphere finally turned battle-like.
Although──Honestly, I don’t have any strategy.

No matter how much he is resistant to magic, he wouldn’t be able to resist the Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast──I think.
But, if I fire that here, the Capital would burn down.
If I’m not careful, the Captial will burn down by my hand before the Empire even comes.

If it’s a big target like the Steel Dragon I can angle my attack in order to prevent damage to the surroundings, but that is not possible with a human-sized target.

Now then, what to do──

“What’s wrong? If you won’t come I will!”

Giira raises his both hands with a loud shout.

Ah, I was still in the middle of my thoughts!
As expected the opponent didn’t wait.


Giira swings both his hands while exhaling,


It creates a huge tornado that quickly approaches me.
A chantless wind spell?

The surrounding buildings are blended to pieces like in the mixer and then they completely vanish.
Nearly Natural disaster class power.

“Shield of Absorption – Void Sphere!”

I immediately cast defensive magic.
Defensive magic that absorbs the opponent’s magic attack and completely abolishes it.

With this, I can reduce the damage to the surroundings──


The dome-shaped barrier disappointingly scatters as soon as the tornado approaches it.

The flaw of this defensive magic is the limit of energy it can absorb.
It seems that Giira’s magic exceeded that limit.

It’s destructive energy is more than I expected.

“Ku…… Shield of Protection – Aegis Sphere!”

I cast a different type of defensive magic.

Precisely, a narrow escape──
The tornado that destroyed everything it touched, is immediately repelled the moment it touches the Magic shield I created.

The fierce wind rages in the surroundings.
Ashe-san and the knights of the Fourth Corps are protected by the defensive magic I invoked.
However, the road, buildings, roadside trees, everything breaks, splits and scatters into little fragments.

Eventually, the tornado vanishes, leaving only debris of buildings──The buildings were completely in ruins.

…… People who lived there, sorry.

I turn for the counterattack while apologizing in my heart.

“Blue Light Sphere – Flasher Bomb!”

I fire a small blue light that formed on my right hand.

It’s a spell that creates a small-scale explosion on touch.

It doesn’t have the power to destroy a quarter of the city like Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast does, but it can shatter a whole building into pieces.

With that guy’s defenses, he won’t die, but he will suffer a large damage.
This time, I will properly restrict him, so he won’t be able to escape again.

The blue light hits Giira and sparks an explosion──
In a moment,

“Fu, ooh.”

The surroundings start glowing red with Giira’s shout.
The red glow radiating on his helmet and armor spreads and easily scatters the explosion produced by the blue light.

“It didn’t work…!?”

Well, this is surprising.
The resistances of this guy are far higher than I imagined.

“Useless. Did you think I would take damage from a spell of that level?”

“Lightning Whip!”

This time, I produce a whip enveloped in bright light and restrict Giira’s entire body.

“I told you that it’s useless!”

However, just like before, Giira’s body starts emitting a red glow and the whip vanishes.


Giira starts attacking me with a barrage of wind magic.
I defend with Shield of Protection – Aegis Sphere and counterattack when I find a gap.

“Fighting Spirit Ball – Aura Bullet!”

A shining golden sphere,

“Green Light Attack – Fist Ray!”

A green wind bullet,

“Three Pillars of Destruction – Calamity Delta!”

Blue lances pour down from three sides.

Firing one after another, I don’t give him a chance to counterattack.
However, that plan,

“Useless, useless!”

Giira armor glows in red light. He didn’t suffer a single scratch.

“Absolute Resistance – Resist, huh……”

How troublesome.
As expected, I won’t be able to defeat him while paying attention to surroundings.

I don’t have any magic that could restrain him while paying attention to surroundings.
A spell of Flash of Annihilation grade is needed──

“Magic doesn’t work against me. Didn’t I tell you so from the beginning?”

Giira ridicules me.

“With this precious gem, I’m invincible. The world’s best genius Magician.”

A dazzling light glows from his chest.
That thing is buried inside his chest──It have forgotten its official name because it was too long, but──A gem, huh?

A precious gem with nearly maximum conversion efficiency, a precious gem which can turn an ordinary man into a super magician──

I recall Giira’s words from before.

In other words, the gem raises his Magic power to utmost limits, maximalizing his Resist.

“…… Then, If I break that.”

Sudden enlightenment.

If I destroy that……!

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