Chapter 5

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A simple dish seemed to be something fresh for the Demon King’s twins.

“I never ate something like this before. But, it’s tasty~”
“It is my first time. It is delicious.”

Both Iric and Ilya ate without restraint. There’s not much difference in what monsters and humans eat, the Brave Hero Yuuya learned something new.

“Nii~chan you are amazing~ You can even cook. Heroes are amazing~”

Iric admired from a weird angle. It would be troubling if he learned that Brave Hero = Skillful Cook by a mistake.

“No, it’s because I have traveled alone for a long time. This much is normal. My companions were much more skillful.”
“Oniisan, you had companions?”
“Yes. Though we separated on the journey because of injuries and other circumstances.”

It was a long journey. I could endure only because I had companions. I have arrived to the Demon King’s castle only because of my companions.

“Did they not like you?”
“I’m telling you that’s not it. On the way…… various things happened.”

Smiling wryly at Iric’s words, I spoke ambiguously.

A soldier, who became my first companion has fought in order to protect a certain village and wasn’t able to move anymore after getting injured. The injuries he suffered were heavy, so he who couldn’t fight anymore decided to stay in the village. He apparently fell in love with a church’s sister too.
I heard he got married the sister in the end.

My next companion was a magician of advanced age, he strained his back when we arrived at the neighboring country, and he wasn’t able to move from there on out. At a later date, I heard that he has become a teacher at a magician coaching school.

I had a Monk companion too. He was a survivor of a village that was annihilated by monsters, but I haven’t been able to connect with him properly so I didn’t bring him along further…… in fact, that Monk was a departed soul who entered the Nirvana with his own holy magic.

I have also come across a girl who aimed to become a Sage. She obtained a scholarship to study at the world’s best school, so that’s how far we have journeyed together.
In the future, I met the girl’s older brother. Her older brother was a true Sage. He, who got to know that I traveled with his cute little sister for a while, was treating me like a villain.

…… I have met various people.

“There was also a fellow who said they will chase after me later…… I wonder what that fellow is doing now……”
“Nii~chan, you were disliked, after all……”
“No, I’m telling you it’s different. Hey, let’s clean up. We will walk for a little more after we clean up.”

The twins who have not cleaned up after having a meal listened to Yuuya’s instructions with sparkling eyes as they moved happily. Come to think of it, they were peeking at the food preparation with intrigue as well.
They might have led a life perfectly suited for the Demon King’s children up until now. If that was the case, everyday life activities like this might be unusual for them.

“Oniisan. Is a human habitat far away?”
“Indeed…… we might have to sleep outdoors today.”
“Outdoors…… that will be a first for me.”
“I also haven’t done it before! Great~! I’m looking forward to it~!”
“I am excited.”
“Nii~chan, I will lit the firewood for you anytime, so just let me know!”
“Oniisan, I will make water anytime, so just say the word, okay?”
“Ahh, yes. I will leave it to you then.”

They were serious, but their reactions were a bit cute, and they seemed happy. Oh well.

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