Chapter 46

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One month after staying in the castle, I began thinking.
The mature beauty the King married has got all the power.
Well, that’s all good. Her politics are honest, so let’s deem that acceptable.
The problem is using that power as a shield.

“It’s quite an honest demand, is it not?”

The current queen, the succubus Sivilla said while smiling.

“You are a bachelor. I am married. I have both the power and assets to raise children, and my partner is His Majesty who is a broad-minded person that didn’t even mind that I am a monster. You need not to worry about anything.”

Even though things appeared this way, I felt that she was pressing me.

…… To hand her over the Demon King’s twins.

“You……! Certainly, Yuuya-san didn’t have a girlfriend for an eternity, and he has never raised children before, but can’t you see that the twins are attached to him!? In the first place, do you think a promiscuous woman who quickly changed her thoughts for a rich person is qualified to raise children!?”

The Sage’s Egg Aura counterattacked. I secretly felt hurt. I don’t have a girlfriend, yes. Sorry about that.

“Besides, Yuuya-san has many future prospects! It’s very likely that he will marry and build a happy family from now on! Therefore, he has the right, or rather the prospects of looking after the twins!」

Aura shouted while stealing glances at Yuuya. Her glances most likely had many meanings behind them, but Yuuya did not notice them, as expected.

“No, it’s not written anywhere that a bachelor cannot look after children, right? I might not have a girlfriend just yet, but it’s possible for me to look for a partner from now on. Aura said so too.”

Aura’s expression suddenly lit up. The sulking twins started smiling after hearing Yuuya’s words.

“Well, my life has just begun. I am still young. Rather than marriage, I would like to properly look after these children. Sivilla-san, you have just married His Majesty too. You have many things you have to get accustomed to as well, no? The Demon King’s case is still under investigation too. His Majesty also shouldn’t be talking about adopting children just yet.”

Aura dropped her shoulders in dejection. (I clearly understand that he’s a person like that…… As I thought, do I have to be straightforward about it……? Ahh, geez……) Yuuya didn’t hear her mutterings.

“Ahh, we are fine with it?”

We continued talking while ignoring both the mature beauty and the Sage’s Egg.

“My daughter approves of it too.”

My body suddenly stiffened.
Sivilla’s daughter. His Majesty’s child. Princess.
…… The shotacon who fell in love with Iric.

“I shall decline with all of my might.”

Iric would be in danger if I nodded here. In various ways.
The children were clinging to my legs. The two were looking up to me with puppy eyes. Their anxious gazes stirred my paternal feelings.
I have to protect them.
I don’t think they would do anything bad, but should we escape at night?
I feel that Iric might encounter danger if he stays at the castle any longer.
The princess has yet to give up and she already tried making Iric her husband in various ways.
Did she think that he won’t be able to escape if he becomes her little brother?
Scary. Even though she wouldn’t be able to marry him if they are siblings, even step-siblings at that.

“How stubborn. I loved that about you, too. But, I already have a dear husband. And, I would love to have adorable children too ufufufufu.”

I quickly lifted the twins in my arms after hearing Sivilla’s words that sounded like from another world.

“Let’s pretend this conversation has never happened! Well then, we will excuse ourselves!! I’d like to teach the children more letters in my room!!”

I left the scene at a high speed.

“I feel at ease with Onii~san as always. You have easing powers.”
“You are incredible, Nii~chan. We want to be able to ignore various things like you.”
“? I don’t know what you mean, but I will protect both of you, alright!”

I declared to the twins who looked at me with reliance.

“Yes. I trust you. I trust you more than Otousan.”
“Ou! I trust you more than Tou~chan, Nii~chan! That princess is scary and I don’t want her to approach me!”

They treat the Demon King somewhat terribly, but rather than that.

“…… I thought so…… should we escape at night after all……?”

Hearing my mutter, Iric laughed cheerfully.

“Good idea! Let’s bring along ‘only’ Pochi and escape!”
“True! Pochi ‘only’ is good!”

Why did they emphasize “only” ? Pochi is resting at the stables and he must be quite lonely. Though he’s treated quite roughly, they do seem to miss him after all.
Anyhow, it looks that I will have to escape from the castle with the children first.

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