Chapter 72

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Let’s arrange the equipment first.
I decided to talk about the request in detail. We will mutually exchange information. I think it would be better if Jend wasn’t here, but…

“Oneechan, I think I have the right to listen.”

His resolve is strong. Can’t be helped.

“I will pay the reward upfront.”

“Wait! Are you telling us to just enjoy the earrings!? I can’t accept that!”

Sugar-san understood its value. Accepting more wouldn’t be good! She shook her head.

“That is part of the equipment, so I would be troubled if you sold it.”

“I won’t sell, wouldn’t sell it!”

“It’s useless unless you can redeem it, isn’t it? In that case, how about not using it as part of the reward but treating it as a rental? I will prepare a different payment.”

“Let’s go with the rental, please! I cannot accept this! Moreover, everyone’s as well!”

“……” ← Accepted it for her birthday present.

“Ah, you have to wear it on your person too, Dirk:”

“Got it.”

Dirk casually accepted it. Sugar-san was astonished.

“Dirk! Have you not hear our conversation up unitl now!?”

“I heard you, but Rosarin is telling me to accept it so I could defend myself.”

Dirk wore the earrings. Dirk’s was matching mine, the design was slightly different for the Free Wind members and Geraldin-san. It tingles my maiden’s heart a bit.

“… They are matching, huh.”

It seems that Binet-san noticed. I moved onto the next subject with a smile.

“Well then, the equipment will be on rental too.”

I took out a large amount of equipment and lined it up.

“First, the weapons. There’s a bow made out of Adventurer Killer’s bone, all kinds of swords and spears made out of the Crystal Dragon’s fangs, and other weapons made out of all kinds of materials, so please help yourselves. There’s a mantle made out of Adventurer Killer’s skin and armors made out of the Crystal Dragon’s scales. They are one size fits all, so everyone should be able to utilize them. These are also easy to use, so please chose those which are to your liking. If you wish for things like Magic Sword, don’t hesitate to inform me as I am able to engrave the crests.”

The Free Wind members stared with their mouths open. Geraldin-san carefreely checked the weapons and picked a long sword in his hands.

“What a good weapon.”

“You have discerning eyes. This is a magic sword I have produced myself. It usually stays in the form of a ring, so it’s comfortable to carry around. By the way, it’s made out of Orichalcum, so it will cut even magic.”

“… Wait a moment.”

Binet-san said as if racking his brains.

“Princess, are you intending to rent all of this to us? Are you sane? What are you going to do if we ran away with it?”

Binet-san spoke to me as a man who knows the value of those items and the representative of the Free Wind. The other members were nodding their heads, so this was a consensus opinion? I tilted my head.

“Are you going to?”

“We won’t, but having expensive items like these is like inviting an evil spirit.”

“I believe I told you in the beginning. That I can trust you. Should I worry that Binet-san is someone I can’t trust that will run away with these items?”

“… Not at all. Sorry, everyone. I don’t think that I can win.”

Binet-san gave up and went to look through the equipment.

“It can’t be helped since you trust us.”

Sole-san started looking around as well.

“I have the confidence in my ability to judge people. And above all, you are people Martha and Arc have approved of.”

“If you say that…”

“Can’t be helped.”

Sugar-san and Mirula-san gave up too. I feel a bit uneasy about Sugar-san who let out a strange voice since she understands the value, but… well, let’s not mind it.

“This is your weapon, Dirk. And this is your armor.”

I handed Dirk a ring and Crystal Dragon equipment.

“A ring?”

“Grandpa Sage taught me how to make it. You have only a little magic power, so you can transform it only into a spear and twin swords. It’s made from Orichalcum.”

To try it out, Dirk transformed the ring into a spear and swung it.

“It’s easy to use.”

“It’s filled with love and I have also used your previous weapon as a reference after prostrating before the shopkeeper of your favorite Weapon’s Shop for the trick behind manufacturing…”

“You have done what!? Is this the reason I was told that I am loved when I went for the maintenance of my weapon!?”

“Ah~ yeah. Probably.”

“I will gratefully accept this weapon. I will use it carefully.”

“Yup. Weapons are made to be put to use. I am also happy I could be of help. About the armor, the mantle is made out of Adventurer Killer’s skin and has physical and magic damage reduction effect. The light armor made out of the Crystal Dragon scales is the same.”

“Why equipment made out of Crystal Dragons all of sudden?”

“I was told when I went to gather materials for the earrings. The location of the home of Crystal Dragons.”
“… Hah?”

“I did not have enough materials for the Forest Sage’s earrings, you see. When I said I will go gather them, Kou told me that he knows a place where many Crystal Dragons reside, so when I went there, there really were many.”

“D, did everything go all right?”

“We settled it with peacefully with a conversation. I have received the materials for sweets and fruits. Did you know that dragons really love sweet things and fruits? They had many unnecessary fangs, horns, and scales they shed on them, so I have a massive stockpile.”

“Princess, one normally can’t talk with dragons.”

“I had Kou with me. If you bring gifts, dragons won’t bluntly refuse you and they are very free since they have long lifespans, so I have returned after having tea with them, you know?”

“You lack common sense on top of being out of the norm, huh.”

“… Isn’t it fine if you can settle things peacefully? Elf Chief-sama had a similar reaction though.”

He asked after seeing the undamaged material (Crystal Dragon’s horn), so when I obediently replied to him, he looked on with a distant look. Rosarin-chan, you don’t know fear, don’t you… Ojiisama muttered to himself… how lively.

Geraldin-san who was acting on his own pace asked me a question.

“Lord, do you have armor that is easier to move in than dragon’s scales?”

“How about this? This is an armor made from the tanned skin of the Adventurer Killer.”

“… Hmm. I will go with this.”

He seems to prefer that one. Jend pulled on my sleeve.

“I want too. Can’t I? Oneechan.”

“The equipment itself is not a problem, but you have not even turned seven yet, so you can’t participate in the battle with Geraldin-san and others. You would be a burden. Study lots and obtain great power. Become strong in order to fulfill your own desires. Become strong enough to protect those who are important to you in the future.”

“Okay. I will become as strong as Oneechan!”

“Your Oneechan has too many weaknesses, I wonder if I can be considered strong…”


“Niisama, for example… I don’t feel like I could win against the strategist brain of Alphage-sama, and I would lose when it comes to physical strength alone.”

“You are always at the right place, isn’t that enough? Oneechan’s strong point is the numerous friends you have. I will also help Oneechan if needed.”

Jend is a really clever child. I wonder what will happen if he becomes an adult after this?

While Jend and I were talking, Geraldin-san took something out from his pouch. This presence…!

“A, Arisa! Arisaaa!!”

Feeling the rich presence of a curse, I called Arisa to weaken the curse with purification.

“Whoa… Mama, what’s up with this amount? Have you cursed someone?”

“I did not!”

What does Arisa think of me? However, that was a lot.

“Geraldin-san, this is…”

“Geraldin or Jedy is fine. This is what I have been trying to resolve all this time. I thought it would cause trouble again if left alone, so I have been carrying it on me.”

“… I must praise you for staying all right while carrying something like that.”

Normally, you would be overtaken by the curse, you know?

“Curses hardly work on the constitution of the Silver Wolves, so it’s nearly useless against me.”

“I see. Can you tell me why, how and what accident have you been trying to resolve?”

Geraldin-san averted his gaze.

“Geraldin. Surely not…”

“… I don’t remember.”

“You meatheaaad! You have the thing so quickly recaaaaal it!!”

In the end, it took about an hour for him to remember not more than half of the story.

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