Chapter 71

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Jend, Hero, and Free Wind.
While reading in the garden, Lumia-san handed me a snail-like magic tool.

“Rosarin-chan, I heard from Leonid that you are looking for my husband.”


“Please make use of this. My husband gave me this to use was something to happen.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I wasn’t able to use it in the end.”

“Thank you very much.”

The snail-like magic tool Lumia-san gave me, is a disposable item that forcefully summons the other party.
Its name is the Spiral of Summoning. It’s a rare item. I felt my enthusiasm rising.

Now then, now then, there’s a heap of things I must to do before summoning Jend’s father! I quickly started the preparations.




I finished all the preparations by the next day.

“Are the preparations ready?”

“All’s good.”


“… Are you really doing it?”

By the way, those were the words of Dirk, Curtis, and Free Wind’s Binet-san.

“I am.”

“Waitwaitwait! There are obviously ominous signs!”

Mirula-san said perceptively. I smiled cheerfully.

“You are not wrong since he made me mad.”

“O, ou. However, just what has the Hero done…”

“I intend on slapping the reason into the person in question.”

“… Acknowledged. I am ready any time.”

Binet-san gave up and stepped back.

The real name of Jend’s father is Geraldin Wolfanea. He is the sole owner of SSS rank, a man praised as Hero by the countries he saved from the outbreak of monsters.

“Here I go~”

I activated the Spiral of Summoning. By the way, the arrangements were:
Me at the front.
Dirk to my right.
Curtis on my left.
The Free Wind group behind me.

Once the light subsided, an uncle with wonderful muscles and a beautiful silver tail appeared.

“Everyone, retreat!”


He easily repelled the surprise attack I have prepared for him. As expected of the Hero! Their hands seem numb just from receiving his attack.

“What a greeting. Where’s Lumia?”

The Hero looked around cautiously. To be able to handle Dirk, Curtis, and Binet-san at once, as expected of him.

I activated my magic. The Hero perceived something and evaded in the direction of probably the weakest one, Binet-san… and got caught up in my trap.


By the way, the Hero… Geraldin-san is the possessor of super-intuition. I have made use of it and turned it into a weakness this time. Super-intuition has a weakness and that is the possessors of Clairvoyance. Because he’s relying on the Super-intuition unconsciously, I am able to select the best option.

In this case, I activated magic simultaneously. A pitfall behind him and considerably nasty snare traps elsewhere. Moving behind would definitely make him suffer the least damage. Moving accordingly once I understood that is simple. I paralyzed him with an item I prepared beforehand. I was vigilant because he might have had an abnormal status invalidation equipment on him, but he didn’t. Once paralyzed, we took away his weapon and tied him up so he wouldn’t be able to escape. I even had his fingers and wrists tied separately. Even his thumbs won’t be able to slip away.

“What a strange method.”

“He won’t be able to escape like this.”

“Guh, who the hell are you! What have you done to Lumia!”

First of all, I grabbed him by the collar and gave him a good punch. I myself train quite a lot, so Geraldin-san seemed to be in pain. I then proceeded to kick Geraldin-san who fell to the ground.

Are you even aware how difficult it was for Lumia-san up until now? I told him in detail how terribly Jend was treated.

Geraldin-san paled.

“Sorry for the late introductions. My name is Rosarin Rosenberg. Nice to meet you, Uncle-in-law. I believe the two only suffered this much because you weren’t returning.”

Geraldin-san stiffened with his face turning blue.

“How could you even think that a former young noble lady would be able to live by herself? Don’t you think that with no allowance, she was just waiting for death?”

“I, I gave her that item in case something happened…”

“She’s a woman who always tries her best, that’s why she didn’t use it up until now.”

“… Lumia and Jend are…”

“Oneechan, let’s play… who is this uncle?”

Oof, Jend came.

“… Jend?”

“You know me?”

“… He’s your stupid father who left you and your mother experienced many hardships.”

“Why are you introducing me with nothing but malice!”

Curtis interjected accurately.

“Otou~san? Why is Otou~san being stepped on by Oneechan?”

“This? If your father was here, you wouldn’t have to have such a terrible experience. That’s why I am punishing him.”

“But, I might have not been able to meet Oneechan if I wasn’t thrown away by the bad uncle. I like being with Oneechan.”


While I was being moved by Jend’s words, Curtis who is unable to read the mood muttered.

“… The scene is so moving, yet it’s spoiled by the kicking of his father.”

“Ahh… right.”

Once Geraldin-san’s hostility vanished, I glared at Curtis who stood beside Dirk and changed the subject.

“I will have you work as my subordinate.”


“What do you think will happen if you oppose me?”

“Are you intending to hold my wife and son hostage!?”

Geraldin-san’s bloodthirst swelled up. As expected of Hero. My skin feels sore from his bloodthirst.

“Oneechan, stop playing the bad guy. Err, Otou~san? Oneechan is kindhearted, you know? She beat up the guy who was bullying me. Okaasan said that you are working hard, so you can’t return home. That’s why, please talk it out with Oneechan properly, okay? I believe that Oneechan would cook you if you didn’t Otou~san.”

As expected of super intuition. He immediately calmed both me and Geraldin-san.

“… We shouldn’t be talking in a place like this, huh. Let’s change the place.”

By the way, we are currently in our garden. It’s an open place suitable for practicing magic, as it’s wide with nothing around. I teleported us to Yggdrasil-san.

“Jend, tell others to not come here for a while.”

“Okay, but you are going to fight with Otou~san while I am not here, right? Wouldn’t it be better for me to stay here?”

On the contrary to his clumsy way of talking, Jend is quite sharp. Can’t be helped.

“Curtis, inform the children.”

“Eh, me?”

“I will tell you later. You weren’t listening to half of this stuff anyway. After you tell them, eat some sweets and wait for us.”

“N, roger.”

Making sure that Curtis left, I addressed Yggdrasil-san.

“Yggdrasil-san, please erect blocking and soundproofing barrier in the surroundings.”

In response to my voice, Yggdrasil-san sent down a gentle light.

“… Umm, I feel that I have seen this tree before.”

Sugar-san looked at Yggdrasil-san in dumbfoundement.

“Chief-sama gave it to me.”

Sugar-san was understanding. I faced Geraldin-san.


“Now then, Geraldin-san. I will have you stop the war between Christia and Wolfanea.”


“Because your relatives are going to die. I would like to stop that.”

“… Who are you?”

“I am the daughter of Duke Rosenberg, Rosarin. A possessor of the Clairvoyance Revelation.”

“Clairvoyance… what an unusual Revelation. You are telling me to believe that?”

“You are going to die at this rate. What do you think would have happened to your family if I did not intervene? Lumia-san would overwork herself to death and Jend would pass away from an illness at nine. Before that, Jend was to be placed in a brothel from which my Father was to rescue him and adopt him to our family, but I would bully him because I misunderstood him for a child from Father’s adulterous relationship, and he would kill me in the end.”

“… Wha?”

“I, I wouldn’t hurt you, Oneechan!”

“That is only if I didn’t do anything. The current you won’t kill me. I also won’t bully you. Geraldin-san, you are strong. But, super-intuition is not omnipotent. Just like today, it’s possible for you to fall into a trap.”

Jend took on the attitude of understanding. Geraldin-san stared at me as if trying to confirm something.

“… What is it that you desire?”

“That the war doesn’t happen.”

“You are telling me to do as you bid?”

“As compensation, I will be responsible for the well being of your family. I plan on shouldering Jend’s tuition too.”


“I earn quite a lot as an adventurer, so I can at least support Jend and Lumia-san.”

“Why is a complete stranger like you…”

“I am Lumia-san’s niece and Jend’s cousin though.”

“… Rosenberg!? You bastard, are you trying to use Lumia as a politica- “As if you idiot!!”

I reflexively turned the Warrior Maiden’s ring into a harisen and slapped Geraldin-san. Together with a satisfying noise, the Warrior Maiden’s harisen’s power sent Geraldin-san flying.


I froze in place from guilt. Jend approached Geraldin-san without care.

“This one was your fault, Otou~san. Because Okaasan said she won’t be returning to the Rosenbergs, she gave her a job, you know? Okaasan said that Oneechan is our benefactor. It can’t be helped that Oneechan got angry at you. If Okaasan was here now, she would be probably very angry, you know? Even though Okaasan believed you, you won’t believe her, Otou~san?”

“N, no, umm… sorry, I overdid it.”

The tail and ears of Geraldin-san who was in tatters from being found fault with by his son collapsed despondently.

“Oneechan too! I am happy that you are angry for us, but we are not angry at Otou~san. But, yes. Otou~san, please help Oneechan.”


“Oneechan is our lifesaver, you know?”

And then, Jend proceeded to talk about me. How kind I am and how attached he is to me.
I tried to correct him that I am not that virtuous, but I was stopped by Dirk.

“Jend is persuading his father. Leave it to him. Besides, although you have acted recklessly in many instances, I don’t think he’s particularly wrong, no?”

It got really embarrassing halfway, so I decided to not listen.

“Oneechan, Otou~san wants to talk to you.”

Just what happened in this short period of time? Geraldin-san was crying.

“Dank you… for helping my son and wife.”

I was told such by my Uncle-in-law whose face was smeared in tears and snot. Jend-san yo, just what did you tell him?

“I was listening, but it was generally the truth. Rather, I was surprised just how much Jend had grasped about the former Duke.”

It must be the truth if Dirk says so.

“I wasn’t lying. I love Oneechanmon. I am Oneechan’s ally, okay?”


I tightly hugged my cute cousin. Because I brushed Jend daily and his malnourished condition improved, his fur was fluffy and soft.
He rubbed his cheeks against mine with his eyes closed. How cuteee…

“… Won’t you untie the rope, Miss Rosarin? I won’t escape nor cause anyone harm. I promise.”

“I don’t mind.”

With the snap of my fingers, I cut the rope with magic. I cured his paralysis too.
He came to me who was holding Jend in my arms and performed a Knight’s greeting. The meaning of kneeling down is loyalty.

“I want to serve you as my Lord. Miss Rosarin, please give me your permission.”

“… I’m sorry?”

How did it become like this? Seriously, what did Jend tell him?

“Your desire was to use me as your subordinate, right? What are you dissatisfied with?”

“No, this isn’t a temporary contract I wanted, but a Master and Servant contract, isn’t it?”


“Yep. How about the temporary… “Not gonna happen. I decided that I want to serve you.”

I sought help from Dirk with tears. He smiled wryly back at me.

“The Silver Wolves are told to be stubborn, so I think trying to refuse would be futile.”
“Give up. You have no choice but to give up and recognize me. I am persistent, ya know?”

Stop acting smug! It seems that I don’t have a choice.

“I recognize it.”

“Lord! Best regards! And so, what do you want me to do?”

I took a few items from my satchel. Sugar-san apparently noticed something about them.

“T, those are…”

They are the abnormal state invalidation accessories that the Elven Chief-sama made himself. Six of them.

“One for you. This is a magic tool that turns poison, paralysis, confusion, curse and other abnormal states ineffective. Get accustomed to always carrying it on your person.”


“Free Wind members too, take these.”

“Haah!? W, we cannot accept it! That’s something so expensive we won’t be able to get our hands on even if saving for the entire lifetime!”

Sugar-san who understood its value refused.

“Unfortunately, you have no choice in the matter. I am designating the Free Wind for a special, indefinite request. Having heard that a war might be happening, did you think that you are not related to the matter and could return home?”



“I thought so.”

“We were set up, huh…”

Mirula-san and Sugar-san blanked out. Sole-san with his wild sixth sense somewhat understood. Binet-san was making a sour face.

“I am sorry. I will have the country… I will do my utmost best so they compensate you. If not possible, I will pay you myself.”

“Right now, you spoke as if you were going to force them to pay, didn’t you?”

“What a frightening young lady.”

“I can hear you~”

Please don’t insult me. Yggdrasil-san who has become attached to me is… good, good, do it more Yggdrasil-san… or not.

“Yggdrasil-san, that’s enough.”

Yggdrasil-san who was holding Sole-san and Mirula-san upside down, released them.

“What are the contents of the request?”

“Mainly the obstruction of Wolfanea’s spies and subversive activities. You will be working with Geraldin-san as a party.”

“Hmm. Why us?”

“I was looking at many high-ranking parties, but only the Free Wind has no prejudice and overwhelming strength. And above all, trust was the most important factor.”

“What do we do, Leader?”

Binet-san smiled.

“It can’t be helped after being told this much. S-ranked party, Free Wind accepts the request!”

“Thank you very much. Are you fine with that too, Geraldin-san?”

“No problem.”

Like this, I made a step closer to changing the future.

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