Chapter 70

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Haku, scent, and Dirk.
Two weeks passed since Haku came here. Haku is, how do I say this… the same as always. His fur might have improved. He usually stays in his mole style, so I can’t tell now whether he is still skin and bones.

He’s a hard worker that helps Grandpa Tom in the early mornings while forgetting about his meals, so he’s usually gets dragged away by the children.

“T, thank you for the meall.”

He’s nervous when eating at the table as always, but he stopped eating until vomiting. After the meal, Haku called out to me.



“Ro, Rosarin-samaa.”


“Ro, Rosarin… san.”

“Should I call you Haku-sama?”


“Yes. So, did you need something?”

“I would like a workk.”

“I thought you were already working every day though?”
“I am an Earth Spiritt. I can work the fields a lott.”

“… I see. I will ask whether there’s something that needs your services in the fief.”


“Yep. Haku, crouch down.”


I patted Haku who obediently crouched down. His fur is hard as always.

“Thank you for always working hard.”

When I smiled at him, Haku burst into tears. No, he was wailing.


“Uwaaaaaaan! I am so happyyyy! Uwaaaaaaan!”

“A, awawawawawa.”

That was a happy reaction!? Happy in what way!?
Finally, I realized that for Haku, being slave = working as livestock. Not working would result in his death, so this was apparently the first time he was being praised. Hearing that, I established a pampering alliance together with Elder brother.

When I went to look for Haku with snacks in my hands, he was taking a nap with the children and spirits on the first floor of Yggdrasil. Yep, a real Totoro. I threw myself at Haku’s belly. Yeah, a splendid mofu comfortableness.

“Hauu!? What’s the matter, Rosarin-sann!?”

“Don’t mind me. Just taking a nap too.”

“Nonoo, Rosarin-san already is in a pair, rightt? He will probably get angry when he smells my scent, you knoww!?”

“It’s fine… probably.”

I fell asleep just like that.





When I woke up, Jend and Ordo were next to me. Pochi and Mary were looking on enviously.

“I want to nap with Oneechan too…”

“Oneechan… me too.”

As expected, five people at once wouldn’t be possible. I got off Haku and manipulated them with snacks. In the end, I wasn’t able to manipulate them completely and it was decided that I will nap with Pochi and Mary the next day.

Haku was very worried about me.

“Rosarin-san’s scent has turned disastrouss…”

“It will be fine after I t ake a bath, no?”

“Noo, Beastmen can tell.”


While having such a conversation, Aldin-sama came over to play. He was encouraged by the initial success of the previous visit and brought me a wonderful gift in the form of Dirk. Curtis was here as well.

“Thank you for your hard work, Dirk.”

“… Rosarin?”


Dirk sniffed me with a frowning face. No, don’t tickle my neck!

“… Come with me for a moment. Sorry, Curtis, I will slip away for a bit.”

He pushed me on the bed and sniffed me. He even unbuttoned my shirt close to my breasts and even carefully inspected my feet and thighs.

“A, au.”

I was teary-eyed from shyness. Something like being openly sniffed by your lover… to think I would be treated like this just because of an innocent mofumofu nap.

“Why do you smell of another man so much?”

Dirk was seriously mad. To Beastmen, smelling other men might equal to cheating. When I explained, Dirk got drained of strength.

“Rosarin, put more thoughts behind your actions, please. You are at fault for not listening to Haku.”

I was licked by the angry Dirk… ehh, even the nooks were licked clean. Please don’t ask what nooks. I will keep it secret. He didn’t have time to overwrite the smell so he licked me instead. What a terrible shame play.

I swore in my heart to never nap on Haku’s belly ever again.

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