Chapter 69

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Nobles and a tea party.
When speaking of nobles, we have to talk about evening parties. I am not a debutante yet, so I normally don’t attend them. Today, I was attending a tea party with Dirk. A tea party is a place where the children and ladies socialize. I usually get invited to attend them. Today, however, our family is holding one.

Today, I settled with cutesy appearances suitable for my age. The Lily of the valley hairclip that is full of my wishes is in my hair.

“Ah, this…”

Dirk touched me… or rather, the hair clip gently.

“It suits you well, my wife.”

I heard a teasing voice at my ear that sent a shiver down my spine, but I won’t lose!

“It’s a present from my beloved husband after all.”

H, how about that! I am happy, so it’s the truth that I wanted to use that term!
I heard the girls go “Kyaa” from behind… what is this about?

“Rosarin-sama, is that a present from Dirk-sama?”

“Aren’t you more intimate than before?”

“Your story, I would like to heeear it.”

The invited girls spoke at once. A girl that didn’t seem amused was among them.

“How could you be pleased with something so cheap-looking?”

“Yes. It is something that Dirk has chosen for me because he thought it would suit me. No matter what kind of a wonderful jewel would be presented to me, I would be much happier from this. He chose it from the many articles in a store… besides, Dirk-sama put it in my hair on that very day.”

“Eh, wait…”

“And then, and then.”

“Aaaaah, gee! If you want to praise your spouse then do it in front of the other ladies!”

“Eh~ Miss Milfilia, please hear me out.”

The young lady, Milfilia Laurel complained to me. She’s the daughter of Duke Laurel.
She shows her dislike for me directly, but I like her because she’s not playing tricks behind my back.

“Why do I have to do something like hearing you out!”

“Well, that’s because I like you, Miss Milfilia very much.”

The other ladies were frightened by our exchanges at first, but they are like: “They are at it again?” these days.

“Haah… do as you like. That hair clip certainly looks cheap, but it suits you well.”

She has perceived that nothing she says would have any effect on me, so we are probably getting along recently. I think.

“Ufufu, thank you very much.”

“By the way Rosarin-sama, I heard that you have visited a shoe store with Dirk-sama yesterday.”


A blunder. I choked. No, we were seen!? Come to think of it, that store is purveyor the nobility.

“I, I hurt my feet, so… it’s quite embarrassing to talk about, but I injured my feet from wearing shoes with heels that were way too high for me…”

Including Miss Milfilia, everyone’s expression was saying “how unexpected” … Well, I’m quite careless, you know?
As I thought, trying to act cute in shoes that you are not used to is not a good idea.

“So even you make mistakes like that.”

“I have a fiancé that is older than me, so I wanted us to… to look like lovers even if a little.”

The rest of the young ladies went: “Kyaaaa!” in excitement. Eh? Is this something to get excited about? I cannot keep up with young children (annotation – girls of the same age)

“Also, also, I also heard that Dirk-sama wiped her injured feet and even put the shoes on her feet!”

“Kyaaaa! Rosarin-sama! Please tell us the details!”

As expected, this was as much as I could take… my gaze started wandering around and my eyes met with Dirk’s.

“Ugh… Dirk…”

Dirk whom I sought help with teary eyes approached… and lifted me up in his arms.


“Excuse me, I will borrow my fiancée for a little bit. She seems to be slightly unwell. Right, Miss Rosarin?”

Dirk grinned and quickly entered the mansion with me in his arms. I heard the cheerful voices of the young ladies from behind.

I, I was saved. I leaned against Dirk’s body. I won’t go to the tea parties for a while! I decided so in my heart. Dirk carried me to my room. He doesn’t seem to intend to lower me down.

“Rosarin, Rosarin.”

Dirk appears to be in a good mood. He dropped many kisses on me.

“You are going to wipe my make up off. What’s the matter?”

“N? I’m just happy.”

“… About what?”

“It might have been an unconscious action of yours, but you have relied on me, so I was just happy that you sought help from me.”

“I see. Thank you for helping me, Dirk.”

Chuu, we kissed.

“Did I get a little better? For you to rely on me.”

“To me, you are more than reliable, Dirk. I relied on you during the assassination attempt too, after all.”

“Is that so?”

“You are one of the few people whom I can rely on, you know?”


Dirk lowered his head on my shoulder. His ears faced the door. Yep, I got a bad feeling. He quietly put me down on the bed and swiftly moved to open the door.


As I expected, the young ladies spilled out from the door.

“Everyone, what might you be doing?”

“Ahaha, we got caught.”

“I, I tried to stop them…”

Miss Milfilia tried to explain as if her life was at stake.

“Your excuses are futile!”

I captured everyone and sentenced them to tickling. Peeping is prohibited! Definitely!!

Thanks to the propagation work of Mother and I, the discrimination of Beastmen has improved through the noble ladies and children. That is a good thing, but this was the first day I thought whether it would be possible to do something about their recent interest in my love life…

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