Chapter 73

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First job and beef-like meat.
Looking at the map with numerous writings, I couldn’t but sigh.

“The entire Christia is done so splendidly…”

Mirula-san was perplexed.

“Moreover, looking at the damage reports, several of them are crimes. However, how did you manage to do all of this all by yourself?”

“Umu. I have worked hard.”

“I believe that your burden will be alleviated from now on. The Knights Order also has a Super-Intuition possessor. I plan on having them cooperate, so you will have time to spend with your family. Please, make up for it properly.”

“… Lord.”

Geraldin-san must be easily moved to tears as he got teary-eyed.

“By the way, where do you plan on going next?”

“Yeah, I got informed that Rusla Wetlands has a problem with a plague of Hundredth Million Buffaloes that turned gigantic.”

Hundredth Million Buffalo is an S-ranked monster. It was a boss-clas monster within the game… I immediately struct Geraldin-san with the Warrior Maiden’s harisen and took out many medicines of all kinds from my bag.

“I have recovery medicine on me! Life takes priority! Use it frugally! I also have a restorative medicine for magical power. I have one for abnormal status too just in case, but please use the earrings to aid others if needed! We are teleporting as soon as everyone is ready! Jend! Go call Curtis for me!”


Everyone was present. I handed Curtis suitable equipment and a bag with recovery medicine and we teleported.


We have arrived at the destination of the teleportation. Hundredth Million Buffaloes are fundamentally cow-type monsters, but I think these have completely turned into Minotaurs. There are many of them. At least fifty.
The Rusla Wetlands was a beautiful place with colonies of Lotus-like plants, but these fake Minotaurs have made a complete mess.

“To destroy the beautiful lotuses! You bastard cows! I will cook you all!”

“Eh? You want to eat them?”

No, I don’t… intend on eating them. It’s the vigor speaking. I called Haku.

“Haku! Turn the ground around the wetlands all into a mud!”


Agonizing cries sound precisely like this. The fake Minotaurs sunk into the mud.

“… Whoa?”

They don’t float. No, they can’t swim since it’s mud? One… and another one, the Minotaurs stopped moving.

“… How cruel.”


Binet-san said with a sorrowful look. Everyone nodded in agreement! The effect was much stronger than I expected! I only planned to have their legs restricted!

“It wasn’t on purpose, alright! Haku, cancel the magic!”


He said casually, but in fact, Haku must be considerably strong Spirit. Half of them were defeated with Haku’s magic.


“Everyone, prepare for battle!”





Well, everyone was strong. Especially the Hero, as expected of him. This time, it wasn’t a curse but a matter of mass release of enhanced monsters.
The fake Minotaurs were quickly turned into meat. The performance of the Knights + high-ranked adventurers was magnificent, and after a quick dismantling, the Minotaurs turned into a delicious-looking beef(?).

We found a one-way traffic teleportation magic circle. When we traced the signs, we traced it back to Wolfanea just as expected.
I made sure it can’t be used ever again.
I left the Lotus-like plants in Sui’s hands and the wetlands’ beauty got restored.

“What shall we do today? There are all kinds of beef(?). Everyone, since we are all here, how about having dinner together?”

“I want to eat meat and potato stew!”

Curtis cheekily made a request. You are completely unrelated to this, aren’t you? Well, I will consider it since you helped.

“I hear you. How about you, Dirk?”

“… You want to eat it after all. I’m fine with anything you cook… meat wrapped onigiri would be nice.”

“I will make it with overflowing love.”

When I fired myself up, Binet-san questioned me.

“… You are cooking, Princess?”

“I pursue the knowledge of cooking day and night for the sake of my beloved husband. I have had Dan to entrust me the kitchen recently. I always feel triumphant when the family enjoys the dinner I make secretly.”

“Seriously, what are you doing!?”


“I understand that! You are going to get scolded by Rupert again, you know!?”

“He already scolded me the last time.”

“As I thought!”

“You guys are really amusing.”

Curtis giggled. Isn’t your boiling point of laughter too low?

“I realized how unusual you are, Princess.”

“Food, food~”

“Is this really okay?”

“Yes. I intend on making our house the main base of operations, so let’s talk again after dinner.”

“Got it. I want to eat a steak.”

On the contrary to the Free Wind members who got struck from hearing my words, Geraldin-san who moved at his own pace spoke his request. Dan makes great steaks. Let’s ask him to do it.
Like this, we returned to our house.

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