Chapter 74

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New home, meat, and bride.
We, who have collected a lot of beef-like meat have returned home.
Dan was itching to put his skills to use while greatly delighted. I had Arisa check for poison just in case, but everything was fine.

That being the case, today is a beef-like meat festival! Overflowing with juices!



The dining table was full with the usual members + Dirk + Geraldin-san + Free Wind & Curtis. I did my best to assist Dan with dinner!

I have introduced the Free Wind members and Geraldin-san to the family. Both Geraldin-san and every one of the Free Wind were nervous when meeting Father. Father’s eyebrows were furrowed, he seemed to be pondering about something. Should I tell them that he’s not really displeased or anything?

“… Should we build a new house?”

Nn? Father of mine, I don’t think anyone besides me, Mother, and Arc would understand you, okay?

“Otousama is asking whether he should have a new house for Geraldin-san, Lumia-san, and Jend to live in.”

I translated. Ah, Lumia-san spewed out the soup. Geraldin-san was startled… I think? His tail suddenly stood erect.

“Niisama, how many times did I tell you that there’s no need to give us any more than this!”

“… I want to atone.”

“Otousama wasn’t able to be of help with your marriage because he noticed your plight too late… is what he means. Otousama, shall I persuade her?”

“… That sounds simpler.”

“Persuade you say, that’s ridiculous! After I was cast away by the family…”

“Truth to be told, Otousama had no need to cast you away from the family. Otousama wanted to see you again and wished for his little sister’s happiness. I would be also happy if Jend had a home where he could spend time happily with his family. Is that no good? Lumia Obaasama.”

I drew near Lumia-san and tilted my head despondently. Pulling on her sleeve from the side is the point. (That’s what the actress—Rabisha-sama taught me)

“Ah, ugh…”

“As expected of Rosarin. How sly.”

“I also occasionally get done in by that. I don’t feel like I can win against it.”

Elder brother, I can hear you. Don’t mess this up for me. I am doing my best.
Dirk… you can’t win huh (lol), look forward the time I do it then.
Curtis and Arc too. You are laughing too much. Don’t spew out the stew.
Rabisha-sama and Martha seem to be in agony for some reason. It’s you who taught me to act this way though, Rabisha-sama.

“Oneechan, am I going to live in a different house?”

Jend asked uneasily.

“That’s not it. It will be as it usually is, just that at night, you will be able to spend time with your mother and father. The house will be built at our plot, so you can come over anytime.”

“Okaasan, what do we do?”

“Rather, it’s already arranged, isn’t it? Carpenters have come to make the preparations. Thank you very much for giving me a place for the Free Wind members.”


“Hey thereeee! Niisama!”

“They have already started working on it today. Please, give up. Free Wind members, if you have any requests, now is the time to say them.”

They were also quite stiff from the situation. Geraldin-san was the one to break the silence.

“That… Duke Rosenberg, you weren’t opposed to our marriage?”

“Lumia made a choice. I have no problems with that as long as she’s happy. I am the one who allowed the family to cast you away. Forgive me. Rather than this stiff house of ours, I thought being out in the world would suit you better. You have chosen Geraldin-dono and found your happiness, right? I’m fine with that.”


“That’s why you should let me build a house for you. Consider it a belated wedding gift.”

“Besides, we have paid in advance.”

“Give up, Lumia. My Husband can’t be stopped when he becomes like this.”

“Sorry, Obaasama. Please, give up.”

Being told so by Father, me, Mother, and Elder brother, Lumia-san finally gave in.

“Thank you very much, Niisama. I will accept gratefully.”





Now then, with the conversation finished, it’s time for the meat party.

“Whoaaa, it’s meat, so delish!”

Pochi’s eyes were sparkling. He was eating the meat delightfully.

Ham, ham, ham, ham, ham, ham.
Mary was devouring the meat wholeheartedly. There’s more meat than one can eat today, you know? It’s delicious? I see.

“… (In a bliss).”

Nex was chewing the meat thoroughly in happiness.

Now then, the others… the Free Wind members are enjoying the meat. They don’t seem to be bothered by its original form.
How envious. While looking at them, Binet-san addressed me.

“… This is delicious. Did you made this too, Princess?”

“Yes. I made the meat and potato stew, meat wrapped onigiri and the simmered beef stew with ginger.”

“This is my first time eating something like this, but it’s very tasty.”

Sugar-san said with a smile on her face.

“I am glad it suits your tastes. Please, eat a lot.”

“An adorable bride with good cooking skills, huh…”

“Moreover, a young wife at that.”

“… What a romance.”

All members of the Free Wind spewed out the contents of their mouths and apologized that they did not mean it like that. I understand that, but didn’t it come off exactly like that? Besides, because of my many doings, Dirk’s view of a young wife has been probably tainted by now.
Curtis and Arc exploded in laughter. Looking carefully, Martha and Rabisha-chan were giggling too. If you want to laugh then just laugh.
My Darling Dirk was teary-eyed.

Geraldin-san has become a squirrel. No, wrong. He was stuffing his cheeks like a squirrel.

“Is the steak tasty?”

“Fugafugo (nod, nod).”

It’s delicious, probably. Lumia-san was watching such husband of hers happily. They are lovey-dovey.

“… Ngu. It has been a while since I had a proper meal.”

“Incidentally, how long has it been?”

Geraldin-san tilted his head. I understand that I am forcing a person with a bad memory to remember quite a lot today, but surely not.

“… Was it Summer? Or was Fall the last time? I was eating, but it was all troublesome so I grilled them over an open fire.”

※The current season is Winter.

“Please eat lots. Lumia-san too, please make sure that your husband eats plenty of vegetables as well.”


With the surrounding mood getting complicated, Lumia-san and I formed an alliance to give Geraldin-san a proper meal.

“Lord, I dislike vegetables though.”

“… Lord?”


Lumia-san tilted her head. I wanted to ignore that with all of my might, though! I feel the presence of my Great Devil Elder brother…



“Report, communicate, consult… I am always telling you that, no?”

“I will gladly report!”

A one set of lecturing came together with the advent of Great Devil Elder brother.




Finally, I earned Elder brother’s forgiveness and returned to my seat. Dirk was deliciously eating his meal.

“Rosarin, it’s incredibly delicious.”

The cuteness of Dirk who was smiling at me was stable.

“Do you want another helping of that, Dirk?”


“Dirk, there’s rice stuck on your cheek.”

“Y, yeah.”

“Dirk, this is yummy. Say ahh~”

“A, ahh~ you say… I, I can’t! It’s too embarrassing!”

“… You can’t?”

Dirk who was going with my flow recovered halfway. I showed dejection.

“… Dirkkk.”

I slightly pulled on Dirk’s arm. And pleaded him with a spoiled tone. Dirk looked at me… and replied with his face dyed completely red.

“J, just this time. But refrain from doing this in front of people.”

“Yeah! Now, say ahh~”

I fed Dirk in a good mood. There are times when you shouldn’t refrain from showing the lovey-dovey. I am showing the bugs in the surroundings that Dirk and I are mutually lovey-dovey. On top of enjoying myself, it works as a countermeasure for unwanted lover wannabees. It’s truly killing two birds with one stone.

“Dirk, this is delicious too.”


“Don’t get in my way, Curtis. I want to let Dirk eat the meal.”

“Rosarin-sama, could you please stop making unmarried men look even more miserable?”



“What is it?”

“I want to ahh~ too.”

Jend opened his mouth widely. C, cute. I responded to Jend without refusing.

“Yes, say ahh~… n?”

My right hand wasn’t moving… Dirk seized my right hand which was about to feed Jend the meat and he then ate it. Somehow, aren’t Dirk and Jend glaring at each other?

“Lord, do you not have any intentions of becoming Jend’s bride?”

“I don’t.”

I will be Dirk’s bride in the future. I won’t budge on that.

“Oneechan, I wish you would be my bride. Then we could be together forever, right? Can’t you?”

I flinched when Jend cutely tilted his head. I noticed that refusing would be also immature of me. While hesitating, the bomb has been dropped.

“Me too! I also want Oneechan as my bride.”

Pochi-san, your Oneechan is not a thing, okay?

“Then, me too.”

Don’t join them, Ordo.

“… Me too.”

Nex, you too…? Eh?

“Nex spoke!? Oneechan, this is my first time hearing Nex’s voice!”

“Is that… so?”

I knew that he wasn’t unable to speak, but this is the first time as far as I remember.

“No way.”

Before I noticed, hands lifted me up by my waist and I was seated on Dirk’s lap.

“Rosarin is mine. She will be my bride.”

Dirk anxiously peered into my face. I felt that he was looking for an agreement. His hands that were shaking a bit told me that he was feeling nervous.

“Yes. I am yours… I am yours and only yours, Dirk.”

I matched his eyes and smiled.

“If words are not enough for you, how about proving it with actions?”

“Yea… h? L, let’s leave it for when we are alone! I, it’s all good now!”

Fuhaha, Dirk who caught my drift panicked. I kissed him on the cheek and apologized to Jend.

“Oneechan will become Dirk’s bride, so I can’t become a bride for others. Sorry.”

I am not immature (no, my body is that of a child’s, still), so I will choose to set the heart of my spouse at peace!

“But, Dirk and Oneechan are only engaged, right? Engagements can be annulled, right? Even after marriage, you can get divorced, no?”

Indeed. That’s true. But, who is it, the fellow who taught Jend such knowledge. Was it Rabisha-chan? I am going to talk to her later.
I signaled Rabisha-chan who was trembling unusually with my eyes. The able maid guessed the meaning behind my gaze and her ears fell flat, but I won’t let you off.

“That certainly is true, but Oneechan will marry only Dirk! We won’t divorce either! I will be together with Dirk until he turns into a grandpa, until the death!”

“… Rosarin.”

Dirk smiled at me gently. I saw a color of determination of those eyes of his.

“I won’t hand you over to anyone. Even if you are but a Beastman child, if you want my pair, I will settle it with strength. I am the most suited one for her.”

Dirk smiled. It was a ferocious smile I have not seen ever before. Umm… isn’t he like super mad?

“Fumu, I will be the witness then.”

Gerladin-san was acting at his own pace until the bitter end. I am already envious of that pace of his.


I rather wasn’t able to keep up with this development. According to Lumia-san, fighting over a woman is often the case for Beastmen. She told me not to mind it because it’s proof of being a good woman. Don’t be unreasonable.
Like this, while I was panicking, it was decided that competition for my hand would be held.

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