Chapter 5

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Suzuran panic!
Because Mother has been downed, I reluctantly returned to my room. When I noticed a faint flowery fragrance and turned around…

… There was a Suzuran displayed. Unfashionably. Many Suzuran in a huge vase that was as big as a bucket. Unfashionably. Moreover, there are two of the same sized vases. It is probably that maid’s doing, but… while thinking that maid must be a muscleman, I went to report to Elder brother.

Fortunately, it seemed that his lesson was over, so I took his hand and lead him into my room.

“… The hell is this?”

… Right~

“No, even if you pull out all the flowers in my flower bed, it won’t fill up an entire vase, you know!?”


“I can’t understand! Even florists probably don’t have this many Suzuran!?”

I didn’t know whether there are florist shops in this world so I couldn’t tell, so Elder brother confirmed it for me, but right! This number is obviously abnormal!

“Let’s go to the garden!”

Elder brother led me by the hand and went to the garden which has changed completely since the morning.


Shouted Elder brother. I understand your feelings.

Part of the garden was white. No, looking closely, they are all Suzuran, aren’t they!!

“Bocchama, there’s no end no matter how many I cut. I wonder if this is a prank of a Spirit-sama?”

The one who appeared while scratching his head was our gardener, Tom Jiisan.

“Your favorite, many of them. Happy?”


I heard whispers close to my ear. Something’s there. Moreover, it said something inexcusable. I did say that I liked Suzuran, didn’t I? Eh? This was for me? Is it my fault?

“Tom, when did this happen? It was normal when I visited with Rosalia this morning.”

“Oh myy, Jouchama was here too? It happened around the noon, they multiplied in a blink of an eye. Manya also ran off after cutting about three bundles. While that fellow is slow, she really is quick to run away…”

The two continued to talk without noticing my face that has turned pale. Manya is that bad luck maid, probably.

I tried diverting my thoughts, but the situation has not improved.


Elder brother noticed that something was wrong with me.

“Niitama, I am showwy.”

“What about?”

“Dis mighd have happened becaushe I shaid I like Suzuwan.”

“Not happy?”

The whispering voice near my ear has gotten uneasy. It’s not like you are at fault.

“I am happi, but a few wash enough fo me. I wash fine wish jus de flowees Niitama’s flowees. Dank you fo twyin to makesh me happi. Ish fine now.”

The something which was by my ear peeked at me. I’m not angry. I’m happy for your thoughts.

There are spirits in all kinds of things in this world. They bestow spirit protections on people they took liking to on a whim. In return, people will give them a name, which gives the spirit an individuality for the first time. It appears that this child took a liking to me.

“Name, give?”

The spirit that gifted me with a mountain of Suzuran had green hair and green eyes. With a palm-size and dragonfly-like wings, it had the typical fairy style. Adorable.

“Shuwe. You ae pwetty as a jade (Hisui), sho how abou Sui?”



I could see the spirit’s outline more clearly than before. It appears it liked the name. It has a short hair and wearing a pants, is it a boy then?

Huh, Elder brother and Tom Jiisan have frozen in place with their mouths wide open… what happened??

“Flowees, can you wemove dem?”

“Can make but can’t remove.”

Well, I thought so. Removing things is the specialty of spirits of darkness. Then, how about myself? I mean, they are Sui’s present to me, so I would rather harvest them.

If I remember correctly, I should be able to use magic. Although I don’t have a spirit protection for the wind, I should have the aptitude. I have harassed the heroine with wind magic in the game after all.

I push out my hand and imagine cleanly mowing the flowers with wind. Howl! My Chuunibyou!!

“Wind cuttew-!!”

I seemed to use it well as the Suzuran was cleanly mowed. While at it, I tried to arrange them using the wind. It seems that I am able to move them even without a chant.

“So good~!”

Sui gave me a high-five. Yeah. Looks like we will get along well.

When I took a glance at Elder brother, he finally revived… not. He’s muttering something. Eh? You normally receive a spirit protection only after patiently summoning the spirit many times over?? It wasn’t described like that in the game! Rosalia already had a spirit protection at the start of the game and the heroine received it using the same method! That’s why I didn’t think that being loved by a spirit is not that special, you know? Is this a cheat?

Magic is commonly not usable at my age? I’m sorry, I’m 25 plus 3. It’s the boon of my imagination and using the game knowledge. My imagination power is flawless thanks to all the anime.

Suddenly, I remembered that Elder brother also had the spirit protection of a Spirit of Greenery. I have not stolen Elder brother’s spirit protection, did I!? Elder brother’s spirit was a girl, right!?

The anxious me asked Sui secretly.

“Sui, is dee a gweenewy child who likesh Niitama?”

“There is~ she’s now circling around him very restlessly.”

There certainly was a green light floating around Elder brother. Whether I could see it thanks to Sui’s spirit protection or I just happened to notice is unknown. And, it was floating all around Elder brother restlessly. She’s vehemently trying to appeal Elder brother, but he doesn’t notice because he can’t see her. How fierce.

I whispered in Elder brother’s ear. Elder brother opened his eyes wide and seemingly believed my instructions.

“Spirit-san of Greenery by my side, please show yourself to me.”

The light started blinking as if delighted and landed on top of the palm Elder brother presented.

“Please give me a name, okay?”

“Fir! How about Fir!”

I felt like the light smiled after hearing Elder brother’s voice. In contrast to Sui who had the appearances of a toddler, Fir had the appearances of an elementary school girl. Ah, that’s the girl who is Elder brother’s spirit. She had the appearances of a junior high school girl in the game though.

“Best regards, okay?”

Fir elegantly curtsied in Elder brother’s palm.


Elder brother looked happy. I’m glad. He was close with Fir even in the game.

Tom Jiisan has revived, at last.

“Ohh, I’m glad to have lived this long. To be able to meet a Spirit-sama. And two at that. On top of that, to witness the bestowal of spirit protection with my own two eyes, how grateful I am.”

Eh? Having a spirit protection was normal in that game, you know? … Come to think of it, the game was staged in an academy for royalty and the elite, so can it be that having a protection really is amazing??

After that, Elder brother was unusually excited while Tom Jiisan was endlessly quiet. I got it, I understand that it’s an incredible thing, so please stop looking at us with tears in your eyes already.

Suzuran was displayed mainly all around the mansion. Manya was running around very much and got caught by Martha again.

Most of the vases in our house were mobilized and many of Suzuran were sold off. Sui wasn’t fussing over it as the remainder of the Suzuran became my pocket money. I’m thinking of buying sweets for Sui with money. Although spirits are apparently fine without eating, they seem to be able to enjoy the food too.

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