Chapter 4

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The plan to improve Mother’s living conditions.
Now then, because Elder brother’s private tutor comes in the after the noon, I wished him to work hard and saw him off. Elder brother invited me to study with him, but I have other things I wanted to take care of so I declined. I intend to study together with him eventually though.

What I want to do right now is to improve Mother’s eating habits. If I keep her forcing to eat something she dislikes as I did in the noon, she will build up substantial stress. Might as well let her eat something delicious instead.

Martha honestly wants to do something about Mother’s eating habits. I earnestly told her that I have an idea and her bring me to the kitchen.

Dan, who is the main chef of our house is a middle-aged man with good muscles and he quickly got on my idea. My idea was “If she hates it, hide it”. Mix finely chopped vegetables in the hamburger. Dissolve the vegetables in soup and simmer until their original shape isn’t recognizable. Grate them into a potages and cakes.

They seemed to be unusual recipes for this world, so Dan ended up trying making several prototypes just from what he heard. They were all delicious when sampled, so they came out satisfactory.

Furthermore, I requested him to cook only in iron pots for Mother since she is somewhat anemic.

Dan agreed and promised me that with my idea, he will have Mother who hates vegetables eat it. The servants of our house are kindhearted on top of being capable.

Entrusting the meal to Dan, I decided to ask Elder brother whether he didn’t hear of some good herbs later in order to enforce the “Mother’s Health Operation” even further.

I have to make Mother who idles all-day exercise. I went to Mother’s room right away. Mother room smelled faintly of antiseptics, it was similar to the room in Japan I have lived in for 25 years. Mother was reading a book on a bed in the center of the room. The abnormally fragile-looking beauty casting her eyes down on top of the bed was truly picturesque.

“Kaatama, pway wish me pweashe.”

Mother tilted her head, but she smiled.

“Okay, come here.”


Does Mother intend on continuing to read the book? She tapped her hand on the bed. I’m interested in the book too, but the objective is to get Mother to exercise.

“Today, Niitama hash tauch me flowees in de gawden. I will deach Kaatama too.”

“Oh my, that sounds fun.”

Things went favorably so far. However, the situation has met an unexpected development.


Mother had no stamina. It was far lower than I expected.


No, no matter how weak your constitution is, to use up all of your strength before even reaching the entrance!! You, how do you usually move around!!

Mother’s exercises have to start at the rehabilitation level. I decided to do it steadily.

The current objective is enough muscle strength to go for a stroll in the garden. When I say that again… the current goal is so low it makes me want to cry.

Today, we left it at exercises that could be done on top of the bed.

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