Chapter 3

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Lunch with Elder brother and Mother.
While talking with Elder brother, I noticed something. He didn’t use the illustrated book of plants even once.

“Niitama, do you kno all of de gawden’s flowees?”

“Yes, mostly.”

As expected of the future plant geek.

“Niitama, amazhing.”

When I showed an honest admiration, Elder brother smiled wryly again and patted my head.

“It’s almost time for lunch. Let’s go.”

We stayed in the garden longer than I thought we would and now that he said it, I really am feeling hungry. Elder brother took my hand and started walking.

“I am hungwy.”

Elder brother smiled wryly once again and I walked while smiling. Huh? For some reason, a maid is looking at me with blank amazement. Why… ah, I was mainly a loner before, so getting along well with my brother must be something very rare for her.

“Arrange the Suzuran from my flower bed in Rosalia’s room.”

Elder brother spoke to the maid that turned into a stone statue with a widely opened mouth.

“Yyyyessh! Right awayyy!”

She bit her tongue.

This person bit her tongue.

You don’t have to be this tense from a five-year-old’s request… first of all, I thanked my Elder brother who kept his promise. Without saying anything, he tapped my head with his hand and continued walking. I then incidentally looked back.

Ah, the maid from before broke into a run. No, you shouldn’t be running, right?

Ah, she fell. Is she all right? There appears to be no injury, she seems to be fine.

Ah, it’s Martha. Her face looks like that of Hannya. It spoils her beauty. A beauty’s anger has an impact… that maid has a bad luck.

Ah~ she was scolded just as I thought.

“… Will she be all wight?”

“… Please let me know if the Suzuran doesn’t reach your room.”

Brother said with a difficult face. We can already read each other’s minds! My brother and I got quite close today!


I gave a cheerful reply. Martha looked at us and showed a bit of surprise, but her expression immediately turned back to the face of a servant. As expected of a professional. The maid from before, please follow her example by all means.

“Rupert-sama, Rosalia-sama, the lunch has been prepared. Madam is currently eating as well”

It appears that Mother’s condition is good today. Urging Elder brother, we went to the dining room. I heard some destructive noise from behind, but… that must have been just my imagination.

When I entered room, there was a woman who didn’t seem as a mother of two no matter how I looked. She carefully avoiding her hated vegetables in her soup. Mother’s body is definitely weak, but I feel that half of that is because of her poor habits.


She just lies with an unbalanced diet and no exercise. That’s why she doesn’t feel hungry and her muscle strength, resistance and stamina all deteriorated.

“Okaatama, hello.”

I rushed over to Mother with a smile.

“Oh my. Rosalia, you seem to be in a good mood today.”

Mother returned my smile. She has the same amethyst eyes as me and silver hair. She’s as beautiful as a doll. Now then, how do I make her eat the veggies?

“Okaatama, do you hade veggies?”

“Eh? … I do.”

“Then, Rosalia won’ eat dem eiiher! Rosalia hades veggies!”


Mother was at a loss because what I said all of sudden. It’s one of the mysteries of children, ”If you don’t do it, I won’t do it either.”

Martha who is waiting at the side disagrees with Mother’s unbalanced diet. Therefore, she naturally takes my side.

“Madam, please be a model for Ojousama”

“Ah, if Kaasama isn’t eating, then I won’t eat my bell peppers either.”

Elder brother got on board as well. If I’m not mistaken, Elder brother dislikes bell peppers quite a lot after all.

Tears formed in Mother’s eyes. However, I mercilessly continued the assault.

“Kaatama, shay aaah~”

I presented veggies to Mother with a smile. I am a pretty little girl. I have no doubts that there are no adults who would be able to refuse the innocence of their lovely child.

Mother ate everything with tears. Martha nodded in satisfaction… your thumb is standing up, Martha. I stealthily responded in kind.

“Kaatama, admiwable. Good giwl~”

When I patted Okaasama, she smiled in delight. No, Mother is seriously an angel. Too cute.

“Rosalia, what about me?”

Ah, Elder brother ate everything too. Eh? What is it? Elder brother wants words of praise too??

“Niitama, admiwable~”

When I smilingly ran over to Elder brother’s side, he inclined his head so it would be easier for me to pat him.

Ah, when I patted him he patted me back. Brother looked happy. They are a parent and a child in weird places, huh. Elder brother’s bashful face is as cute as Mother’s!

After observing Elder brother’s cute face for a while, I returned to my meal and safely finished eating everything. It goes without saying that I was double patted by Elder brother and Mother.

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