Chapter 2

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First, let’s become closer with the family.
In the game, the Villainess Rosalia Rosenberg was an Ojousama who was commonly overbearing.

Both her goods looks and her voice were severe. Her chest was large with wonderful proportions (currently a baby, so it’s flat now though), with drill-like ringlets being her trademark (currently a light wavy hair). As expected, I don’t think people would make a three-year-old’s hair into drills, and besides, I am delicate so I might not even equip myself with drills to begin with.

The ruin of Rosalia is roughly divided into three.

1. Execution ending. This ending occurs on the route of two capture targets. The First Prince and the Second Prince. Rosalia bullies the heroine and she is sentenced to death when her plans for killing the heroine get exposed. Although the father is a Duke and a prominent figure among the nobles, he disowned Rosalia and she died. This is the most disastrous ending.

2. Assassination ending. This ending occurs during the Elder brother & Younger stepbrother ending. The flow of the route is similar to the execution one. Rosalia tries to kill the heroine and gets assassinated. Rather, it appears that she did it to herself at a glance. Having enemies among the family… I can only cry.

3. Killing the killer ending. Occurs at the Knight route. A Knight gallantly appears and strikes down Rosalia who was about to kill the heroine.

There are other endings such as exile, but those are not a problem. I just have to do my best to live if exiled. I don’t really desire to live in luxury, so I think I could prepare for the exile. I am not obsessed about the status of the nobility.

I thought and understood. First of all, let’s do something about my relatives. My relatives are way too cold to me. I don’t have a Younger brother yet, so let’s deal with father and elder brother first. I will also be happy if we get along. Family ought to get along.

My family consists of me, my parents and an older brother, the four of us.

Father leaves for the castle early in the morning because of work so he currently isn’t here. He returns late at night and as far as my memories reach… I don’t remember when I saw him last. Father has been titled as a workaholic, so let’s go for him next.

Mother has a weak constitution, so I believe she’s asleep now. If I remember correctly, she dies when I am ten years old and my younger stepbrother appears after that, I think. Mother suspected Father of infidelity and died suffering from both the heart and the body. Because of that, I have thoroughly picked on my stepbrother, tormented him, had the servants… treat him as dead… moreover, there were many more things…

I felt like doing a sliding dogeza for the unborn stepbrother of mine. “No, it wasn’t me though! Well it was, but somehow, sorry!” Is what I want to say.

I got off the track, but I would like to do something about Mother’s illness if possible.

Then, in our House, there is the capture target number 1. My older brother, Rupert Rosenberg. To sum him up in two words, he’s a plant geek. And, the easiest man to capture among the capture targets. Easy Ru. His nickname was Easy Ru.

He’s a man who can be captured with herbs and poisonous plants. He’s a man who is happy as long as he has grass. As expected, at five years old, he hasn’t reached the heights of plant geek yet, but he loves illustrated books, so he’s definitely going towards the plant geek at full speed.

I am able to choose between Mother and Elder brother at this time, but I decided to try going to brother’s place first.

As I expected, Elder brother was in his chic room that was unlike my girly room when I entered. His hair is the same blue-silver as mine, but because his eyes are green, he gives off a calmer impression that I do. He is a slender pretty boy. As expected of my Elder brother. He’s reading an illustrated book. I took a glance and it appears that I can read it too. I wonder if it’s thanks to Rosalia’s memories?

And as I expected, it was an illustrated book about plants.

“… What?”

Finding it strange that I entered his room and peeked into his book without moving, Elder brother called out to me with his delicate face. I have only one request.

“Pway wish me pweashe.”


He struck me down instantly. As expected of the son of the family who let a three-year-old become a loner. However, I have come here to make friends with my brother. I have no intentions of withdrawing that simply.

“Den, les’h study.”

“… Study what?”

Ohh, Elder brother took the bait. Elder brother is looking at an illustrated book about plants, so how about using that? He’s a future plant geek, after all.

“Wish de book, les’h study de flowees in de gawden.”

Elder brother considered for a moment and then nodded his head.


Closing the illustrated book and holding it one hand, he extended the other towards me.

“Let’s go.”

Taking my brother’s hand in a hurry, he brought me into the garden.

The flowers in our garden bloomed profusely, so the garden was truly beautiful. Tom Jiisan is the one usually taking care of the garden, but I don’t see him now.

I released Elder brother hand this time and pointed at a cute whitish flower.

“Niitama, dat is?”

“Suzuran (Convallaria majalis, also known as Lily of the valley). It’s poisonous”

To think a poisonous flower would appear all of sudden. This flower that was popular even in Japan… I wasn’t aware it was poisonous.

Pulling myself together, I pointed at a nearby gorgeous red flower.

“Niitama, dis?”

“Higanbana (Lycoris radiata, also known as Red spider lily). It is poisonous, so it has been apparently planted at graveyards since the old days. To make sure that dogs don’t damage the dead bodies”


Were there this many poisonous plants in Japan… or is just my selection that bad. Someone knowing what I was thinking, Elder brother said with a chuckle.

“This entire flower bed is full of poisonous flowers, so don’t get too near”


I blankly stared at Elder brother who was chuckling to himself.

Did you do it on purpose, brother!

What a fellow this brother is!

Seriously, how old are you to tease me like this!

Various complaints floated in my mind, but I couldn’t put it in words well.

“Niitama, bully.”

When I sulked, Elder brother patted my head.

“Sorry, sorry. It’s just that this place is the most dangerous one, so I thought of letting you know about it from the start. Poisonous plants are only in this flower bed. Herbs and normal flowers are on the other side”

He meant no harm… no, he was amused so there was a malice.

However, I was vexed by his act, so I tried bluffing.

“Medishine and poishon ae two sides of de same koin.”


“Nelve poishon ish anesdeshia… when stichwing an injuwy it numbsh de pain.”

Narcotics are used to take away the pain of dying people.

Cardiotonic agents are used during heart attack.

Too much medicine is poison. Skillfully used poison is medicine. Elder brother was for some reason stunned with his mouth wide open.

He didn’t revive even when I waved a hand in front of his eyes, so I looked at the poisonous flower bed once more. Despite knowing that it’s poisonous, Suzuran still looked cute to me.

“You like it that much?”

The revived brother asked and I nodded.

“Then, I will tell a maid to display them in your room later, Rosalia.”

“Niitama, luv you!”

When I vigorously embraced him, Elder brother somehow propped me up.

“Such exaggeration.”

After he smiled wryly, he was curious about the poison and medicine talk I spoke of earlier.

And then, I noticed that it might not be the common sense of this world, but it was already too late.

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