Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I will find happiness.
When I woke up, the first thing I saw was an unfamiliar ceiling. No, this ceiling… this room, it is familiar. The strange thing isn’t this room, but myself.

My shrunk hands were unbelievably white, my hair that should have been black was now shining blue-silver. The surroundings were decorated with girly laces and frills. When I somehow managed to get off the bed and peeked into a mirror…

My startled kitten-like eyes were like amethysts. Long eyelashes and slightly curled blue-silver hair that reached up my waist. They are not curly to the degree to be called ringlets, but… what reflected in the mirror was an angelic beauty. My fuzzy memories told me that I who was playing Otome Game even on the verge of death has become the Villainess herself.



I am probably not at fault for muttering such. It’s checkmate, I got checkmated.
I am probably shocked that I have died too, but I am currently shocked endlessly for waking up as the Villainess with disastrous ways of death. In that game, I… Rosalia Rosenberg died so many times I thought someone held a grudge against me.

What do I do?

Those words ruled over my mind for a while.


When blanked out without not being able to think of anything, a woman entered the room after knocking on the door. The woman was a cold beauty and also the Head Maid of our House, Martha.

“Good morning, Ojousama.”

Martha elegantly bowed towards me and started giving instructions to the maids that attend me. And then, I was brought to the dining room.

There was only me in the dining room. I was alone. The breakfast was bread and scrambled eggs, salad, and soup. I thought it was a normal menu, but the bread was hard and I had trouble eating it. Tearing it and biting it off was also difficult.

I was sure that it was a meal to make my jaws stronger.

This body is healthy. I can run, unlike before. I also have both money and status. The only uneasy element is the death flags. So I concluded.

I will try to live happily as I am.

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