Chapter 39

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A morning’s act.
A ceiling different from usual entered my sight. I felt a warmth on my back. Gentle arms were patting me.


When I rolled over to the other side, I saw Dirk-sama foolishly smiling at me.

“For Rosarin to sleep next to me, what a nice dream this is…”

Muttering that in a trance, Dirk-sama caressed my body. No, this is bad. This way of touching is bad.


Just as I wanted to stop him and tell him that this is not a dream, a finger was thrust into my mouth and I couldn’t speak well.

“So cute…”

He started unfastening a button on my chest. My chest got exposed and the hand that entered to caress it was struck with a static electricity from lightning magic before it landed. I found it painful a little as well.

“… Eh?”

Dirk-sama froze in place. I took out Dirk-sama’s finger from my mouth and spoke.

“Good morning. It wasn’t a dream, but reality.”

I tried saying ‘Tehee’ lightly, but it was no good.

Dirk-sama burst into tears… he’s cryyyying!?

“I am dead…”

He became very pale and raised up, took the knife from yesterday and tried thrusting it towards his own neck. Seeking help from Rosalia, I swiftly kicked the knife away.

“Why… being hated by Rosarin, I can go on living anymore…”

“I don’t hate you, okay! It was just an incident!”

It was my fault for teasing an innocent youth in the first place.


Dirk-sama sobbed like a maiden.

“Re, really? You don’t find me disgusting? You don’t hate me?”

“I love you. In the first place, you are my fiancé, so this is within the range of tolerance.”

Dirk-sama was still sobbing, but he seemed to calm down for now. I patted his head.



“Dirk-sama, is Ojousama here…”

Martha came in after knocking.

Me → chest area is open

Dirk-sama → sobbing with his tunic fully opened

“… Ojousama.”

“… Yes.”

Martha spoke to me with a sad expression.

“… No matter if you are engaged, you can not take him forcefully…”

“I didn’t do anything like that, alriiiight!!”

My wronged voice reverberated throughout the Duke’s mansion.

When I explained and told that I came to Dirk-sama’s room to sleep together on my own, needless to say, I got scolded.

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