Chapter 38

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Another fiancée.
In the darkness of the night, there were signs of her sleeping in happiness.

While she is sleeping, I usually train or read books. Just like during today’s pillow fight, she would switch with me were I wish for it. But, I do not wish for it.

When I met her for the first time, my soul has been worn-out from the repeating nightmares. No matter how much effort I put it, I wasn’t rewarded. Be it with a sword, be it with darkness magic, be it by improving my relationship with the prince, I would get killed at eighteen years of age no matter what. My future couldn’t be changed. The useless me confined myself in a castle because of the displeasing dreams and refused to face reality.

Meanwhile, she has become my light. A hope, the sun. She has saved me, made me smile, and led me by a hand as a friend, she has promised to realize my wish together.

While being more adult than I, she behaves more like a child than I, and I can’t get tired of watching her.

She who simply dispelled my nightmares, my other half.

I have grown up mentally too much from repeatedly seeing the future, and she was like my older sister who embraced me with a smile when I forgot my childishness.

She’s a magician who brings happiness to people I cherish.

She’s a present from God to me.

Spending my days with her is much more joyful than being secluded in fear in that gloomy castle. I didn’t know of such a future.

She taught me to love my family, to love people, she’s my Beneficiary.

The days I spend with her are shining.





Thinking such while dozing off, I heard a voice from the darkness I hear quite often most recently.


I am also pleased by the hand that clumsily patted me. When I tried touching those ears a little, I could understand why she’s so engrossed in mofumofu every day.

“… You are, Rosalia?”


He looked at me with those amber eyes of his. I tried to withdraw in panic, but I am afraid to say that she was sound asleep.

“Y, yes. Nice to meet you?”


He cast down his eyes. I saw nervousness in him.

“You, do you consent to this engagement?”

“I do.”


I have discussed this engagement with her thoroughly.

“She and I are tied together. I… no, we love you very much. This is something both she and I desired.”

Her happiness is my happiness. Her attachment transmitted to me, and taught me love. I showed a smile to the gentle him. It has been a while since I smiled at others, so it might have been an awkward one.

“… I see. Thank you for choosing me.”

He smiled as well. I think that I like that smile.


We have chatted idly for a while, but he asked with a nervous look.

“Umm, at first, Rin… I have a certain feeling that she has been superimposing me with someone, do you know something about it?”


It would be difficult to explain, but it must have been him from the game. Feeling a bit mischievous, I tried teasing him.

“Rin might look like that but she has passed away at 25 years of age, she must have experienced love elsewhere before that.”

He froze in place. I waved my hand in front of him, but there was no reaction. When I tried telling him the truth, he rebooted.

“Twenty five?”

Huh, that’s what was bothering you?


Ah, that reminds me, Rin has kept the talk about her being an adult to herself, so he wasn’t aware of it yet.

“Erm, please keep it secret that I exposed it to you. In exchange, I will tell you the truth.”


The game is irrelevant now as she currently genuinely loves him. I also honestly told him that I am not aware of her having any past love affairs.

“Both of you really like to tease me, don’t you…”


I dumbly laughed at the exhausted him.

“Let’s get along from now on too, Rosarin.”

“Yes. We will be in your care for many years to come.”

And thus, I also went to sleep for today. I did not dream.

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