Chapter 37

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Desiring to sleep together.
The pillow fight convention ended, and it was time to go to the bed. I have returned to my room as well, but I have read a book for a while to kill time.

One hour later, I silently cast concealment magic on myself. Quietly slipping from my room, I sneaked into the room where Dirk-sama was staying at and cast muting magic all around it. I put the key to his room back for the time being.

Dirk-sama who was in his bed seemed to be asleep. Just as I was about to softly touch him, my field of vision rolled over. My hands were pinned and a knife was placed against my neck. I was choked with the cold glare looking at me.

“Who are you… eh?”

Dirk-sama who stiffened. I, who couldn’t move physically.

“Rosa… rin?”

“Good evening.”


While still pushing me down, Dirk-sama who couldn’t swallow the current situation has been able to say only ‘Eh?’ and my name since a while ago.


“I came to sleep together.”


When I conveyed my business, he switched from ‘Eh?’ to ‘Ha?’. No, you are finally sleeping over, so wouldn’t you want to sleep together? In the normal way of meaning.

“Sleep together?”

“I have brought my pillow along, but I would like to use your arm as a pillow if possible. Would you consider putting the knife away already?”


Dirk-sama swiftly put the knife away and started checking whether there was an injury on my neck.

“Ah… that tickles…”

“Endure… it will be fine…”

He diligently made a round trip to the back of my neck with his tough fingers. Dirk-sama is quite skilled with swords, so the skin on the hands that touch me is always thick and tough.

My consciousness is distracted, but I couldn’t help but feel ticklish. Gently stroking below my chin, he stubbornly checked for wounds.

“Seems to be fine.”

“Ah… n.”

Then, I let out a weird voice when he patted me. Dirk-sama also realized what he has been doing until now. His ears and tail stood straight with tension. His face turned bright red very fast.

“Ah… ah…”

“I am too young, but it seemed like you have sexually assaulted me, didn’t it?”

Cracking a joke to hide my own embarrassment from letting out a strange voice was impossible.


I was correct to cast muting magic around the entire room.

“Ah… ah…”

His ears and tail fell down and trembled. Being at wits’ end, he curled up in a small ball, and took a posture of sitting on the ground with his arms around his knees.

“I, I am sorry, Rosarin. I didn’t mean to do anything indecent”

“No, I really wouldn’t mind even if you did though.”


“Want to do it?”

I tilted my head to the side. Well, it depends on the extent, but Dirk-sama wouldn’t do anything that would make me dislike him.

“I wowowowon’t! W, won’t do anything, at the moment!”

Dirk-sama shook his head with tears in his eyes. Muu, are you saying that I have no charm? Turning into the sixteen years old Rosalia, I drew closer to him.

“Am I not attractive?”

I tightly pressed my chest against his arm. Hmm, this is a technique impossible to accomplish for Rin! I am not sad!

“You are! You are so attractive it might drive me crazy, so please stop it at once!”

“Eh~ what should I do~?”

It has gotten amusing. When I rubbed against his cheek while still hugging his arm, he got startled but didn’t refuse. When I clapped on his lap, he timidly sat cross-legged. Climbing on top of his lap, I glued to him even stronger.

My ear is placed on his chest. Dirk-sama’s heartbeat is extremely fast. Is he all right? Thinking that his heart is throbbing this fast for me makes me very happy.

“Dirk, your heart is beating fast.”

“A, anyone would be like that when their beloved sticks to them this close!”

Dirk-sama cried out half desperately. Being called ‘beloved’ makes your heart tighten, doesn’t it?

“Ehehe, I lo—ve you, Dirk.”

I said as I nestled close to his neck.

“Ah, me too. I also, love you, Rosarin.”

Chuu, a light kiss was planted at the corner of my eye. When I looked at Dirk-sama in a startle, he was teary-eyed and cutely bright red as usual, but I felt my heart tightening from the manliness I felt in somewhere. I buried my face near his neck again to hide my embarrassment.

“Dirk, you smell nice.”


What was that? That shriek. I haven’t considered myself a pervert, but Dirk-sama doesn’t smell of a beast, he smells nice so I occasionally steal a whiff in secret when mofuing him.

“Dirk, you always smell nice.”

I sniffed the smell to make it easier to understand for him.

“D, don’t! Don’t smell me!”

“But, you always inhale my smell, don’t you?”

“Ah… ugh…”

I don’t know whether it’s something of the Beastman nature or because Dirk-sama has a scent fetish though.

“That’s why I think it should be fine for me to do as well.”

“I, I do it because it’s something like a habit for Beastmen, so I can’t really help it, but Rosarin is a human, right!”

“Aren’t you half-human too? That’s not fair”

“Ah… ugh…”

Dirk-sama who is not my match in words lowered his ears with tears in his eyes. Not being able to bear the shame, he sealed my lips with his hand. The tail which has been under my skirt since a while ago is tickling my bum.

“By the way, what habit were you talking about?”



You have obviously asked something unnecessary! Dirk-sama froze in place. What a careless fellow. However, I don’t actually know, so I wanted to ask.

“Tell me?”

I tilted my head with puppy eyes. The trembling Dirk-sama is way too cute… is she cleverly trying to be cute… he muttered. One more push, I guess?

“… No good?”

When I showed dejection, Dirk-sama panicked.

“I, it’s not like you can’t know about it! Though I do love Rosarin’s scent too, I also check for the smell of other men, and since Beastmen have a couple marking, I am just making sure that my scent is still … on… you.”

His face turned even redder and his voice got lower halfway.

Come to think of it, we were told ‘how passionate you two are’ by a person from the Beastmen unit. One day, when I requested him to let me mofu him as well, he told me that he would feel bad for Dirk… so that’s why!

“Marking… do you mean to say that you are propagating to other Beastmen that I am yours?”

“Y, yeah.”

“Ufufu, I am happy to hear that.”

I am being loved. He shows a desire to monopolize me. I want to say more than that Dirk-sama and I are a couple. I also want to say that Dirk-sama is mine.

“You are happy?”

“I am. Please monopolize me throughout our entire lives, okay?”

“Ahh, gee!”

I was tightly embraced.

“N, ya.”


Dirk-sama reacted to the strange voice I let out once again. Should I tell him that it tickles soon? He’s doing it unconsciously after all.

I rolled up the skirt up to my buttocks.

“Wha, eh?”

Dirk-sama covered his eyes with his hands in panic and shrewdly looked through the gaps between his fingers.

“Your tail is tickling me so much I let out weird voices.”

“So, sosososorry!!”

Dirk-sama withdrew his tail in panic.

“No, it has been entwining around me for a while now, but knowing that it’s a courtship behavior, I felt so happy you see”

“Drop dead, my instinctssss!!”

He fell to his knees and… awawa, don’t strangle the tail! It must hurt! I stopped him in panic.

“I can’t anymore… I am so embarrassed I want to die…”

“You are?”


“I am. I got unconsciously so happy from you clinging to me, that I wanted to pamper you…”

He said it, didn’t it? To me. I see, so it had such meaning. Dirk-sama seems to be feeling down.

Sitting on the bed and spreading my arms, I called out to Dirk-sama.

“Come, Dirk. Pamper me. Let’s sleep together tonight.”

I returned to my usual four years old appearances. As expected, I did get sleepy. He held me up in his arms and covered us with a blanket. He let me use his arm as a pillow just as I requested.

“Dirk, Beastify?”


“Today is special. I can do as much as I please, right?”

Plop, plop, I unfastened the buttons of his shirt. A smooth body and… ohh, his abs are breaking out. How tough~ Ah, a small scar discovered.

“Eh? Wha!?”

“Dirk, Beastify.”

While playing with his abs, I pleaded again.

“Aaaaah, geez!”

His smooth abs and nude chest have gotten dark and soft to the touch. Gyuu, I tightly hugged him.

“Ha, happiness… mofumofuu… moreover, Dirk you are so cute, way to cuuute! Dirk, Dirk! Dirk, I love you!”

“Gee, do as you please…”

Dirk-sama gave up and let me do as I pleased. However, he defended the base of his tail till the end. Regrettable.

“Wau… satisfied…”

“I, is that so…”

A satisfied me. A completely exhausted Dirk-sama. No, I had my fill of mofu.

“That reminds me, this ring has the motif of the Riccar Flower, right?”

I showed the ring Dirk-sama gave me.


Riccar Flower is an unusual flower that blooms during the winter, it’s of a vivid blue color, so it’s also called the Lapis Lazuli Flower.

“Did you give me this knowing its meaning in the flower language?”


“Say it?”


Outlasted by my persistent stare, he gave me the words I desired.

“Congratulations on your birthday, Rosarin. I will love only you for eternity.”

In the language of flowers, Riccar means eternal love. It’s a famous flower to give to your lover in this world.

“Yeah, me too”

I have immediately fallen asleep in the world’s most reliable arms.

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