Chapter 36

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Pillow fight? Pillow fight!
The outrageous present time has come to an end and we each decided to return to our rooms, but Dirk-sama was here at last. I wanted to do something.

“Dirk, let’s have a pillow fight.”

“Pillow fight?”

The adorableness of Dirk-sama who tiled his head in puzzlement is stable.

“Pillow fight is a fundamental play to deepen the friendship between children of the same generation during a sleepover!”

Well, I have dramatized it quite a lot, but I shouldn’t be wrong. It’s the long-awaited sleepover event, you know! Wouldn’t it be too lonesome if it ended like this!

“Of the same generation…?”

The participants are Father, Mother, Elder brother, Dirk-sama, Arc, Kou, Darkness-sama.

I tried to stop Mother but she wasn’t listening to me. Holy Beast-sama is observing. He’s relaxing while sprawled on the ground. Hau… mofumofu.

“No, it’s all right even if we are separated by age!”

The rules are simple. Divide into two teams and throw the pillows!

You are out if your face gets hit and have to wait for three minutes outside. Deciding on the encampments, the side that has more pillows loses.

Magic is prohibited. You are off for three minutes if you use magic.

Sui and Haru are referees, and will be also counting minutes for the people outside.

The time limit is thirty minutes.

Mother and I, Elder brother and Kou have a handicap and are counted out two for one.

The teams are Father, Mother & I, Elder brother & Kou team and Dirk-sama, Arc, and Darkness-sama team. S, somehow, the number of people are one-sided, but… before I could complain, the start has been heartlessly declared.

“Well then, begin!”



Ten minutes passed.





“This is different from what I wanted to do.”

“I thought so.”

I mean, it’s not a pillow fightmon. It’s more of a Pillow DEATH☆MATCH or something.

Niisama and I took on the posture of observing while mofuing Holy Beast-sama. Sometimes I repel a stray pillow with a barrier as I don’t have any intentions of participating anymore.

Ah, Darkness-sama got hit. Now, now, Tousama, stop giving a decisive blow after already being out from having his face hit.


“Darkness-sama out~”

You are slow to speak, Sui. Somehow, the start and now this, you can’t quite hide your ill will, huh? Haru moved Darkness-sama outside of the playground. Ah, he got hit by a pillow again. As expected, I found that was too much already and cast a barrier around him.

The strength of the throws is strange. They sunk into the walls even though they are just pillows. Dirk-sama and Arc look pale. They have their hands full from just avoiding. Dirk-sama activated his Beastification. His movements became faster, but it wasn’t enough to counterattack.

I found the pillows too dangerous and stealthily changed their trajectories with magic. It seems to be a good practice.

This all began with the pillow Arc carelessly threw straight into Mother’s face. Father who snapped got fierce and Mother who silently snapped even more coated the pillows with magical power + with Father’s superhuman strength, something different from a pillow fight started happening.

Only Kou is normally enjoying the pillow fight. He’s giggling no matter if he hits or gets hit. He was startled by the pillow Father thrown at him, but he was completely fine. As expected of a dragon.

“Kou’s way of enjoyment is normal, isn’t it? Getting outted with that strong fastball… pillow? of Father’s.”

“… Yeah. Shall we do it with just me, Dirk, you and Kou later?”

I have understood that the adults of my family are no good. After thirty minutes, Father and Arc were scolded by Martha and forcefully evicted. Mother accompanied Father.

You are dripping with sweat, Dirk-sama. I will wipe it for you. What a side benefit.

“So pillow fight was such scary game, huh.”

“That’s different, alright! Completely different!! Something so dangerous was beyond my expectations, alright!!”

That being the case, the second round. Dirk-sama’s exhaustion has become a handicap. I also added a rule of no Beastification.

It was me & Kou team versus Elder brother & Dirk-sama & Darkness-sama team.

Because we had fewer members, I could use magic. However, I wasn’t allowed to completely stop the pillows with a defensive wall. No, I wouldn’t do that, you know?



Flying pillows. Hit or get hit. Sui and Haru also participated, noncommittally.

“So fun!”

I switched to Rosalia. She caught the pillow Dirk-sama threw and threw it back at him. The thrown pillow hit Dirk-sama straight in the face.


“Unu, not bad!”

She noticed Darkness-sama who was preparing to throw and swiftly threw a pillow at him. I tried coating the pillow with magical power like Mother did on impulse. The magic seems to be usable.

“Ahaha, this is fun.”


Rosalia was moving and I supported her. I was averting the pillows with magic, strengthening the thrown pillows, and improved Rosalia’s physical ability.

Finally, it was a showdown between Dirk-sama and I, Elder brother was astonished by our entertainment.

We continued the pillow fight until we tired out.

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