Chapter 35

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Congratulations on your fourth birthday. Regarding the presents that are too cheaty it brings tears to my eyes.
Today, it’s my… rather, Rosalia’s fourth birthday. We have talked about many things, but we decided to hold the birthday party today.

I got presents from everyone on the last birthday, so I don’t need any this time. I told them to leave it for the next year.

However, the previous time wasn’t good enough for Elder brother. I got scolded by him who was saving up his extra money for this day, Mother started tearing up while saying that she worked so hard for today… while slowly getting tortured, Martha received a tremendous shock of some kind… I yielded. Somehow, it turned out with me being the bad guy. But, my consideration… incomprehensible.

I have changed into a dress with red undertone. My original clothes were covered in hair after I got carried away mofuing. Then, I made my hair with the ribbon I received from Mother.

When I entered the dining room, I received best wishes from everybody wearing smiles.

I also expressed my gratitude with a smile.

I have sat down on the so-called birthday seat, Dirk-sama sat next to me. Dirk-sama declined to disturb the harmony in the family… but he got persuaded by Mother as he’s the (future) son-in-law. As expected of Mother.
You are way too cool, Mother! Good job, Mother! Receiving my gaze of respect and gratitude, she playfully winked back at me. Mother, so cute!

“I want to become like Kaasama…”

“… Humans are cut out for different things.”

“Rosarin, give up.”

“My stomach would get destroyed were there two Madams, so please give up.”

What do you guys mean! Especially you, Arc! Father and Elder brother are telling me not try the impossible, but Arc was obviously… Mother? Are you doing something that causes pain for Arc’s stomach?


The eyes of the friendly smiling Mother weren’t smiling. Mother, so scary!


He said that in one breath. He even ran up to Mother’s side to lower his head with tears in his eyes.

“… Gee, I will make an exception for Rosarin and let it go today. There won’t be next time.”


It appears he was forgiven. Arc’s face turned pale. For Arc who doesn’t fear even Martha’s scolding to be this frightened, just what did Mother do, I wonder? I feel that I would better off not knowing.

Now then, smacking my lips at Dan’s feast… there appear to be some strange ingredients here and there.

“Ojousama, eat lots, okay? Martha has hunted Leviathan and Myriad Buffalo in high spirits.”

Dirk-sama turned pale because of our house’s common sense. Elder brother doesn’t seem to know, but they are boss-class monsters. Moreover, the ones that appear at the end of the game.

“Savor the taste, Ojousama~ I also did my best.”

“Thank you very much. It’s delicious.”

Yes. Delicious. Myriad Buffalo which tastes like beef aside, Leviathan is… I decided not to think about it. The meat melts in the mouth better than the pseudo-turtle from before.

“Dirk-sama and Bocchan, you guys eat up too~ You will become stronger.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Eating the meat of strong monsters strengthens the body.”

What an unexpected effect.

“To make it easier to understand, the magic beasts we breed would evolve if we were to feed them meat of high-level monsters like these.”

Ah~ they were doing that in the game, weren’t they… Ah, I am glad. That our Kou won’t grow another horn.

Elder brother unusually asked for another helping. He usually isn’t fond of meat that much… does he want to become strong or something? Dirk-sama is a stable glutton.

Now then, it was time for the presents. Starting with Elder brother as the last time, a gorgeous box of some kind.

“This is from me.”

Opening it, a refreshing color greeted me. It was a bracelet with lovely Suzuran motif and a blue gemstone.

“Is this a magic stone?”

I feel a magical power from it. N~ I feel like I’m being wrapped in a protective? layer.

“This is a Magic stone of Sacrifice. When danger approaches Rosarin, the Sacrifice will break. Only the gem has to be changed, so wear it at all times. The bracelet should fit you perfectly with the magic enchantment, so you should be able to use it all the time”

I am causing worry for Elder brother, it seems. I felt Elder brother’s gentleness.

“I will use it every day. I will cherish it, Niisama.”

I put it on at once. Ohh, fits perfectly. It’s cute as an accessory.

“This, from me.”

A lacework shawl from Mother. Uwaa, how pretty.

“I did my best, you know? I knit it with a defensive formation, so it can be used as defensive armament when magical power is poured into it.”

What! However, this shawl that’s suitable to be worn at evening parties… does Mother intend me to wage wars? Are magic battles held during the evening parties too, I wonder?

“Thank you very much, Kaasama. I will use it carefully.”

“Here you go, this is from us.”

“We had a hard time getting this~”


“I haven’t seen something like this before.”

Something so rare even Elder brother didn’t know about it. Complexly intertwined saplings with a soft phosphorescence. Recognizing the leaves, I who immediately understood cried out.

“Return it at onceeee!”

“Rosarin, do you know something about it?”

“The World Tree… it’s the sapling of Yggdrasil! As expected, keeping this would be bad!”

“A joke, we were just joking. As expected of you, Rosarin.”

Sui giggled. No, don’t bring that over here. This stuff is way too rare.

“This is the real thing. I looked for the materials, Sui threatened… asked the Elf Chief and we made it together.”

“I heard something inexcusable, but what did you do to the Elf Chief?”

“For the sanity of your mental health, you better not hear about it, Rosarin.”

Seriously, what did my children do?

“Here, they are the Forest Sage’s earrings.”


A cute, small earrings were put in my palm. A design of entwined ivies with a blue gem. N? Forest Sage’s… an indispensable endgame equipment! An accessory that invalidates all abnormal effects!?

“I, I will treasure it. Thank you.”

Is there some meaning behind the gradually increasing defensive gear? I am getting scared though.

“As for me, it’s this~”

From Arc… the hell is this?

“It’s a portable tent. It normally rolls up in a palm-sized ball, but when you give it magical power… look, two people can get in. It’s also equipped with an automatic barrier, so it’s quite convenient.”

“Ohh, thank you.”

Though there might not be a need to use it for a while, it’s generally a convenient item. As expected of Arc who is restricted by common sense.

“And this is from me.”

I recognize this… if I am not mistaken, this is…

“Teleportation Magic stone…”

A palm-sized magic stone beautifully cut into the shape of a triangular pyramid. Moreover, there’s some design engraved on it.

An indispensable item for the endgame. It allows traveling without having to spend days of moving. With this, you can instantly teleport to places you have visited before.

If I remember correctly, it’s a precious item that can be received by a limited event from Elf Chief-sama. Elf Chief-sama again!?

“… Martha, have you done something to Elf Chief-sama?”

“I have only asked him for a favor.”

Martha averted her gaze in panic. Elf Chief-sama I have not seen or met before, I am sorry. I am really sorry about our Head Maid and Spirits.

When I gently caressed the magic stone, it got sucked in the brooch I made from the gem that Haru has given me.


Even more detailed pattern appeared on Haru’s gem.

“… This wasn’t a normal sapphire, but a magic gem?”

“Yeah! Elven Tears? was it?”

Elven Tears is a special item, a kind of a precious stone that is able to seal magic inside of it. It appears that because there was no magic in it, it ended up absorbing the teleportation magic.

“It seems it has become more convenient to carry around, Ojousama.”

“Y, yeah…”

Martha didn’t seem to mind. Certainly, carrying the brooch around would be more convenient. Moreover, a brooch this small wouldn’t be generally able of teleportation magic. This magic gem itself has become a considerable cheat.

“Well, they are all incredible things, aren’t they? Ojousama, this is from me.”

An outdoor cooking set from Dan. On top of being compact, it was equipped with all kinds of seasonings. A truly practical item.

“Whoa, thank you!”

“Here, from me.”

A lovely pot-pourri from Tom Jiisan. It seems he used the roses from the garden, it smells very nice.

“I helped out drying it~”

It seems to be a collaboration with Kou. Let’s put it near the bed.

“From me.”

Ohh, Father confident-… eeeeeh!

“Isn’t this a Ring of the Warrior Maiden!?”

This was the strongest weapon available at the end of the game that could be obtained only from a special event. It’s an item that changes into the shape that is the easiest to handle for the user, normally dormant in the form of a ring.

“Can you use it?”

It was an item that could be used exclusively by the heroine in the game, but… I softly placed the ring on my right hand’s middle finger. The ring was a perfect fit. I then poured magical power inside the ring. It instantly turned into a pair of swords.

“Yeah, seems like I can.”

Bow, ax, spear, flail, whip… it changed forms one after another. I decided to fix my thoughts on the twin swords that Rosalia is used to handling. Defensive gear… and now paired with a weapon, just what kind of military boom is this?

Let me tell you the conclusion. I was correct. A full-body platemail + gloves have appeared.

Moreover, it was light. My tension raised and I shouldn’t have lightly punched the wall. There was a hole in the wall. In the shape of my hand. I placed both of my hands on the floor to apologize. A hole appeared in the floor. I have realized the heavy problem that was control.

When I said that I don’t want to use it because I was scared, outnumbered by Father, Elder brother and Dirk-sama who couldn’t comprehend my worries, I decided to accept it.

No, it’s my fault for forgetting about the strongest weapon in the game and trying it out though, you see?

While staring at the Ring of the Warrior Maiden, Holy Beast-sama who was sniffing with his nose approached me. The Ring of the Warrior Maiden has a fancy design of a delicate rose on top of two thorny entwined stems.

(Fumu, what an amusing weapon. To celebrate, I shalt bestow my magical power upon this weapon.)

A spirit bestowing magical power upon a sword is like giving a blessing to a person, it will turn the sword into a magic sword. In the first place, is bestowing magical power of the magic sword type onto this ring safe?

“I’m going to do it too!”

“Ah, then me too.”

“Me too.”

“Me too~”


The result?

Five small gems in the colors of the Spirits have appeared on the Ring of the Warrior Maiden.

Ahhh, the strongest weapon has gotten even cheatier… it has become a weapon with strengthened attributes, a weapon whose attributes were possible to change.

“Do you really intend me to go to war, I wonder…”

Furthermore, Darkness-sama has also given me a Circlet of Wisdom (Enemy Detection & Farsight).

What do I say… I have a feeling that I will survive even if the war occurs. No, it won’t happen, but it seems that I will live through anything.

First of all, I earnestly pleaded with everyone to not bring anything like these way too incredible items the next year.

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