Chapter 34

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Engagement permission and mofumofu.
Now then, we have returned. Dirk-sama is getting nervous, is he not?

“It will be fine, calm down.”

“Y, yeah.”

Not good. He’s way too nervous. His right arm is coming out simultaneously with his right leg.

“Welcome back, Ojousama.”

“I am ho… me. Martha, I was the one at fault, so please release Arc.”

I lowered my head with all of my might and cast healing magic at once.

“No, being outwitted by Ojousama and Dirk-sama, he’s a failure as a guard. Ojousama is not at fault.”

Martha said with a gentle voice. Stop it, I just healed him so don’t step on him.

“Martha… please.”

Secret Technique! Teary eyes of a little girl!! The point is lightly tugging on her sleeve with puppy eyes.

“Ojousama… can’t be helped, only this once.”

“Martha, I love you!”

I embraced Martha with a whole-faced smile. How kindhearted… she’s saying something like that, but let’s ignore that! It was obviously my fault that he got scolded so brutally, so it’s not like I could leave him alone!

Leave this person to me, Arc. I will become the decoy, so quickly run away, we made an eye contact. He mouthed”I won’t be thanking you”, but I don’t need it. The cause was me after all.

By the way, Dirk-sama… you have stiffened. I’m sorry. He witnessed something this intense right from the start after all.

“My, welcome to our residence. Dirk Barton-sama. I often hear about you. Being told that Ojousama’s first love is sickening while misunderstood and harassed because of the rise of the Beastmen unit in the Knights Order, you have it hard.”

“Y, yes…”

Martha! Martha! Why did you hurl such terrible bomb all of sudden! Dirk-sama is delicate, so he received a nonsensical shock, you know!

“I might be certainly unreliable, but I want to become a man who can protect Rosarin. You are an important person for Rosarin, so that’s why I am telling you this. I will devote myself so that you will acknowledge me one day.”

“… You have passed.”

A smile floated on Martha’s face.

“Please forgive me rudeness, Dirk Barton-sama. I will guide you to Sire’s place.”

Martha elegantly bowed and guided us. No, that was startling.

I am happy that Martha is worried about me, but I have decided to properly talk to her about how hurting Dirk-sama’s feelings is no good.

Both parents and Elder brother were already waiting at the parlor.

“Welcome. Son of Marquis Barton, Dirk.”

“Long time no see, Duke Rosenberg.”

“Huh? You are acquaintances?”

“We met many times when he was young. His father was my school friend… partner in crime. He has been very busy recently, but we occasionally have a drink together.”

I didn’t know. So it’s like that.

“By the way, Rosarin… Rosalia has met him as well when you were little.”

“It would be a miracle if I remembered.”


“I thought so.”

Father, don’t be unreasonable. Rosalia is saying that she doesn’t remember either.

“Now then, Dirk Barton-dono. What have you come for to our humble abode?”

“I have come to receive approval of my engagement with Miss Rosarin.”


Elder brother! No, I was expecting it since you were here, but you are opposing!

“May I hear the reason?”

Even though his opponent was younger, Dirk-sama took on a polite attitude. His earnest expression looks so manly.

“First, it’s impossible because you are a Beastman. Moreover, you are a half-Beastman that is able to Beastify. What are you going to do was Rosarin shunned because of you? Furthermore, the incidents from before. Rosarin has become the villain for your sake and also thrust into a dangerous place because she thought you were in danger. You do not deserve Rosarin.”

“That might be the case. Currently, I am in no way suitable for her.”

Dirk-sama cast down his eyes.

“But, this was done out of my selfishness, it’s not like Dirk desired it!”


Dirk-sama shook his head.

“Still, even if we are not suited for each other, I like her. With her by my side, I can put up with anything.”

“Besides, this engagement is necessary. This is a way to change Rosarin’s fate. Isn’t that right, Rosarin.”

“Ah, Tousama! I haven’t told them about that yet!”

“… Is that so?”

That’s right, Father! I have only spoken to the adults! I have intended to talk with Elder brother and Dirk-sama when a good opportunity arrives!


They are perfectly in sync! Aren’t they already good friends?

Concealing the stuff about the game, I talked about Rosalia’s revelation centered about her.

I did not tell Elder brother because he doesn’t know when to quit, unlike adults. I do trust him and I am aware of his abilities, but I don’t wish for him to do the unreasonable.

The reason I didn’t tell Dirk-sama is purely out of the timing. I didn’t want him to misunderstand that I am getting engaged to him only to change my future after all.

I don’t know how the fate will unfold because of my actions, but I would like to choose a different path as much as possible.

Besides right now, I am most likely a fiancée candidate for either of the princes. Because I got both the family status and ability, I should be considered a useful, capable person for the royal family. But, I don’t want to marry anyone except Dirk-sama. That’s why, taking a precaution with an early engagement is necessary.

“Rosarin, why did you not tell me something so important! Am I that unreliable?”

Elder brother must have gotten hurt as he stared at me with tears in his eyes.

“I know that Niisama is reliable, but Niisama is a child just like me. I was hesitating to get you involved. But, I did intend on telling you about it someday to get your cooperation.”

“Rosarin, remember this well. I am already tired of being left behind.”


Is he talking about the matter with the dragon? Recognizing the unswayable will in Elder brother’s eyes, I couldn’t help but nod.

“I understand. I won’t keep it a secret from you anymore. I will consult with Niisama as well. Instead, please promise me that you won’t do anything unreasonable.”

“Got it.”

Elder brother nodded. Judging that our conversation was over, Dirk-sama spoke to me this time.

“Rosarin, why did you not tell me about it?”

“It’s purely because there was no right timing for it.”

No, not purely. I have used that word again.

“Also, I didn’t want you to think that I am getting engaged to you only to change my future. I genuinely don’t want to marry anyone but Dirk.”

“Rosarin… will you consult with me the next time?”

“Of course. I will have you also cooperate after all.”

“All right.”


Dirk-sama nodded. Seeing the result, it might have been a good thing that it got exposed now.

“Returning on the subject, you don’t have to get engaged right now, do you? I won’t acknowledge Dirk.”

Elder brother returned to the topic. No, not getting engaged now would be a bad thing. Mother informed Elder brother with a troubled expression.

“Hmm, if they don’t engaged now, she might get engaged to His Highness by His Majesty because of the Queen’s training. At any rate, our Rosarin is a strong contender after all.”


Both Elder brother and Dirk-sama stiffened with Mother’s words. Is it that unexpected? Though I believe this was also why that Stupid-dono was so persistent about me.

“I am smart, so I think I would be a natural choice. I thought the same as Mother.”


“Give up, Ru. Our family’s blood will never marry without love, marrying others is out of the question. Rosarin might also flee were we to oppose it.”


Elder brother! I won’t say that I wouldn’t do it, but don’t agree so easily!

“It’s fine, Rosarin loves her family so she wouldn’t do something like running away. Rosarin wouldn’t be happy in the true meaning was she to run away.”


I got patted when I tightly hugged him. Wau, happiness…

Seeing the entranced me, Elder brother let out a sigh.

“Though I won’t stop worrying, it can’t be helped since Rosarin loves you this much. I will crush you if you make her cry, alright?”

“… I heed your command.”

“… Besides, is there any other qualified person who can control this tomboy? There wasn’t anyone else who could hold their ground against Rosarin at that place of judgment.”

“……… Certainly.”

“… I, I will do my best.”

“Eh, that’s where you agree!?”

I want to ask what’s going through Elder brother and Dirk-sama’s heads! It was indeed Dirk-sama who has stopped me at that place though.

Interrupting my protesting, Mother clapped her hands and smiled sweetly.

“Then, since we have approved, let’s celebrate.”


Father signed and sealed the engagement form presented by Dirk-sama and returned it. Mother shook hands with Dirk-sama in best regards.

“Congratulations, Dirk, Rosarin.”

“Congratulations, I am happy for you.”

“Congratulations, Oneechan, Black Oniichan.”

With Sui and Haru’s magic, flowers started falling down as if dancing.

“Wow, thank you.”

It’s blessings of my spirits. Kou climbed on top of my head. I feel that my head has completely become his home position.

“Umu, how joyous.”

(Thou finally got engaged, huh. It has been a long wait.)

Why are you here? Darkness-sama and Holy Beast-sama.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s an auspicious occasion of one whom I am planning on giving my protection. I couldn’t participate on your previous birthday after all!”

So you are feeling bitter about that, Darkness-sama yo.

(I have just come to congratulate thee. Don’t mind it.)

“No, don’t speak the unreasonable.”

Your presence is too strong. And thus I mofued the nonchalant Holy Beast-sama.

(I told thou not to massage… can’t be helped. Just for today.)

Holy Beast-sama flopped down and showed his belly. Today is special because it’s a celebration? Is this the arrival of your dere period?

Yielding to my fingers, purring started to escape from Holy Beast-sama’s throat. How cuteee, healing. I am going to massage your paws too! The paw pads feel wonderful. It’s a bliss~

Dirk-sama with an obviously sulky-ish expression came to my side. He Beastified and rubbed against me.

“A special occasion only for today. You can do as you please.”

What! Seriously! I will mofu you without reserve. Hua… the silky smooth fur is dreamy. I want to brush it by all means.


Elder brother was looking at me with disappointed eyes, but I do not mind. We have been recently flirting so there wasn’t much of mofuing involved, so I thoroughly enjoyed Dirk-sama’s fluffy fur.

Rubbing against the back of Dirk-sama who sat down… Holy Beast-sama rubbed against my back. Mofumofu sandwich, what kind of a reward is this!

“Hau… mofumofu…”

Darkness-sama said with an irritated tone.

“I will let you mofumofu me as well, you better prepare!”

A velvet form with bird wings. Long and narrow body covered with jet black scales.

“… Quetzalcoatl?”

It was a serpent with jet black wings. The size was around ten meters? Just the serpent part was quite huge. Extending my hand, I touched it. Velvety on touch. It’s a bit chilly.

The wing part was light and soft. A different kind of mofu feeling from fur.

“Rosarin, I am not scary.”

“I am sorry? Well, I would definitely get scared if you rushed at me with such appearances, but I know that it is you Darkness-sama, so you are not scary at all, you know?”

“Umu, as expected of my highly anticipated girl.”

“Rosarin, I believe it would be normal to be frightened by that though!”

Oh my, Elder brother withdrew. I have been treating Darkness-sama quite rudely up until now, so it’s too late to be afraid now.

“Ah~ I might get scared if your head split open and four entrails-like tentacles came out though.”

“”Anyone would get scared by that!!””

“It would be possible to do using an illusion, but impossible in reality.”

“You don’t have to do it.”

Darkness-sama is an airhead, isn’t he? Yeah, snakes might be unexpectedly cute. By the way, tsukkoming the common sense were Elder brother and Dirk-sama. Father was thinking ‘fumu’… Mother was… I don’t understand what she was thinking. She was laughing.

“I, I don’t mind letting you pat me occasionally!”

“Ah, then I will be in your care.”

(Still, thou really like Heresy, Rosarin. Are thou collecting them?)

“That’s not it. It’s just a coincidence. Ahh, but I am a Heretic myself, so I don’t dislike Heresy.”

(Fumu. Thou doesn’t neglect Heresy. For that reason, thou are comfortable to be around.)

“I am telling you they are gathering by a coincidence… I think.”

I mofued the nonchalant Holy Beast-sama again. Soft and fluffy…

After that, I enjoyed mofuing the three thoroughly, and Kou who also participated in the patting caused chaos.

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