Chapter 33

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Please give me your son.
The Barton mansion had a peaceful ambiance, it was a mansion with a very good sense that didn’t look too plain.

It might have been too rude, so I dispelled the magic and went with the four-year-old appearances.

Dirk-sama’s Okaasama was a Beastman and his Otousama is a half-human, half-beastman. Being able to Beastify even then is incredible. There are Beastmen who can’t Beastify too.

His Okaasama has apparently passed away already. She was a lady from Wolfanea who had many stories to tell, I couldn’t help but feel regretful.

While thinking such, a steward came to meet us.

“We were awaiting your return, Dirk Bocchama.”

“I’m home.”

“How do you do? I am Rosarin Rosenberg.”

“Ohh, what a lovely young lady. Sire is waiting for you. Please, follow me to the parlor.”

The steward has guided us to the parlor.

Marquis-sama was already waiting in the parlor.

“Thank you very much for making time for me while you are busy. How do you do, Marquis Barton. I am called Rosarin Rosenberg.”

“Ahh, I am not very good with formalities. Sit down, you two.”

Dirk-sama let out a sigh and sat down. Huh? Is he displeased? Are they relationship bad, perhaps?

Marquis Barton-sama had blonde hair and blue eyes and didn’t resemble Dirk-sama too much, but he looked like a handsome, friendly uncle.

“Father, I will go straight to the point. I want to get engaged to Miss Rosarin here. Please approve of it.”

“Hmm, after she answers my questions, alright?”

“Whatever you like.”

“What do you like about my son?”

“First, I am fond of his outward appearances. His silky black hair, soft ears, supple tail… they are an art. He might usually have a gentle expression on his face, but his the destructive power of his bashfulness can’t be measured. How many times was I in agony over his cuteness? Moreover, he has recently shown me his manly expressions, so… my heart might turn strange sooner or late-“Stop! So embarrassing! I am embarrassed, alright!”

Dirk-sama told me to stop. With teary eyes. Hau, so cute. He’s truly adorable right now.

“But, I wasn’t lying, you know?”

“The cute one is Rosarin, not me!”

I thought with my head tilted.

“My cute person is only you. I will spoil you for a lifetime. You are the most adorable in my world, Dirk.”

“Ah, ugh.”

Dirk-sama opened and closed his mouth with bright red face. He covered the ears on top of his head with his hands. What an adorable creature he is.

“Then, aside from his outward appearances?”

Marquis Barton-sama was going at his own pace too. No, I who is flirting in front of my lover’s father is in no place to talk though.

“Let’s see… he’s diligent, sincere and gentle, fun to bully, his pureness is also-“Stop! The second half started becoming quite weird though!?”

“Fuhaha, what an amusing young lady. As expected of the child Dirk chose. Moreover, for Dirk to let out his emotions so obediently.”

“I’m sorry?”

I tilted my head.

“Dirk-sama was mostly like this from the beginning, you know? Is he different at home?”


Did I say something strange? Even the steward was dumbfounded.

“No, Dirk was an expressionless child since young, you see. His shine disappeared when my wife passed away and he was so dark and gloomy I thought that mushrooms might really start growing on his body.”

Which reminds me, he was absurdly trembling towards me at first~ Was he not used to it because of his ‘don’t talk to me’ aura?


“Moreover, it was an agony when he Beastified in elementary school as he become even more gloomy.”


“His first love-“Shut up, you stupid old man!!”

Marquis Barton was forcefully stopped by Dirk-sama. Dirk-sama threw his fists. Looks painful. Was his first love scared silly by his Beastification as well? It might bring back old wounds so I kept silent.

“Marquis Barton-sama, I will have you tell me about it at a later date. I would like to hear various stories about the little Dirk-sama.”

“Why are you asking my old man!? Moreover, various things is too much! Just how much do you want to hear about it!?”

“They seemed like interesting stories, so…”

“Don’t reply with a serious look!”

“Especially about your first love.”

“Don’t dig up my dark history!”

“Then, please tell me your type. Big boobs or small boobs, which do you like?”

“Why have you arrived to this talk again! I’m telling you I’m fine with whichever as long as they are Rosarin’s…”

Noticing what he was saying halfway, Dirk-sama pinned down his mouth.

“Whichever as long as its mine?”

“A, anyhow.”

“So you have an interest in my chest, huh?”

No, I am just a child now, so you won’t see anything fascinating even if you search, you know? Unless you have special interests, that is.

“I, it can’t be helped to be interested in the girl you like, right! I don’t have interest in others!”

“Buha, it can’t be helped since you are young.”

Not being able to endure anymore, Marquis Barton-sama exploded in laughter.

Ah, Dirk-sama has curled up. He seems to be sulking. Have I teased him too much? When I patted Dirk-sama ‘there, there’ he glared at me with his teary eyes. You are not scary, you are cute.

“Rosarin, you are a bully.”

“I only want to bully the one I like.”

“Well, you really do get along. Fine, I will approve of the engagement. Let’s get along, Miss Rosarin.”

With tears from laughing in his eyes, Marquis Barton-sama gave his approval.

“I will be in your care. I will take the responsibility to make your son happy for a lifetime.”

“Will you, yourself be happy with that?”

“I will be happy as long as I have Dirk’s smile around me, so there is no problem”

I declared with a smile.

“My son really found a good bride… Dirk, be careful that she’s not snatched from you.”

“You don’t have to tell me that.”

Dirk-sama replied as if to say Naturally. Lifting me up in his arms, he completely wrapped me up.

“I will never let go of you.”

The resounding low voice made my heart tighten.

Dirk-sama, you are so cool I am in trouble.

“Very good. I hope you find happiness.”

Marquis Barton smiled with a very warm, fatherly eyes. Receiving his signature on the engagement form we have prepared beforehand, we left the Barton mansion.

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