Chapter 32

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First date.
Yes! Today is the day of the date! I am in super high spirits!

Today, I’m in the state of a grown-up Rosarin by using the high-ranking illusion magic. I couldn’t clearly imagine Rosalia’s figure, so I practiced quite a bit! My age is about the same as Dirk-sama’s, so my boobs are modest.

I am wearing the red-white ribbon Kaasama gave me as a present together with a clean and tidy laced one-piece dress of the same accent adorned with a brooch made with the gem Haru gifted me and I did my hair in front of a mirror.

“Martha, Manya, do I look weird?”

“You look very lovely.”

“Ojousama, you look wonderful. Anyone will get entranced by you at this rate~”

Putting on a little bit of make-up, and it’s time to go to the battle!

“Oh my, looks like he has arrived.”

When I went with Martha to the entrance hall, Dirk-sama was already waiting there. It’s my first time seeing him in something different than the Knights uniform, his clean white shirt, and navy blue pants suited him very well. He’s not showing off, but the simple looks very good on him.

“Dirk, you look so cool!”

“T, thank you… Rosarin also looks different from usual. It suits you well.”

“Ehehe, my boobs are modest though.”

“Gee, you don’t really have to mention that!”

Soothing the bright-red teary-eyed Dirk-sama, we joined hands with smiles on our faces before I noticed, and just as we left the house, Dirk-sama held me in his arms and whispered.

“There are guards, huh. Let’s shake them off.”


Simultaneously with his whisper… f, faaaast! This is not like the day I flew with a barrier before me!

“You will bite your tongue if you shout.”

I closed my mouth in panic. Around here is… it’s probably Arc’s magic. Sorry, Arc. I won’t forget your sacrifice.

“Shadow Bind.”

“Ojousama! I will remember this.”

I have made Arc fall down on his own shadow and tied him up. Sorry. Please get scolded by Martha for the sake of my happiness.



“We should be good now.”

Dirk-sama lowered me down. It seems that we have shaken off Arc completely.

“Then, let us go, my Princess.”

Taking the hand he held out, we walked towards the town.


The town was overflowing with liveliness. It might be because it’s a rest day today. Just like in Japan, Kristya has 5 work days and 2 rest days. The calendar is mostly the same too.


“It’s my first time coming to the town after all.”

“I will guide you. Let’s go.”

An accessory shop, florist, a stylish café, all that a girl could have interest in…


“What is it?”

“No, I am having fun. It’s fun, but aren’t you used to dates?”

Ah, he choked. He seriously choked. I patted his back.

“No, the date course is so perfect it makes me uncomfortable instead…”

“It’s my first time on a date. Since it’s my first time, I wanted to come up with something that would make you happy, but I had no idea. I have lowered my head to ask around… and finally came up with a date course with the guys who are used to dating…”

Tears were forming in the corner of his eyes. What is this adorable creature!

He lowered his head to make a fun date for me?

“I love you so much it’s painful, Dirk…”

I was stuck in agony. Once we are alone, I will gyu~ and chuu~ you, alright!

“Sorry for being miserable.”

“Where? To lower your head in order to make a perfect date course for me, I am extremely happy. Thank you, Dirk. Moreover, you made friends, didn’t you? I am happy for you.”

“… Yes. Thanks to you, Rosarin.”

“You are wrong, the Knights have also understood that you are a kindhearted fellow, Dirk. Now then, where do you want to go next? A date must be enjoyed by both people.”

The accessories shop made him obviously uncomfortable~



And our destination was a weapons shop. It’s not romantic whatsoever, but it’s so like Dirk.

I received a sharpened sword he took, tried swinging it and got taught how to choose swords.

The old boss was saying that this was not a place to bring a girl to when on a date, but he laughed when I told him that it was my request.

Going to the Adventurer’s Guild, taking a look at the requests, hearing about Dirk’s adventures, it was very fun.

Now, for the purpose I had wanted to ask Dirk out today.

“Dirk, I have something I want to say.”



“To think there was a place like this…”

This is a flower garden away from the town. White flowers as far as eyes can see. In fact, this is the place where the heroine confessed to a capture target. It’s just the right place for my plan.

Turning towards him and fixing my eyes on his, I spoke.

“Dirk, I love you. I have the confidence to make you happy, I will do my best getting to know the things you are fond of, I will put as much effort as needed if you find me lacking somewhere. I promise to make you happy for the lifetime. That’s why-”

I took a breath. Conscious of my shaking voice and hands, I smiled wryly in my heart.

“Son of Marquis Barton, Dirk. Will you get enga… mugu.”

I was stopped.

My mouth was blocked by a hand and I couldn’t talk. Thinking that I was rejected, tears spilled from my eyes.

“Rosarin is amazing. You have saved me. The first time we met, you said that I looked cool… you are the first person ever except my family to hug me in my Beastified form with a smile… knowing that I was bullied in the Knights Order, you took on the role of the bad guy and protected me. You are cute, funny, a bit of a bully, but you have watched over me all this time… Rosarin, you are more than perfectly charming.”

Dirk-sama removed his hand from my mouth.

I felt like getting sucked into his dark eyes that stared straight into my eyes.

“Rosarin, daughter of Duke Rosenberg, I would like to get engaged with you. Someday, please become my wife.”

Something gently touched my forehead and the corner of my eye. That was Dirk’s lips… eh?

Just now, my tears were licked off by Dirk! Wha, my neck… no, not the ears!

“Di, rk… n.”

“Rosarin, your reply.”

In this situation!? What a brute! However, I endured.

“I, I accept. I will be forever in your care.”

I was released ten minutes later. I am embarrassed to death. I feel like I could die from embarrassment right now!!


“What is it?”

“Let’s get a permission from Marquis-sama. Let’s make an appointment.”

“Yeah. I got it. But, before that-”

He handed me a small box. Inside, was a ring with a jewel of deep blue color surrounded by petals.

“This ring will apparently fit perfectly to the carrier with magic. It’s almost as pretty as Rosarin, so… as my thanks for until now… Happy Birthday, Rosarin.”

“… You knew?”

“I was told by Holy Beast-sama, actually.”

Right, today is Rosalia’s… in other words, this body’s fourth birthday.

“Is that so? Dirk, put the ring on my left fourth finger.”

I wonder if I can smile well. I’m so happy it took my best not to cry.

“Does it have any meaning?”

“A ring is given when getting engaged in Rin’s world. The ring given to you by your lover is put on the left fourth finger.”

“Got it.”

Dirk-sama happily put the ring on my left fourth finger. The ring fitted me perfectly.

“I am happy, I am very, very happy. I will treasure it, Dirk.”


Dirk-sama wiped my tears in a gentle way with his hand and waited until I calmed down.

“Then, shall we go?”

We joined hands and went towards the mansion of Marquis Barton.

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