Chapter 31

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Dragon spirit and Invitation.
Now that the fun picnic…? has ended, my daily life has returned again. I was working this morning as well. A new minister’s secretary will apparently come soon.

Holy Beast-sama has come to pick me up as usual.

(I came to pick thou up… what’s that on thy head?)

“It’s Kou.”

(Fumu, this is a child of the Rayde Volcano spirit.)

“You can tell?”

(By smell.)

“Ojichan, who are you?”


Holy Beast-sama simply received a damage. I’m sorry, my child is…

“Kou, call him Holy Beast-sama. He’s a veeery important Spirit-sama.”


Umu, umu, Kou is an obedient and good child. I spoke about the yesterday’s pic… pseudo-picnic. Holy Beast-sama wanted to go as well. I thought that I couldn’t take Holy Beast-sama out of the castle out of my own convenience, but he apparently occasionally leaves for a stroll.

(Thou really collect only Heretics. Is that on purpose?)

“No, it’s accidentally.”

(Fumu, I shall give thou my protection too once thy magical power stabilizes.)

“Eh? Thank you very much.”

(Thou are amusing. I have an interest in thy fate.)

“Then, I will be in your care for many years to come.”

While talking about that, we arrived at the usual place where… Rudolf-san was waiting as well.

“Yo, Jouchan.”

“Hello, Rudolf-san. Do you need something?”

“Sorry for intruding on the lovers’ rendezvous. It will only take a short while, so please forgive me.”

I wanted to stroke the head of Dirk-sama who was in dilemma from the words “lovers’ rendezvous” but I endured. I can read the mood.

“Jouchan, the dagger you have extracted from the dragon was cursed. It was the abominable curse of frenzy. No wonder it was so violent. Jouchan, are you feeling all right after touching it?”

“Fufu, the magical power of Magchelia is attached to Rosarin, so touching a curse of that degree is nothing.”

Sui was sitting on my shoulder before I noticed. Magchelia apparently gives its magical power to those who help looking after it, so it would be very difficult for me to get cursed. Thank you for the wonderful present. I will give my snacks to Sui today.

Frenzy is a type of curse, and those who get affected lose their ego and turn into a violent beast. Not only the pain, the reason Kou was acting violently was also because of the curse.

“Hah~ you really are out of the norm. Jouchan.”

“I think that my surroundings are out of the norm, to be more accurate. Especially Sui who brought me the Magchelia.”


(However, thou are lucky thou didn’t strike Kou down.)

“Yes, I am glad this adorable child did not need to die.”

(Not that. If Kou died, the Rayde Volcano spirit and the Dragon it paired with would rage and cause a catastrophe.)

“Uee… t, that was a close one then, wasn’t it?”

That reminds me, the Town of Rayde has become a ghost town in the event during the final stage of the game… it surely wasn’t because of this, was it!?

Hiiii… I, I am glad! The good you do for others is good you for yourself, really!

(Umu. However, just who was the one who stabbed the dagger in him? Do thou remember, Kou?)

“N~ he smelled like a doggy?”

(A dog?)

“No, a wolf Beastman, I would say? I was sleeping and got startled by the pain so I don’t know their face.”

I conveyed Rudolf-san what Holy Beast-sama and Kou were saying. Rudolf-san left to continue the investigation.

After serving the lunch, I spoke to Dirk-sama.

“Looks like it will get busy.”

“Yeah. We don’t know the culprit after all.”

“It will get busier for you now, right~”

“N? Yeah. More than usual.”

“I see.”

“Is there something?”

Dirk-sama was worried for the downhearted me. But, he will definitely force himself to grant my wish if I say it.

(Rosarin wants to invite thou on a date. However, hearing that it will get busy, she’s wavering whether to ask thou or to give up.)

“Ho, Holy Beast-sama, you understand me that much!?”

(I plan on giving thou my protection. The possessors of my protection have a duty to find happiness. Besides, thou shouldn’t feel bad if Dirk is the one asking thee out.)

“Ah~ yes. Rosarin, would you… no, Miss Rosarin, won’t you go on a date with me?”

His bashful expression pierced my heart. He was slightly more respectful than usual and asked with the etiquette of a Knight, way too cool!!

“Gladly even to the bottom of the abyss!!”

My reply was already a reflexive one. Do you think there would be people who could reject such a wonderful invitation? No, there aren’t.

“Then, are you fine with my next day off duty?”


Maybe I should have held back a little? I decided to make Holy Beast-sama’s favorite snacks tomorrow to show my gratitude.

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