Chapter 30

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Home cooking and Dragon spirit.
When brought back by Elder brother, everyone was not eating the meal but waiting. Oof, I’m ashamed.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, you have worked hard, didn’t you~”

Mother’s smile is healing. Wau, Mother is so cute.

“Well then, shall we eat?”

Saying Enjoy the meal, everyone started eating. Today’s meal is a painstaking piece of work.

By the way, I prepared everyone’s favorite food. Fish and fries for Father, fried prawns for Mother and hamburger steak for Elder brother. Meat and stir-fried veggies for Martha and roasted pork for Arc.


Elder brother and Father looked happy. I am glad they received it delightfully above all.

“Actually, everyone has been eating my cooking these days.”


“Niisama, the apple pie you have asked another helping of the other day and the pudding you told Dan that you would like to eat again were made by me and most of the teacakes Tousama has been eating with tea at the work were also made by me.”

“Also, the cute teacakes you presented at my tea party were also made by Rosarin-chan, right? Those sugar-frosted flowers were wonderful. The guests were also pleased with the cream roses.”

“You have noticed, Kaasama?”

“Ufufu. Dan is a man, in the end, so he wouldn’t serve food so delicately arranged like Rosarin-chan.”

I think it was pretty easy to tell, said Mother. As expected of her observation powers.

“That reminds me, I found it strange that the teacakes were decorated with ribbons and the cookies had more than two colors recently.”

Arc muttered.

Elder brother, laying on top of the table is bad manners, you know? Father, what’s wrong? Why are you shocked?

“Why did you not say anything!”

“For my self-satisfaction. Seeing Niisama ask for seconds, I stealthily made a guts pose. You wouldn’t give an honest evaluation if you were aware that it was made by me, right?”

“Even though I would savor it more if I knew… I got it. Make the apple pie again please.”

“I hear you. Today’s after-meal snack is apple pie, you know?”

“Yaay! By the way… I would like to ask about that dragon resting on your head soon though?”

Ah, the public execution, is it? There are so many scolding flags, I don’t know what to do about them anymore.

By the way, Dragon-kun climbed down when I was flirting with Dirk-sama, but he climbed up on top of my head again when I was getting dragged away by Niisama.

I don’t want to get scolded, but I can’t make up lies because Martha knows the outline of the story. I summarized the story.

“Rosarin-chan, don’t act so rashly too much, okay?”

Even Mother who usually doesn’t scold me cautioned me.


“Where in the world is a girl who would enter a dragon’s mouth!”

As expected, I couldn’t say she’s right here. But, while it might not have been a praiseworthy deed, I do believe that it was the right thing to do.

“I am sorry. But, I can’t say that I won’t do it anymore.”

“You have no thoughts of reflection!”

“No, I do reflect upon my actions and I am also sorry for making Niisama worried, but… I think you would do the same if you were the one to discover Dragon-kun in that state.”

“Our daughter is such a tomboy.”

“She far exceeds the limits of a tomboy!”

Father was pleased, that’s what his expression was saying. It is me saying this, but his thoughts are quite off.

“So, what are you going to do about that very dragon?”



Rudolf-san came over.

“Jouchan, releasing it in the wild would be impossible. Although there were no casualties in the Knights Order, there were wounded. It will be designated as harmful animal and exterminated.”

“Y, you can’t do that!”

“Then, shall we keep it?”

Father, so easily…

“Ehhh, it’s a dragon, you know!?”

“Umu. It’s amiable. No problem there.”

“Indeed, it’s cute and I also don’t mind.”

The leading actor of the story, Dragon-kun, was currently deliciously chomping on the apple pie. He’s apparently tired of meat and prefers fruit.

Bits of food were falling all over me… well, he’s just a child so it can’t be helped.

“What do you want to do, Dragon-kun?”

I lowered him from my head and asked while looking into his eyes.

“I want to be with Oneechan. I can stay at Oneechan’s place if I change, right? I was all alone at my place, so it’s lonely there.”

Stop it, stop talking with your round and cute eyes looking so sad… ahhh, he tilted his head cutely as if asking No good?… how adorable you are, gee.

“Our Rosarin is weak against compassion, isn’t she?”

“Well, that is one of her good points though.”

“Ugh~ what about you? Haru, Sui.”

“No objections.”

“Same here.”

In the end, we have decided to keep Dragon-kun.

“That reminds me, what’s your name?”

“I don’t have one? I mean, I don’t have anyone to call me.”

“… Kou then!”

“Kou? Is that my name?”

“Yeah. How about it?”

His scales glittered red, he showed a brilliance of a genuine ruby. Wrapped in flames, he turned into a seven years old boy. His hair and eyes red, red scales on his forehead and limbs.



I was so shocked I froze in place. Everyone looked dumbfounded too.

“She converted into her first time of receiving a spirit protection, didn’t she?”

“Rosarin, have you forgotten that this child was a spirit too?”

I have totally forgotten!

“A, anyhow, it means that Kou is our child and he just gave me his protection, right!”

“We shall celebrate tonight~”

“What a joyous occasion.”

“Please take care of me, Oneechan.”

Surrounded by carefree parents and people whose common sense has been dulled from shock, I have obtained a new Dragon spirit.

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