Chapter 29

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Cooking and restraint.
Now then, thoroughly scolded by Martha, I was weak in my legs and tears were in my eyes.

Dragon-kun’s size is modifiable, so he’s currently trotting around in a large-breed dog size with me on his back.

Dirk-sama seems to be grumpy, he wanted to go while carrying me as expected… however, I have a previous offense of mofuing in the public, so I was restraining myself.

At that small hill, anxious Elder brother and parents were waiting for me.

“Rosarin! Are you all right!?”

Niisama was crying.

“Going to a place where a dragon is battled, are you a fool!”

“I am sorry, Niisama. Please don’t cry.”

I wiped Elder brother’s tears. Elder brother looked below my feet… come to think of it, I was riding on Dragon-kun.

“Rosarin, what are you sitting on?”


“I can see that. Explain yourself.”

Of course! I have a premonition of a scolding course again… the moment I thought, ngogogo~ the sound of empty stomach came from somewhere.



“I am also hungry.”

“…… Me too.”

Elder brother compromised. The Knights also seem to be returning after having a lunch.

Somehow, seeing people having a hard break and dried meat for a lunch feels unpleasant.

“Rudolf-san, may I cook a soup for everyone?”

“Jouchan, you can cook even though you are this small?”

“Yes, more or less”

“Commander, Rosarin’s meals are unbelievably delicious.”

Please stop it, don’t raise the hurdle! It’s just a little better than dried meat with bread!

“Alright, then I will leave it to you.”

“O, Ojousama, are you going to make something?”

Arc started taking out things from a bag, among them were a pot, kitchen knife, chopping board, a complete set of seasonings, herbs, vegetables, dried fish…

“Why are there so many things inside?”

“Dan said to use it on the spot were something to happen. Monsters pretty much appear over here, so he prepared this in case Ojousama’s lunch box was to be compromised”


This is truly a state of emergency… I am grateful for your consideration!

I decided to make a simple barbecue and soup for the hungry Knights. As expected, cooking in the child form would be inconvenient, so I cooked in Rosalia’s (16 years old) form.

“Shiit, she’s cute.”

“Her boobs are huge~”

Oy. The former aside, the latter one is- Ah, Dirk-sama mercilessly punched him. He’s unusually angry, yeah.

“Might you be talking about my daughter?”

Father! Your magical power is leaking! The fire is going out!


Ah, nice one, Dragon-kun! The fire didn’t go out thanks to his fire breath.

“Thank you.”

When I patted him, he became palm-sized again and climbed on top of my head.

“Ehehe, you are welcome, Oneechan.”

Ku! So cute~ Dragon-kun. He seemed to be pleased with my head as he didn’t move from there.

“She’s so cute~ but the guards surrounding her aren’t half-assed.”

“She’s a beauty, but the surroundings… She’s apparently doted on by the Red Devil.”

“Seriously!? Isn’t that a death flag!”

Martha, you were famous even among the Knights Order? Seriously, what are you guilty of? When I glanced at her, she was flaring up at Rudolf-san.

“Those two were in the same adventurer’s party in the past, however whether they get along or not… Even though Neechan has already resigned too, they always end up clashing~”

“Ha, I want to hear the stories of her adventuring days!”

“N~ eventually? It’s scary behind Ojousama today, so I will stop here.”


Elder brother and Dirk-sama were behind me.

“How do you plan on taking the responsibility were Rosarin start talking about becoming an adventurer after hearing the stories about them! Arc!”

No, anyone can register once they are seven years of age, so I will register, you know? Probably. It’s not possible at the moment, so I won’t.

“That’s right! What if Rosarin ran away from home!”

How free of a person am I in Dirk-sama’s mind? I wouldn’t cast away my family and Dirk-sama so simply.

“No, I wouldn’t go that far. I love my family, Dirk-sama is here, and I have not the slightest bit of dissatisfaction living a life with my Holy Beast-sama who is my close friend. I have no interest in casting everyone away just for a bit of freedom.”

The two were obviously feeling relieved when I declared such. I’m telling you that I won’t go anywhere.

Now then, the soup is finished. People have already started eating the barbecue that was already done.

The Knights have brought their plates and spoons that were used for camping and lined up to receive their servings.

“U, umm… may I shake your hand?”


Am I an idol or what?

“Eh, ah, yes?”

A handshake is fine… is what I thought, but it wasn’t. It ended up with me too, me too, so Rudolf-san had to end it with a thundering voice.

I somehow managed to serve the food to everyone, but I was totally exhausted.


Once I finished serving the food, I unsteadily got on Dirk-sama’s (healing) lap.

“Ugh~ I’m tired. Dirk~ heal me~”

Just as I climbed to his neck and behaved like a spoiled child, I noticed. That’s because some places of my body were different. The current me is not the three-year-old!

“Rorororo, Rosarin.”

Dirk-sama was biting his tongue too much. Ah crap~ I have done it now. He’s absurdly shaken up.

An unbelievable bashfulness play. Even his neck is red.

“Ah~ sorry. I forgot.”

When I stepped aside, a hand seized me from behind.

“No, it’s fine. Should I Beastify?”

“I’m sorry? I don’t care in particular since I like Dirk either way, but I want to be patted.”

This service is quite good. Even though he usually doesn’t ask.

Ah~ what a bliss. Dirk-sama’s patting is so gentle, I love it.

“Hau~ happiness.”

I snuggled up to Dirk-sama’s neck and rubbed against it. His patting hand stopped for a moment, but he resumed soon. Well, it’s a supreme bliss!

“Hey, that tickles.”

Dirk-sama laughed… oh my, my heart is throbbing. However, I wonder what is going on? He usually doesn’t do that much.

Uhiya, I was rubbed against by Dirk-sama.

“Heyyy, that is ticklish.”



A nearby Knight let out a roar.

“Uoo, Dirk! How enviable!! You, if you want to flirt, do it somewhere where you are alone!!”

The other Knights nodded.

Ayaya, I am truly sorry about that. I got spoiled by Dirk-sama, so I have completely forgotten about the surroundings as only Dirk-sama was in my eyes.

“He’s usually restraining himself, so it would be meaningless unless he does it right here right now, right?”


He was restraining himself? Is that why he was sticking to me closer than usual?

Crap, my heart is running out of steam! I can tell that my face turned red!

“Are you embarrassed? Cute.”

Even though it’s usually reversed… I seriously can’t breathe in front of this sweet, manly face.

“Dirk, are you perhaps a lolicon?”

A bombshell was dropped in this delicate situation and the surroundings stiffened.

This supernatural airhead was Curtis Blanc. A capture target that would beat Rosalia at her own game in his ending. His nickname is Sillydog. An emotionally attached dog. And an idiot… rather, a musclehead.

“No, he’s not a lolicon if it’s a beauty like this?”

Dirk-sama shook his head at the words of the other Knights.

“I love Rosarin be it her child or adult form, so I don’t think I am a lolicon. I don’t feel anything by looking at other children.”

He gave a serious reply. Ah, yes. I am happy.

“I see~ I shall inform Adele and Hugh.”

I understood that he was requested to ask. Rather, do you even understand what lolicon means? He’s more of an idiot than I thought~ Watching Sillydog leave, I noticed a Great Devil approaching.

“Rosarin? How about having the meal already?”

“Ye, yesss! Niisama, I’m so sorryyy!”

I got teary-eyed under Elder brother’s stare. Frightened so much I dispelled the magic and got dragged away in my three years old form.

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