Chapter 40

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A progress report and adventurer debut.
Everyone hello, it’s Rosarin Rosenberg. Three years have passed since then. The seasons circulated and it’s winter now. It’s my birthday today.

As for what has been going on with me, I have become a pupil of a magician called the Sage. Although I say that, I am an uninvited pupil, so I get to learn magic in exchange for doing housework for Sage-sama who is completely hopeless when it comes to the practical side of daily life. Sage-sama is a gentleman with the appearances of a handsome young man and interior of an old grandpa. His wife frequently scolds him for being useless, but it was this Jiisama that made the Ring of the Warrior Maiden. He is an expert when it comes to magic.

‘I am a cheat because I am Jiisama’s pupil☆’ is how I generally deceive others. Jiisama complains about that, but I always silence him with snacks. He’s very easy to deal with Jiisama.

Regarding the case of Dirk-sama’s serious injury, it was solved by pairing him with the Sillydog Curtis Blanc.

Curtis… Sillydog is fine… is the possessor of a Revelation called Super Intuition, so he’s very likely to avoid danger when he senses it. In a case he feels danger, it’s highly likely that something outrageous is going to happen… for example, a simple bandit subjugation would turn out to be a trap, boulders would start falling from above, suddenly getting surrounded by enemies, or the people at the top judged it to be an easy mission and send only a few people… it might have gotten dangerous if I haven’t contacted the Sillydog beforehand.

Additionally, if that fellow feels danger near, there’s most likely a trap. It’s a convenient skill that is always at the top of the Revelations rankings that adventures desire.

Ah, I have thoroughly tamed Sillydog. I happened to pacify the hunger of the Sillydog who begged for my snacks while I had business to take care of at the Knights Order… he became attached to me. The Sillydog who was completely taken in by the flavors frequently pesters me for snacks.

Well, I have him take care of Dirk-sama, tell me what Dirk-sama was doing at the Knights Order, have him inform me regarding the harassment of Beastmen, and report to me and cooperate when he feels danger from upcoming missions… it’s a splendid give-and-take relationship.

Recently, I am loved by Dirk-sama~ it’s becoming his favorite phrase lately. It’s a fact so I won’t deny it though.

The biggest change would be my remarkable Elder brother. Elder brother unexpectedly registered as an adventurer. Moreover, he has learned to fight from Arc before I realized, and completely joined the outdoor faction.

He has been recently strolling through the forest alone to pick and cultivate unusual plants. His enthusiasm for plants didn’t change, and his adventurer rank has considerably improved while still attending the school.

In this country, elementary school is generally from seven to twelve years of age, junior high from thirteen to fifteen, and senior high school from sixteen to eighteen. Fundamentally, commoners stop at the elementary or stay uneducated. Junior and senior high is for the nobility only. Many girls also marry at fourteen, so they leave school during the term.

Elder brother is attending the elementary section of the Royal Sylvester Magic Academy. It’s a private school for nobles. I am currently worrying whether to enroll there as well or go to the royal magic school for masses in the spring. By the way, Rosalia has graduated from a different school for young ladies in the game. Rosalia has mastered everything related to etiquette, so there wouldn’t be any meaning in going there.

As for Mother, her sickly constitution has completely vanished. At present, she’s managing the Duke’s territory on her own, and spreading the love story of Dirk-sama and I during the tea parties.

The other day when I was at the castle, Her Majesty told me that she will support me with tears in her eyes. Ah gee, what are you doing, Mother? I can’t help but fear how far the story has spread.

But, thanks to that, the oppression towards Dirk-sama at the evening parties has been considerably lifted. One must not antagonize the madams.

Father settled down as a civil official and he supports Elder brother and me here and there, but he felt relieved when a person that could succeed him was found at last.



Now then, I am seven today! I can finally register as an adventurer, so I have turned up at the Adventurer’s Guild! My escort is Arc. Elder brother is at school, Dirk-sama is at work.

“Welcome, what can I help you with?”

A sexy huge-breasted older sister with a mole under her eye, Shelly-san, greeted us at the counter. Her boobs look wonderful today as well. So envious. She’s a fluffy, honey-blonde beauty.

We have already met several times before, so we know each other by face.

“Oh my, Rosarin-chan. Have you come to register today? Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you very much, Sherry-san. Your boobs look wonderful today as well.”

Thud, Arc hit my head.

“Don’t sexually harass her so naturally”

“Ugh… Arc, that hurt. Sherry-san, please help me register~”

Sherry-san dealt with me while giggling.

“Yes, then drip your blood on this, okay?”

I pricked my finger with a needle and dripped one drop of blood on a stone. The stone shined, and the light changed into a card.

“Here, you are registered. The reissue will cost you money, so make sure not to lose it, okay?”


I put the card in the neck case which I got from Manya last year.

The recent birthday presents were goods of the adventuring series, so I seem to be able to go on a trip anytime.

“Then, do you want to go for a hunt?”



I have registered at last. I want to do it by all means. Picking a low-rank subjugation request, we left the town at once.



We went too far.

My fellow traveler was Arc too, and testing the Ring of the Warrior Maiden and Circlet of Wisdom was a bad choice.

We hunted too much.

We have already collected endless amounts of materials, but there’s no end to it. There is still a mountain of monster carcasses before me.

We found it troublesome in the end, so Arc has put the carcasses into a storage bag as they were and had them dismantled by other adventurers at the guild, which also brought trouble. Sherry-san had a cramp. I am sorry.

My rank has raised from E to D with my first job.

By the way, the highest rank in the guild is SSS, and there’s currently only one person who has it.

The ranks go from E→D→C→B→A→S→SS, and Elder brother is currently a C-rank. Unless a special case, one can not become C-rank before the age of ten even if they accumulate enough points.

According to Arc, Elder brother’s ability is that of a B-rank.

“However, what a capable Missy you are.”

The uncles who were at a loss of words from the mountain of monster carcasses friendly spoke to me.

“How old are you, Missy? Shouldn’t you have registered earlier with such a skill?”

“I have turned seven today.”

The surroundings froze in place. Ahahaha, you didn’t see this coming, right~ I am not using magic, but my current appearances are at least that of a ten-year-old.

Because of the ingredients Martha brings, I, Elder brother, Kou… and even Dirk-sama have gotten bigger. Elder brother is also a head taller than his classmates, and I am also 140cm tall. My breasts are Rin-sized. I have expectations for my growth from here on out.

Dirk-sama is… about 180cm tall. Which is apparently normal for Beastmen. He has become manly and looks very cool.

“Haah~ you are an outrageous one, Missy.”

Arc replied with a bitter smile.

“That’s because she’s my Older Sis’ master.”

The surroundings froze in place once again. Wait, Arc. I certainly ask her to do many things for me, but Martha’s master is Father.

And then, the surroundings started making a fuss.

“Whaaaaat!? She’s Lord of Older Sis Red Devil!?”

Wait, I am telling you… Arc, you too! Her lord is Father! It’s not me!!

“You are mista-…”That being the case, if you do something mean to our master… you will regret being alive.”

“The thing that is most scary is that you weren’t concrete!!”

“… That was a message from Older Sis. Make sure to let the entire guild know, alright? Newbies will be tolerated more or less, but that is based on Older Sis’ standard of more or less, so it can be considered a matter of life and death.”

The adventurers nodded their heads arbitrary. They are completely frightened.

“Well, there won’t be any fools left after getting threatened like this. Ojousama, say something too.”

“… I will, if I have a chance to.”

“How wise.”

I don’t know what Martha will do, so I can’t be careless. Thus, my adventurer debut has come to an end.

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