Chapter 315

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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If frontal attack doesn’t work, you have to use underhanded tricks.
While we were playing with the Director, our talented people were gathering information. I’m honestly sorry to them… it was fun.

I asked Kurarin if he could gather some information too. Kurarin is retired now, but he has no relatives, so he sleeps at the Magic Institute. He eats three meals a day in the cafeteria. He is like a mascot, so no one cares about him. He has a completely free pass inside the Magic Institute, though. Then, I thought, he might be some useful information…

“Kurarin doesn’t know any complicated stories.”

“I see~”

Well, Kurarin is a senile, so I didn’t have any high hopes for him.

“Oh, have lunch with us, Kurarin. There’s rice and miso soup.”

“Miso soup………”

Kurarin sipped his soup while blowing on it. Oh, how peaceful… the moment I thought so… an incident occurred.

“You have my gratitude.”

“Who might you be!?”

Kurarin had, Kurarin had become a samurai!? Eh!? The healer-type grandpa has changed his class into an imposing warrior!?

“… I understand that you might be confused, Rosarin-dono. However, the time I have left to remain sane is too short. I will tell you everything I know.”

Kurarin… Kuranosuke-san gave me the information I needed to know, including who was suspicious.

“T, thank you very much.”

“No, it’s my thanks for the miso soup. It was a nostalgic flavor of my birthplace… delicious.”

“I will make it again.”

“Yes, thank you. I apologize for the trouble Kurarin has caused you. Know he doesn’t mean any harm.”

“I don’t mind.”

Kuranosuke-san went back to Kurarin after a while. My brother told me that sometimes he becomes Kuranosuke-san to help others. Is he actually a fool… or? It is not a curse, I think. It’s a mystery.

Now, as for the cause of the curse, it seems to be in the cafeteria after all. Ordo was following the first researcher, and he went crazy after lunch.

I ordered a meal to try… but it was just regular spaghetti. The meat sauce was yummy. Oh, come to think of it, I have to take that……………








If only we could figure out the cause of the curse, we’d be all set. Based on that, we could figure out who the culprit was… And we have a candidate! I know who did it! But the doer is a slave, so there is definitely someone who is directing him. But he also disguises himself perfectly. Since that’s the case, we have to use subterfuge.



“I have done a lot of research, but I haven’t figured it out, so tell me who did it.”

“Mu… muu.”

“You and I get along pretty well, don’t we, Judas-sama!”

I was in the castle of Wolfanea after teleporting there. I didn’t want to bring the “What kind of relationship do the two of us have” here, but I had no choice. I’m sure Judas-sama knows who’s behind all this!


“… I will tell you, but… can you save him? No, I will give you anything I have! Just save him, please!”

He prostrated before me. I feel that recently, it’s all about getting down on my knees myself, or people get down on knees before me.

“… Let me make the judgement after hearing what you have to say.”

The culprit was Judas-sama’s foster brother, who swore loyalty to him. He was a serious man and a truly trustworthy partner. But since he got into the Magic Institute, he was completely unreachable… and if he gets exposed, there is a high possibility that he will be executed. And he is apparently a master of disguise to such a degree that even Judas-sama himself can’t recognize him.

“Is there a way to see through his disguise?”

“… Starling him… I guess. Or when he feels his life is in danger, it melts.”


However, it would be better not to decide this matter at my sole discretion. I kidna… summoned the black-and-white princes…

“Long time no see, Judas-dono!”

“… It hasn’t been that long.”

Aldin-sama got teary-eyed at Alphage-sama’s comment. Well… it’s been less than two months. Alphage-sama was right.

“Sorry. I have a favor to ask.”

Judas-sama bowed deeply and explained the situation to the black-and-white princes.
Aldin-sama looked at Alphage-sama with a smile on his face like a chihuahua in a TV commercial. Alphage-sama sighed.

“I’d tell you to clean up your own mess… but I can’t let you go to the Magic Institute when Evil is involved. It can’t be helped.”

“Aniue! I love you!”

“As expected of my best buddy! What a decisive judgement!”

Alphage-sama was flustered, as the two of us clung to each of his side.

“Hey now… stop! Aldin aside, since when I was your best buddy, Miss Rosarin!?”

Aldin-sama was on the left arm. I was hugging his right arm, and as we looked at each other, we both tilted our heads.

“Since a while ago.”


Aldin-sama obediently agreed with me.

“Aldin and Miss Rosarin are way closer!”

We are close. We are classmates, and we play together a lot.

“”We are certainly good friends.””

But it’s not a rule that you can only have one best friend. Aldin-sama added.

“But to Rosarin, you are someone who she can honestly rely on, so you are a special friend… in other words, her best buddy, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I agreed with Aldin-sama and smiled. There is no element of denial. Alphage-sama is an important and special friend whom I can honestly rely on… in other words, my best friend.

“A, ny, how! W, we have to go to the Magic Institute now, right!”


“… You guys are so harmonious. It’s very pleasant.”

“Don’t bring that up again, please!!”

Alphage-sama, who had shifted from a black belly to a tsundere, turned red and shouted. He’s so shy (lol).

At any rate, well… now the actors are all here. How shall we cook them?

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