Chapter 314

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Genius or fool?
Unknown’s PoV
Our plan was going too well, there were no obstacles. There were numerous collaborators. It seemed that Christia was not the hard boulder we thought and could easily be taken over if we just gave it enough time. Yes, things were really going well.



But over the past year, the situation has changed drastically. No, the situation has been completely turned upside down.



The nobles who had cooperated with Wolfanea were disgraced, and the infiltrators of the Order were also uprooted and captured. Yes, it really was uprooted. We expected that some may have remained, but they were all captured.
As a result, I am completely isolated, and I don’t even know what’s going on in Wolfanea right now.

The Magic Institute is the heart of Christia’s technology… it is very difficult to leak information without exposing oneself, so the communication was severely restricted. The knights and nobles who act as liaisons have been caught, and I myself could be marked, so I can’t do anything rash. On the surface, I blended in as usual, but inwardly I was impatient.

And the name of the person who created this situation was Rosarin Rosenberg. To my horror, she was a little girl, only seven years of age. She was taller than her age suggested, slender and lovely in appearance. In a few years, she will be so beautiful that there will have no shortage of suitors.
The trouble is, she was a disciple of that Sage. She was the only disciple that the Sage of Christia, who has never taken a disciple before, has accepted… which means that she excelled in magic just like him.

I went to the 1st Development lab on an errand to see what the hell they were up to…

“Not like that, Kurarin! Do it more cutely! Be graceful!”

“Kurarin is crying… even though he’s an old man…”



What the hell are they doing?




I don’t understand what they are up to. Rosarin Rosenberg was teaching something to a foolish old man. I stiffened at the incomprehensible scene. What’s more, the old man was dressed as a woman. What do they want to do?

“… What is going on over there?”

When I spoke to the 1st Development lab Chief, he smiled wryly.

“Ah, they are doing a trap for the Director’s challenge.”

“… That has nothing to do with Gramps, right?”

“…… Yeah.”

This guy didn’t want to get involved. However, this Rosarin Rosenberg is too inexplicable.

And so, the next day. She had really trapped the Director. Moreover, she was on her knees apologizing to the Director after having trapped him herself. Just what is she doing? As for the Director, his butt was showing, what kind of a grotesque trap did she set up for him? She didn’t seem to be suspecting the Director. I seriously don’t understand. But it is terrifying because it is inexplicable.

Furthermore, that Director calls her “Devil child,” and he gets down on his knees every time he sees her. What kind of devil is she to traumatize the Director, whose mentality seems to be that of steel… or perhaps orichalcum, in just half a day?
Don’t tell me they left the cursed people alone and played around with the Director trying out traps on him? I can only think she’s crazy.

I am very concerned about Rosarin Rosenberg’s presence and should be vigilant. But I’m just doing my job. If she gets in the way, I will get rid of her. I have to be more careful than ever.

(That’s right, good thinking. My faithful servant.)

I thought I heard the voice of my Lord in Wolfanea.



Yes, everything for the sake of Wolfanea… for my Lord.

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