Chapter 313.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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On the other side of the suffering, execution stage.
“Ah, crap. It looks like he’s going to get away with Acceleration.”

I heard Leighton-san’s voice and confirmed the Director’s position. I wondered whether I should activate other traps, but as I had expected, the Director escaped into the trap room. Incidentally, Shaka-kun (a male golem with only an upper body) was scheduled to appear if he went straight ahead.


As such, many Edamame Machine Guns and Balsam Rifles in the trap room that got illuminated in response to the ring’s magic tool had…

“Niisama, aren’t there too many!?”

Looking carefully, aren’t they on the ceiling, too! This room was completely left to my brother, so it’s my first time seeing them. And aren’t there the vegetable warriors as well!?

“I did my best!”

“You did too well!!”

“That being the case, mow him down!!”

At my brother’s signal, the plants started shooting at once. Moreover, since the timing was delicately staggered, the opponent had no choice but to proceed while maintaining his barriers. It would have been faster to go out the rear door, but the Director, perhaps not liking the golem army that had just seen, made the decision to go to the next room while maintaining the barrier.
Incidentally, the vegetable warriors were in charge of punishing the Director if he had damaged the plants, so they did not follow him in. The later Director said that it was probably because he had broken Niisama’s potted plant before and received full force payback.

“… It’s all defense, and it looks like it drains a lot of magic power.”

I don’t have the hobby of torturing people who are out of magic power. Just as I was wondering if I should end it since his magic power was about to run out, the Director reached that room.



He shone in a dazzling spotlight.


“Happiness☆Giddy☆Miracle Charge☆Magical Girl, Kuranosuke☆Please call me Kurarin☆”

The mini-skirted knee-high magical old man in a sailor suit-like outfit posed lightly.

“Perfect!! That was perfect, Kurarin!!”

I stood up and applauded. I gave a generous compliment to Comrade Kurarin.

“Thank you~ Rosarin!”

Kurarin smiled proudly. By the way, I think the people around me are getting a bit thin. My brother was smiling. Jend and Ernst were going to retrieve the golems because it would cause a big commotion if they were discovered. They are going to play on the trampoline afterwards.

The Director was shivering on the ground. It’s working! He hasn’t noticed the slightest sign of the ceiling.


5 minutes later.


…… I think it’s about time he realizes.

“Kurarin, tell him about the trouble at the ceiling.”

“Roger~ Rosarin!”

Tap, tap, tap, Kurarin ran over to the Director.


He called out to him, but the Director didn’t notice him at first. Then, he finally responded to Kurarin’s persistent pestering.


“Above, above.”


Kurarin pointed upward, and the Director looked up. I think he shouted out the vulgar F, but maybe I was imagining it. His eyes widened and he screamed, but as expected of the Director of the Magic Institute. He decided to escape to the plant room.

I was sure that if he went to the plant room, he would be empty out his magic power, so I asked Kurarin to stop the gimmick on the ceiling.

“Kurarin, please.”
“Okay~ Rosarin!”

Eh, I haven’t said anything yet, have I? That momentary doubt was fatal.










Pushed. Kurarin pushed the Director.

My head couldn’t keep up. Kurarin’s unexpected attack on the Director made me freeze. The Director, who had fallen on his buttocks, slipped heavily on the lubricant flowing from the faces. Both the Director and I were aghast. The Director slipping vigorously.

“You stupid old maaaaan!!”

It quickly transitioned into an ice slide roller coaster.

“Kurarin, I wanted you to stop the gimmick!”

“……… Eh?”

“The Director was about to run out of magic power, so I wanted to end it!”

“………… Kurarin made a mistake. Tehe.”


I shouted at the Tehepero-ing Kurarin. Niisama was laughing out loud. Leighton-san and Lefty-san were still stunned.

“Ah, Rosarin-chan!”
“Geh! Troubles!”




His butt, it came out.


It was a complete accident. Whether the ice had not been sufficiently evened out or had melted… or whether his trousers had been defeated by the friction, it is unclear, but the butt of the Director of the Magic Institute was in full view, as he slid toward the end of the line.

Then, as befitting the finale of an end-of-act finale, there was a grand splash.
The Director had eyes like a dead fish. He didn’t even try to hide his buttocks.
I braced myself and performed the good old Japanese heart, dogeza. Leighton-san and Lefty-san were with me.

“I overdid it. I’m sorry.”

“Ah~ yeah.”

The Director seemed to be sincerely uninterested. His eyes were stagnant… apathetic.

“Directooooor!! Return to uuuuus!?”

In the end, the Director seemed to have been lethargic due to his magic power running out, and he recovered after taking a magic power potion. I emphasized that it was not intentional, but he seemed to really not care. I wondered what was going on with him.
Niisama was laughing, Jend and Ernst seemed to have returned to see the big splash, but they didn’t know what was going on and were tilting their heads.



The next day, I met the Director.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning. Scary devil child…”



Why do you get down on your knees. You are afraid of the devil child… the devil child is me!?



For some reason, after that, the Director would go down on his knees whenever he saw me.

“Thanks to you, the Director started working again.”

My brother’s sunny smile made it clear to me that he was the cause of the problem. Do not make my brother your enemy. You will regret it.
P.S. I was deprived of the right to challenge the Director’s trap challenge. I don’t understand.
Also, Ernst has muscle pains. Be strong.

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