Chapter 268

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Too much tsun and a capable maid.
I left the room where Dirk slept and went into the next room that had been reserved for me.

“I have returned, Ojousama.”

Rabisha-chan was already waiting in the room. She looked as normal as ever, but…

“Are you feeling tired?”

She must have switched from maid to friend mode after hearing my words and started to complain.

“Listen to me, Ojousama! It’s been a tough day!”

Rudolf-san, as we had expected, filled in the outer moat…… No, he exceeded our expectations, and instead of burying the outer moat, he had surrounded it and was determined not to let anyone escape. He greeted Martha’s parents, signed a contract for a new house, had the king prepare a marriage certificate in a hurry, reported the marriage to our family, and they caught him about to submit the marriage certificate in Martha’s absence…

He has managed to round up Martha, Ark and their parents with his sincerity, persuasion and threats. Martha will be spending tonight with Rudolf-san, as he has misled her.

“She had a bigger outburst than I imagined… it was hard to clear up the misunderstanding again…”


I heard that it was very difficult for her to be in love with him. As I predicted, Martha came back while Rudolf-san was asleep, not after he woke up… which shocked him. In the end, Martha didn’t even say those words to him. She was in a sweet mood and was flirting with him… no, he was flirting with her. No, don’t think… feel! I mean, don’t read the air… no! Words are more important!

As a result, Rudolf-san mistakenly thought that Martha just wanted a child and didn’t care about him. Even so, Rudolf-san, who loves Martha, has gone berserk.

“Oh myyy, Ojousama I wanted you to listen to this.”


“Martha-san said something like, ‘I will marry you, but only after I talk it through with Ojousama’.”

Martha!! Maybe she remembered that I had told her that I would arrange a nice wedding dress with my Okaasama, so she wanted to say that we needed to discuss the schedule for the dress to be finished. Probably!

“I’m short on words…”

This makes it sound like I’m more important to you than Rudolf-san, though!

“Right!? And then, Rudolf-san asked, ‘Me or the miss, who’s more important!?’”


“She said you, Ojousama.”


“W, why!?”

“Martha-san seemed to be somewhat unable to be honest with Rudolf-san, as if she was seriously cursed. After that, she made a series of unusual plays, and I saw a grown man seriously cry for the first time. Rudolf-san, who doesn’t know what’s going on inside Martha-san’s head, was already in tatters, and Ark-san, Master and Madam all had somber expressions on their faces.”


This is the reason why she still haven’t gotten married… Rudolf-san is not the type to guess much, so I can only say that they are incompatible.

“So I made a proposal!”

Rabisha-chan puffed out her chest. She had a tendency to say horrible things when she opened her mouth, so she spat out, “Then why don’t you just not talk?”

“Martha-san, Martha-san, I will feel sorry for Rudolf-san if it continues like this. Nod your head if you agree. If you don’t, please answer by shaking your head.”

“… Eh?”


Martha was apparently puzzled, but she complied.

“Do you want to marry Rudolf-san?”

“……… (Nod).”

“The reason you told Rudolf-san that you had to talk to Ojousama first was because she had promised to make you a wedding dress, and you wanted to wear it on your wedding, right?”

“……… (Nod).”

“Was that so!?”

“……… (Nod).”

Martha agreed, though she looked away. Rudolf-san was thrilled with that, but Rabisha-chan told me she felt sorry for him because his joy threshold was so low.

“Are you interested in any other men besides Rudolf-san?”

“……… (Shake).”

“Ojousama and Rudolf-san are both so important to you that you can’t really choose between them, can you?”

“……… (Nod).”


“You love Rudolf-san, do you?”

Hearing this question, Martha stiffened. However, she nodded clearly with her face turned red.

“……… (Nod), I love you…”

Martha turned red up to her ears, and Rudolf-san took her in his arms with all of the love he had. Good job! Rabisha-chan!

I heard that since they confirmed their intentions, Ark and their parents discussed leaving the marriage license and such for a later date.

“It was a good decision to ask for your support, Rabisha-chan. Good job.”

“Ojousama asked me to help her. What do you think? Am I not a talented maid?

“Yes, super talented. My personal maid is the best of them all.”

I’m not lying, in fact, she’s too good at this. So, I praised her honestly.

“Ehehehehe. I got praised. You’re really good at motivating us, aren’t you, Ojousama?”

“N~? My compliment to you is purely my own opinion. I really mean it. You are very capable and reliable. It’s a fair assessment, okay?”

Rabisha-chan? Your ears are red, you know? Did I say something strange?

“Ojousama, you con-man…”

“Why!? I’m saying you are amazing, okay!? You are a great gatherer of information, and you are always there for me! You are my friend, and I selfishly don’t want you to hate me! You have also shown great growth as a maid. You—”I will get embarrassed if you praise me too much! Come on, let’s get ready for tomorrow! I have brought along some tools to help you curl your hair!”

The red-haired Rabisha-chan diligently applied curlers to my hair and carefully took care of my skin.

Rabisha-chan was a beautiful girl who was very cute. While trying to hide her embarrassment, I checked the outfit she had brought. My personal maid has good taste. My equipment for tomorrow is perfect.

Well, tomorrow is a date! I’m looking forward to it.

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