Chapter 267

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Heaven and Angel.
When the engagement celebration was about to end, Shushu-san secretly approached my Elder brother.

“I would like to thank Rosarin-chan as well, but… do you have any ideas?”

“Something that would make Rosarin happy…?”

“…… Fumu. Rosarin-chan!”

I didn’t hear what my Elder brother said. But when Shushu-san called me to come closer, I was hugged by a golden fluff.

“You love mofumofu right? Fluff me as you please!”


I do love fluffy things! But my promise to Dirk… I looked at Dirk and he nodded reluctantly. I have his permission! Roar! Goldenfinger!!

“Funyaa… purrpurr.”

The Golden Lion, Shushu-san, has completely turned into a cat. Holy Beast-sama was fluffy and smelled like the sun, but Shushu-san was smooth fluffy, and smelled like sweet flowers. Beastmen don’t like perfume, but they do like the soft scent of sachets.
I’m crazy about this soft and fluffy animal that smelled so good and even had magnificent paw pads.

“Fumu, do you like the fur of Beastmen?”

Even Oscar-san joined in. It was a fluffy sandwich! What bliss… I’ll even give you a massage as a service! While I was enjoying the fluffiness of the Golden Lion and his daughter, even Geraldin-san the Wolf joined in the service. His fur wasn’t in the greatest shape, so I gave him a good brushing and massage.

So there was a heaven over here! Mofumofu is the best!! While I was entranced, I heard as mall, reserved voice.

“N, nya~n…”




That black fur of his stood against the golden fluff…

The kitten-sized Dirk-sama posed as if showing off his cuteness. He nyaned as if saying “Don’t cheat on me with others and only look at me”

“… I don’t know what to say about you, Rosarin-chan.”

Elder brother and Kanata-san were looking at me like I was a poor thing. So Dirk was getting jealous, I see. Sheesh, you are so cute!


I wobbly reached for Dirk, and he jumped into my modest chest.



Dirk started licking me as if finding it strange that I didn’t pet him right away.

“A, are you angry? I told you it’s fine, but I got quickly jealous and got in your way…”


Me? What for? At Dirk? No way. I…

“Yeah. Normally, you would hug me tightly or pat my head… Ro, Rosarin…”

“Fufu… fufufufuu.”

Dirk seemed to have noticed my condition. My eyes must have turned into heart eyes if we were in a manga! He was so cute that I froze!

“Dirk, you are sho kyutee~!!”



“Rosarin, calm down! Your eyes are scary!”


I entered berserk mode! Super high tension!

“… I think the sleeping beast, Rosarin, has awoken.”

“Indeed. Rosarin, the Raging Dragon, is the Only Lonely Carnival… Shushu, let’s go. Father-in-law, you are still recovering, so please get some sleep as well.”

“Eh? Wait!? Why do I feel there are two Rosarins!?”


“”Do your best.””

My Elder brother and others quickly abandoned Dirk.

“It cannot be helped. You want to be taken care of too, right? Rosarin also seems happy…”

“Kanata… Kanata, you got jealous too!? Did you get jealous!? F, for me!? You got jealous because of me, right!! You got jealous because of me, right!!”

“Why are you acting so desperate. Well, of course I got jealous. No matter that both of you are girls, you get along just too well.”


“She awakened.”
“She snapped, indeed.”

“Eh!? Gyaaah!? You! Put me down! Stop holding me in princess carry!!”

The sound of Kanata-san’s demise echoed through the air. Andre-san, I’m not sure if you are praying or what? Shushu-san swiftly took Kanata-san into her arms like a princess and run away.

“I want at least three grandchildren.”

“… I hope your wish comes true.”

Oscar-san looked excited. My Elder brother smiled wryly.

“I’m going to the guest room to flirt with Dirk as much as I can!”


Everyone saw us off, and we moved to the guest room.




“Ro, Rosarin…”

“Don’t be scared, Little Kitty… I will only make you feel good… ufu, ufufufu……”

“I can only feel scared!”

A scaredy-cat Dirk is also adorable. Rather, all would be good if he undid his complete Beastification, but his head doesn’t seem to be working correctly at the moment. I took off his upper body clothes, fluffed his head, neck and back, and then rubbed his belly. Then, the limbs and buttocks… While I was fluffing his body, I suddenly became curious and touched his chest.


Perhaps it was because I touched a nipple hidden in the fur, but Dirk’s tail flicked up.

“Dirk… I heard that cats have a different number of nipples depending on the individual. How many do you have? Or does the number remain the same when you Beastify?”

“……… I never counted. Rather, I didn’t know that.”

“Then, let’s have a look!”

“Miyaaaa!? Nooo!! That tickles… hey! S, stop bullying me!”

As it turned out, there was no increase. Dirk was dying as a result of his abdomen being tickled and touched.


“I’m satisfied. Thank you, Dirk.”

“………… Is that so.”

“That being the case, shall we play!”

I’ve always wanted to do that! Playing cat games with Dirk the Kitten! I’ll show you my kitten-handling skills!


“Here, here, over here!”

“Nya! Nyanya!”

“Too bad, here, here.”


Too cute! Dirk the Kitten chasing after the cat toy with great excitement was too cute! While agonizing inwardly, I played with Dirk until he ran out of energy and fell asleep. No, his size was smaller than usual, so it was easier to play with him than usual. He was rolling around with a lot of energy, excitedly fumbling with the cat toy… There was an angel here!

I really wanted to snuggle with him, but I had to get ready for tomorrow, so I put a blanket over Dirk and tearfully went to the other room. I had to hear a report from Rabisha-chan, after all.

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