Chapter 266.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Engagement celebrations and soul food.
After a while, we came back. Yes, we had made it.

Round and perfectly formed… I tried it and it tasted great. Yes, the prided soul food of Kansai!


The gift for Kanata-san was a takoyaki pan magic tool. I tried to make takoyaki by myself, but I was not satisfied with the result. But now! Thanks to Kanata-san, we were able to make the best takoyaki ever!

“Is this takoyaki?”

Dirk seemed to recognize it because he had tasted it several times before.

“Yeah! But the ones I had made so far were unfinished… this is the true takoyaki I sought all this time!!”

“……… Is that so?”

Dirk gave me a wry smile. I wanted to eat it, takoyaki! And I wanted Dirk to have some too!

“Fu~ fu~ Dirk, say ahh~”

“Eh!? No, I can eat it myself, okay!”

“… Ahh~… eat up, Dirk. I want to feed it to you.”

“……………… Kuh… why are you so cute… a, ahh~”

I don’t understand Dirk’s sensibility very well. Is it that? Is it some kind of pair mate compensation? I don’t think there’s anything cute about a little girl who force-feeds you.



All my hard work was not in vain. It was worth the effort to develop takoyaki sauce and red pickled ginger… green laver… and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes)… and all the other necessities for takoyaki!

“Shushu, is it good?”

“Wamuham… dewish!”

“I see, I’m glad.”

Kanata-san was like a mother watching over her child. Shushu-san was… happy, and that’s all matters, I guess.

“Wamuhamham… nuooh!?”

It appears that Geraldin-san took a hit.



Writhed Geraldin-san.

“…… What did you put in?”

“Lots of a habanero-like, extremely hot sauce☆”

Tehepero☆ I winked.

“Russian roulette takoyaki, huh… that’s honestly good!”

“As expected of you! Niisan!”

“… Since when did my little sister become Kanata-san’s little sister?”

My real elder brother seemed dissatisfied. Nono, I’m just going with the flow.

“Things will be solved if you become my little brother, too!”

“How did it turn out like this!?”

My Elder brother’s hair was rustled by Kanata-san. However, Kanata-san had no ill intentions, so it seemed he had difficulty rejecting and did not resist much.

“What a good idea! Kanata-san! No, Kanata Niisama!”


My Elder brother was shocked. They get along rather well anyway. Let’s make some non-geek friends, okay! Kanata-san is a good fella, you know!

“In that case, I’m the elder sister!”

“Yay~ Shushu Neesama~”

“My little sister!!”

Hish! We hugged each other. My Elder brother was completely unable to keep up.

“If that’s the case, I’m the Father!”


Oscar-san easily picked me up with his left arm and Shushu-san with his right. He’s so strong!

“I, I don’t understand what’s happening anymore…”

And my brother was still not able to keep up with the raging development. However, he seemed to understand that Kanata-san was not a bad person, so we had a rather calm conversation.

By the way, the pseudo-family game continued until my Elder brother snapped.

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