Chapter 266.1

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Engagement celebrations and soul food.
We were celebrating Oscar-san’s recovery & Shushu-san’s engagement. We were invited, so me, Dirk and my Elder brother joined them. I decided to cook for the celebration! So I made food. I put my heart and soul into it. It turned out delicious. I tasted it and it was very good.


“… Yes.”

“What did you put into it?”

“… The steak is from Hundredth Million Buffalo, but the rest of the ingredients were pretty standard.”

“………….. Any charm words?”

“I did wish it would taste graet… waaah, Dirk! Niisama is bullying me!”

“Ah~ yeah. There, there. You meant no harm, right? You just wanted to make a delicious meal, right?”

“…… Why is it sparkling?”

Finally, he tsukkomi’d the part that should not be said.

“It’s Shiva’s fault! It’s because of Shiva’s Revelation!”

The delicious steamy rice dishes were physically glistening. The ingredients were normal!
The brave Dirk ate the shining rice.


Light came out of his eyes and mouth. Seemingly decided that it was harmless, everyone started eating it, too. Getting used to something is scary, isn’t it? No one cared about the light coming out of their eyes and mouths anymore. I wonder if this is okay…

“Shushu-san, this is an engagement gift from me.”

A gold long sword with a rose design. It was an item made in Shushu-san image. A slender sword inspired by Shushu-san’s fighting style, bestowed with Light and Holy attributes. It was based on Shushu-san’s favorite sword.

“This is…”

Shushu-san’s eyes sparkled. She seemed to like it.

“It’s name is Clear Light. I made it especially for you, Shushu-san. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Shushu-san swung the Clear Light a few times.

“I love it. I will take good care of it.”

She immediately exchanged it for her beloved sword, which she wore on her waist. I’m glad, Shushu-san seemed delighted.

“I’m happy for you, Shushu.”

“There’s something for you too, Kanata-san, congratulations.”

I gently handed him cufflinks. The cufflinks had a drop-shaped blue stone on them.


“It’s an accessory matching Shushu-san, it can invalidate all abnormal effects.”

“Ohh… you’ve brought out another incredible one.”

“Isn’t that the one the Free Wind guys said they didn’t know if they could afford for the rest of their lives? Lord.”


The Hero, who was a childhood friend of Oscar-san’s, dropped a bomb. Shushu-san and Kanata-san froze.


“Please give me a gift that I might be able to return!”

“… Well, Lord’s weapon probably costs a fortune too, ya know? I can’t even fathom the estimated price.”

“Geraldin-san, pause! There’s your favorite steak over there!”

“Muh! I’m off!”

Even though Geraldin-san, the hindrance was gone, Kanata-san seemed to have a complaint.

“… I will be requiring your assistance with the Evil in the future, Kanata-san, Shushu-san. This is an insurance policy for that, an upfront investment if you will.”

“I will fight whatever stands against you, Rosarin-chan!”

“… Right. We have matching interests, so it’s for Shushu’s sake, too. Thanks.”

Shushu-san wore a big smile, and Kanata-san chuckled as he put on the matching cufflinks.

“I also have a personal gift for you, Kanata-san.”


“Open it!”

I took out another present from the gift box. It’s time for my ambition to come true!

“This is………!”


“No need to speak, leave it to me!”

Kanata-san and I broke into a run. To our destination!!


The fiancé/es shouted, but we didn’t stop! Let’s go!

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