Chapter 265

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Oscar-san, the handsome uncle, was totally lively. He wanted to apologize to Kanata-san for the poor way he had treated him, so he came back to Shushu-san’s main house.

“Teleport magic is indeed convenient.”

I did my best to stop Oscar-san, who was faster than a horse, because he tried to run even though he was still recovering. It was hard work. He was slender, but he was also strong. Contrary to his androgynous appearance, he seems to be more of a muscle-brained on the inside.

“Oh, welcome back, Shushu………”

Kanata-san freezed.

“Eh!? Are you all right!? Ah, but your complexion looks good! Why all of a sudden… so it’s Rosarin-chan!?”

Yes, it’s certainly me? I’m not sure why he looks convinced of something.

“I’m happy that your ass wasn’t assaulted, Kanata-san!”

“Hah!? What are you talking about!?”

“Kanata… the Men-destroying Ruins is a terrifying place. I’m glad your butt is safe…!”

“Eh? Wha-what? Why my butt??”

“Anyhow, let’s leave the butt-talk for later.”


No, I know it started from me, but it doesn’t really matter. Oscar-san spoke to Kanata-san.

“Kanata Thono.”


“I will allow you to marry my daughter. I apologize for everything.”

“……… Pardon?”

“Let’s just get on with it. You are going to get engaged first, and I will look for a church where you can have the ceremony in the shortest time possible. I’m finally fit enough to work! I’m sure Shushu will have more time to spare. Shushu, discuss with my son-in-law what kind of ceremony you two want to have!”


This father and daughter are so similar~ They are so fresh they could star in a toothpaste commerical~ I was thinking about something super insignificant like that again.

“……… Eh?”

And Kanata-san hasn’t been able to keep up with the super-speedy development.

“My Lord!?”

“Oh, Andre? You must had it hard.”


Oscar-san casually lifted Andre-san high up. He did up and up you go with him. Umm… Andre-san is an adult, you know?

I was just a little jealous, so I’ll ask my father when I get home. I’m sure he’ll do it for me! He’s stronger than you think, and he’s so doting on me, too!

“Wha… My Lord!? Please stop it!”

“Hahaha. You got embarrassed. Even though you enjoyed it so much in the past.”

“I did enjoy in the past, but! You always and always… but, My Lord… My Lord was… ugh… fuueeh.”

Oof, Andre-san burst out in tears!?

“Andre was an orphan. And my Father picked him up. Andre wanted to help my Father, so he became my attendant. He used to run around in his spare time to help my Father get better.”

“Is that so?”

I was almost moved to tears when I saw Andre-san, who usually looked like a dead fish who had given up on life, sobbing. I did a good job, didn’t I!

Oscar-san seems to be a very popular person, and everyone in the house was crying in happiness. Andre-san, who was released, was mumbling something.

“However, how did you suddenly get better……”

Andre-san and I met eyes.

“So it was Rosarin-sama! Thank you so much for saving My Lord!”

When I looked at him, he made up his mind. Why? It’s the right answer, though.

“Thank you so, so much! Thank you very much for saving My Lord’s life!!”

No, I didn’t do anything great… umm, the other servants… umm……… please stop looking at me with sparkling eyes.

“Thank you very much!”

“Yeah… how can we ever thank you…”

Even the servants around started thanking me.

“No, I didn’t do anything special.”

“My Father’s illness couldn’t be cured by any famed physician. You were the only one who managed to cure him, Rosarin-chan.”

“Umu! Moreover, she was the one who relieved our family’s sorrow! Please do not show any disrespect to her as an important guest!”


After that, I was treated very politely. And I earnestly begged them to treat me normal.

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