Chapter 264.2

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Promise of the Future
“You are cute when shy, too.”

Noooo!? I was kissed on the cheek! Thank you for the meal! It was delicious!

“B, by that you mean…”

“Hm? The fact that you can be happy for someone else’s happiness so naturally, and the fact that you can act for someone else’s sake without considering your own gains or losses.”

“I do have a little bit of gains and losses in my calculations.”

“Just a little bit, though, right?”

Dirk giggled softly. W, what a hunk!

“You have those qualities as well! I love your kind self!”

“A… ugh… thank you.”

He seemed to be embarrassed as he looked away with his hand over his mouth. This is a habit that Dirk-sama also used to do. It’s too cute to be true.

“You are cute when shy, too.”

“……… Is this a payback?”

“No, I mean it. It makes me happy when you are flustered by my words.”

“… It feels weird knowing exactly how you feel.”



While we were clinging to each other, the door opened wide.

“…… Sorry for bothering you.”

Shushu-san tried to retreat.

“Nono, it’s fine! Have you finished talking?”

“Umu. Kanata and I will be officially engaged in just a few days, and we decided to hold the marriage in a couple of months!”

Shouldn’t you discuss this with Kanata-san first, though? Kanata-san, do your best.

“I see. By the way, is your father ill?”

“We don’t know the cause. We had many doctors see him, but it was to no avail.”

Shushu-san said sadly. Why didn’t you just say so?

“I will look at him then. I do have some medical knowledge, after all.”



Then I saw a familiar pattern and stiffened.

“How long have you had this bruise?”

“Come to think of it, this bruise appeared at about the same time as my health deteriorated.”


By the way, the symptoms seem to be weakness, fatigue, nausea and auditory hallucinations.

“When did it start?”

“Since about two years ago.”

What a strong mental strength you have… he’s only physically weak. That’s amazing, Shushu-san’s father.

“Umm… I hate to tell you this, but you are possessed by Evil. Your mind doesn’t seem to be polluted, but you have been polluted with auditory hallucinations and insomnia which weakened your strength, so you are definitely polluted physically. If we know the reason, we can treat it! Chita!”


“Can you cure him?”

“N~ I alone won’t be enough. Call for Arisa, too.”

That being the case, Arisa came over as well. We began the treatment immediately.

“Well then, eat up~”

And then, Rosarin’s special herb porridge to revive his failing strength! This is my brother’s recipe! Shushu-san’s father took a cautious bite, perhaps because of the delicate smell.

Shushu-san’s father’s eyes opened wide.


Oy!? There’s light coming out of his mouth!?

“Ro, Rosarin-chan!? Is my father alright!?”

“There’s nothing weird in it! It’s just ordinary herb porridge! I used dried Leviathan for the broth, but that’s used just a tonic at most!”

“A casually outrageous ingredient…”

As soon as the light subsided, Shushu-san’s father chugged the herb porridge. Is it not too hot!?


He demanded a refill! I rushed to bring fried rice and other items that I could make in a jiffy. Shushu-san’s father devoured everything in a flash.

“Father… your fur got all shiny and glossy…”

It’s definitely shiny. I’m not sure if it’s because he was sick or because of the Evil, but his fur looked dried out just a few minutes ago.

“Rosarin, have you spoken your good fortune charm again?”

“…………… I did.”

I seem to have unconsciously given the porridge a cheat.

“Rosarin-chan, My lord!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Shushu-san thanked me over and over again with tears in her eyes.

Oh, well. I don’t care if it was a cheat or a bull crap, as long as it helped my precious friend.

“You are welcome. You have been doing your best all this time, weren’t you, Shushu-san?”

“I’m happy for you, Shushu-san.”

The happy crying could be heard for a while.

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