Chapter 269

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Good night with a kitten.
After Rabisha-can withdrew, I got under the covers to go to sleep and heard a faint scratching sound. I focused my attention on the sound.

Scratch… scratch… nya~n… funya~n……

Recognizing the sound, I quickly got up and vigorously opened the door of the guest room. There, my beloved kitten Dirk had tumbled over. Well, I can’t tell if he’s a panther or a kitten anymore. No, he’s a panther, but looks like a kitten. He wobbled over to my feet and curled up.

I don’t know how to describe my inner feelings. Dirk, have you been following my scent? Were you calling for me with such a cute voice? And then you found me and fell asleep in peace, didn’t you?


C   U   T   E


However, I am on a mission to carry this miracle fluffy angel and sleep with him. If I scream, I might wake him up, and I can’t leave Dirk alone to go running, and I can’t even go outside in the first place because I have curlers in my hair. At the very least, I wanted to roll over to calm this gushing passion…!

“Fumyun… Rozawin… luv you……”


Hahh!! The cutely sleep-talking adorable Dirk was so cute, I somehow managed to input a hidden command (confusion).
Fortunately, my cries didn’t wake Dirk.

I gently picked up Dirk and carried him to bed. Well, I guess I can cast a spell at dawn and carry him next door. I don’t want to show him myself with curlers because it looks a bit dumb.

“Wow… way too cute…”

When I put him down on the bed, he clung tightly to me and wouldn’t let go. The comfortable warmth of the bed made me fall asleep.




In the morning, the front of my eyes was skin-colored. I was surrounded by well-developed muscles. It was an eye candy in the morning. Let’s worship them. Firstly, though, let’s slip out of his arms……………… They were firmly fixed around me. So this is the human seatbelt they talked about!


I tried my best, but I still couldn’t get out.

“No choice…”

I whispered softly in Dirk’s ear.

“Dirk, you pervert…”


The half-asleep Dirk removed his hands. Now’s my chance!!”

“Dirk, turn into a kitten.”


And so, I wanted to take the kitten to the room next door, but…

“Fuya~n… nya~n…”

I couldn’t move because of his sad voice…! What a sorrowful voice! But I can’t let him see me with my dumb curlers, I have to prepare lunch and get ready to go out!

“I will see you later, my beloved Dirk.”



I dropped a kiss on Dirk and went back to my room. In my room, Rabisha-chan and Jash were waiting for me.

“”Good morning, Ojousama.””

“It’s vexing to acknowledge, but Jash has better hair-tying skills than me. Since Ojousama has a date today, which is, in a sense, a championship. Since that’s the case, I will put my feelings aside and so that Ojousama can be perfect and even more beautiful.”


What a capable maid.

“I will do my part to the best of my ability.”

I’m supposed to be going on a date, but it’s like I’m going on a battlefield… oh well.

I got dressed and had my hair and makeup done. That’s it! I’m quite cute today!

“You’re beautiful, Ojousama.”

“Yes, I’m sure Dirk-sama will be very impressed. You are very beautiful, Ojousama.”

“Thank you.”

My hair was curly and half down in a mature hairstyle. I was wearing a dress with a white base and a vivid blue gradation. It was not too girly, but it was sweet, and that’s what Dirk likes. The ribbon accessories also matched the dress, giving it a custom-made look…………… Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a dress like this, right?



“Where did you get this dress?”

“It’s a gift from Dirk-sama. Sometimes, we receive a complete set. Martha and I have been talking lately about how he likes to sneak in a set of things that would suit you, and whether it’s his hobby or something.
“… Oof.”

It seems that he has been paying a tribute without me knowing it. I have to tell him that I don’t want too many dresses.

“If I had to say… to Dirk-sama, Ojousama equals his hobby, no?”


“What yeah! I don’t get it!”

Rabisha-chan was convinced by Jash’s words, but I was not.

“Dirk-sama seems to enjoy thinking about you, talking about you, and being with you, so I’m sure I’m not wrong.”


Being told that by someone else… ugh, makes me happy, but embarrassed!

“Ojousama’s hobby is also Dirk-sama, though.”


My hobby is to love and observe Dirk!

“” Please have a pleasant day, Ojousama.””

After being seen off by the able maid and attendant, I decided to go and have breakfast for now. I’m looking forward to our date today!

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