Chapter 23

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Knight-sama and I.
Dirk-sama is Dirk Barton. He is not a capture target in the game. I will say it again. He is not a capture target.
He is a mob character in the game. However, he had several appearances while going through the events of the two princes and he was also a key character for the other Beastmen capture targets. His setting is that of a very powerful Royal Knight. He was the prince’s guard. 26 years old in the game. A splendid slender man with well-defined muscles. There’s a ten years difference between him and Rosalia. He’s currently 13 years old.

I was fascinated by his troubled smile, was in anguish from his crushed appearances with downhearted ears, and writhed when he was holding back his words while ridiculed by old men.

I, who shouted “Why is he not a capture target!?” was not wrong. It couldn’t be helped that I ended up with a normal ending.

First of all, I should get closer to him. Originally, the reason I requested Father to let me see the practice of Knights was to meet him and to practice my recovery magic. There would be a problem of security in a clinic and I want to gain experience by healing minor injuries first.

If I make friends with him, it also won’t be strange for me to go in and out of the Knights Order.

Also, I expect an effect on the people once we get along.

When I confirmed with Rosalia, she had no objection. She didn’t seem to be aware of the discrimination of Beastmen and rather enjoyed the mofumofu. I got a mofu companion. She really is a good partner.


Now then, now then, as for what I’m doing now, I’m bringing refreshments and searching for Dirk-sama with Holy Beast-sama.

The Great Devil Elder brother has already returned home for his afternoon lessons. With the super excellent intelligence from Martha, I confirmed that Dirk-sama was taking a lunch break right now.

This morning’s work is almost finished. I have received permission from Father to take a break. I wouldn’t make a mistake.

I contacted Holy Beast-sama through Haru and he agreed to cooperate with me because he found my reason amusing.

(There he is.)

Dirk-sama was sitting in the corner of the park as if hiding.

There are no people in the surroundings. This is a chance!

Oh my? Aren’t his ears facing in this direction?

“Dirk-sama, hello.”

Dirk-sama suddenly stood up and looked at me. Why is he so surprised, I wonder? His tail is also pointing straight up.

Holy Beast-sama, what is so funny? What are you laughing about?

Since Dirk-sama whom I have greeted froze in place, I tried to address him again, but a loud grumbling sound escaped from his stomach.

“T, that’s quite a manly stomach sound?”

Holy Beast-sama, have a mercy. You are laughing way too much.

Dirk-sama is teary-eyed with a bright red face, you know? Your stomach will speak up if you are alive. I also think that my choice of words was poor.

Ah, Dirk-sama who finally moved sat on the ground, grasped his knees and hid his face.

“Umm, I have brought refreshments, would you like some?”

This is just right if he’s hungry. I have looked for him with that purpose in the first place.

There’s a large number of sandwiches and tea in the basket Holy Beast-sama carried for me. They are handmade by me. Teriyaki chicken which I highly recommend. Dan gave it his seal of approval. I worked hard since the morning!


I gently took his hand and handed him a sandwich.

“Is there a food you dislike? Something that your race can’t eat, perhaps?”

“… No, there’s none.”

“Then, eat up.”

He ate a mouthful of sandwich… fast! He stuffed his mouth with a second and third one. When I secured Holy Beast-sama’s and my share in panic and started eating, he already finished eating.

Dan cautioned me that “Beastmen eat extremely well!” so the large number of sandwiches I prepared out of worry have all disappeared. Beastmen are amazing.

“That… sorry, I… was too hungry and it was so good, I got too absorbed in eating…”

“I’m glad to hear that. Have you had enough? Take this as well.”

I took out handmade a cookie and tea from the basket.

“T, thank you.”

With his hunger probably appeased, he ate the cookie slowly unlike before.


“It was my first time making this, but I’m glad if it suited your tastes”



(Did thou make it?)

“Yes. Though I had to battle and get used to the cookware over here.”

“U, mmm.”

Dirk-sama addressed me. What is it~? He seems to be quite tense, but what is he scared of?


“Why me?”

“I was impolite yesterday. I made it to apologize, but how was it?”

“It was, delicious.”

“Then, I will make it again tomorrow.”


“Additionally, I also had an ulterior motive. I want to get along well with Dirk-sama.”


“Are you fine with this place and time tomorrow?”

“Eh? Eh?”

“Do you have any other plans, perhaps?”

“I, don’t.”

“Then, let us meet tomorrow again.”

I have just finished eating too, so let’s end the break here. With an empty basket, Holy Beast-sama returned me to Father’s office where we finished the work. Excited about what to make for tomorrow, I asked for Holy Beast-sama cooperation tomorrow as well.

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