Chapter 24

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Let’s get along.
Today, Stupid-dono also returned after Elder brother made him cry. What does he want to do?

Elder brother has afternoon lessons today as well, so he returned home earlier. I was thinking of going there early and waiting, so I got on Holy Beast-sama who came to pick me up.

I intended to come earlier, but Dirk-sama was already waiting there.

“I’m sorry, have I kept you waiting?”

He shook his head with extreme vigor. Won’t your neck snap? Are you all right??

When I was about to take the picnic blanket from the basket, Dirk-sama helped me spread it on the ground.

“Thank you very much.”

“Ah, yes.”

Today’s menu is Onigiri. Highly recommended are the meat filled ones. Dan asked me to teach him how to make it since it’s my work of art I have confidence in.

Today, I have brought plenty of deep-fried food in a lunch box.

I handed the forks and served the plates and we started eating.

As I thought, Dirk-sama eats fast. Today’s dessert is Madeleine.

Holy Beast-sama and I eat at our own paces.


Dirk-sama must like sweets as he ate while savoring the taste. He’s not as nervous as yesterday. This must be indeed the result of delicious food’s greatness.

“… Umm, please tell me your name.”


Who is it, the guy who said that I wouldn’t make a mistake. It’s me! I super left it out!!

You morooon!

I am such an idiooot!!

Covering up my inner roar, I introduced myself with a smile.

“Pardon me. My name is Rosarin Rosenberg. Please call me Rosarin.”


“Yes, Dirk-sama.”

“Umm, please stop the -sama honorifics. Although my House is that of Marquis, I myself isn’t so well-bred, so I don’t know what to say when spoken to so politely.”

“Hmm, I got it. What should I call you then?”

“Just Dirk is fine.”



Cute. The bashful Dirk-sama is cool and cute. As expected of my biggest fetish. Is he an Angel? What a marvel.

“Dirk, can I hug you?”

“… N?”

“Can I hug you?”

“… Yes?”

It was in the form of a question but I got a permission. I will rub against you~


“… That tickles.”

His skin is so smooth. Oh my? Dirk-sama, you don’t dislike it, huh. I will get carried away, you know?

“Dirk, Beastify.”

“That’s fine with me, but are you not scared of me, Rosarin?”

“I am not. The one who is scared is you, no?”

“… Yeah, that’s right.”

In the blink of an eye, Dirk-sama has become a supple Black Panther.

Fu fu fu. You shall get spellbound by my golden finger! I will make your throat purr!

A few minutes later, Dirk-sama’s throat was rumbling loudly.

Hauu, so gracefully smooth and silky… this is a bliss! I will rub against Dirk-sama even more! I’m so happy I wouldn’t mind dying… no, I will live! As if I let anything separate me from this mofumofu!

“You are an odd one Rosarin, aren’t you?”


“People normally find Beastmen sickening.”

“Then, I’m fine not being normal. Dirk is this gentle and lovely after all.”

“As I thought, you really are a strange child, Rosarin.”

Black Panther Dirk-sama tilted his head in puzzlement. But, he seemed to be in a good mood.

“Can we meet tomorrow as well? I will also make lunch.”

“Yesterday’s chicken meat was delicious.”

“I will make it again then.”

Although reluctant to part, the afternoon bell rang. It’s the end of the break.

“See you tomorrow.”

We have exchanged a promise. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

(It seems that thou have gotten closer.)

“It’s thanks to Holy Beast-sama. I will give you my share of Madeleine.”

(Anything thou makes is a delicacy.)

“I can only give you pastries for your compliments. Thank you very much as always.”

(Umu, don’t be reserved.)

“I will be depending on you tomorrow as well.”

(Umu, leave it to me.)

Returning to Father’s office with such conversation, we finished the remaining work.

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