Chapter 25

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Absolutely, no, bullying!
Dirk-sama’s and my lovey-dovey lunchtime progressed favorably, and we have generally opened our hearts to each other.

Ah, Holy Beast-sama accompanied us every time. He’s unusually absent today. He was summoned by His Majesty on the way, so it’s just the two of us now.

While having a peaceful lunch, other Knights unusually approached us.

“Oh myy, isn’t it Dirk-sama?”

Dirk-sama immediately hid me behind him. He’s nervous.

He must be feeling uneasy. I was nearly injured the first time we met with other Knights present after all.

Rosalia said that it would be strange for Dirk-sama to suffer injuries from anyone except someone of Knight Commander’s class with his strength.

I obediently took the wait and see stance.

“Having an enjoyable picnic? You lowborn beast. Eating while groveling at other’s feet suits you more.”

“The barracks always stink of a beast.”

“Don’t get conceited just because you are a bit strong.”

Ahhh! Don’t stain the lunch I have made for Dirk-sama with my overflowing love with dirt! Even though only a little bit is left, I won’t forgive you!! Moreover, Dirk-sama smells nice! The smell of a beast is just your imagination! Rosalia is also very enraged!! To the battle!


“Oh my, what are you doing?”

The sudden appearance of the 16 years old beauty Rosalia! It’s a high-ranking magic, so this illusion even has the sense of touch.

When I leaned on Dirk-sama, he jolted with his face bright red and froze in place.

“Say, I wonder what happened here?”

I tilted my head slowly with elegant movements. Everyone except Dirk-sama was flapping their mouths in fascination. But, this is where your complacency ends, prepare yourselves, alright?

“Ruining the meal I have made for my beloved Dirk-sama with a great effort and even verbally abusing him…”

I lowered my eyelids and glared at them with cold eyes. Rather than a glare, I was smiling coldly.

“Do you want your Houses to be ruined? You guys, are you my enemies?”

“Ha? Ruining our Houses!?”

“There’s no way you could do something like-…”

I interrupted their words and mercilessly informed them.

“I can. I am the daughter of Duke Rosenberg. I can have as many ways as I like. Getting slowly ruined by either provoking a displeasure of Father or me? How about divulging injustices of your Houses and have them go extinct?”

The three Knights were lost for words. Their faces were pale.

“What do you want to do? Dirk.”

“… I’m fine as long as they apologize to you, Rosarin. I’m a Beastman, so it can’t be helped.”

Geee! It can’t be helped then!!

“Are you telling me to tolerate how they looked down on my beloved Dirk?”

“Be, beloved!?”

Eh, you are reacting to that? Haven’t I said it before too! Your behavior is way off of the normal, you know?

Dirk-sama is absurdly cute when he blushes, but he is quite dense, isn’t he? Shiit, I will hug and kiss you later, alright!

I let out an unnatural sigh and said one thing.

“You better be grateful to my kindhearted Dirk.”

The three Knights were obviously feeling relieved. But, it’s still too early to feel relieved, fools!

“I can’t do anything about the punishment for Dirk’s share if he doesn’t desire it, but my share is another thing.”


“I am?”


The three Knights were dumbfounded. I said while cheerfully smiling.

“Ufufu, there’s no way I wouldn’t blame you for spoiling the meal I have wholeheartedly made for my beloved Dirk. I will have you become my manservants as punishment. You will investigate and report on your comrades who harass Dirk and obstruct their harassment if possible.”

“W, why do we have…”

“Should I officially punish you then? You have committed a crime of being rude to a Duke’s daughter. You won’t find success in life, at the very least. I’m fine with either.”

The three Knights lowered their heads and became my manservants. I asked them about their names and affiliation and told them that I will contact them again. The three then totteringly left.


After the three disappeared from our sights, Dirk-sama spoke to me.

“By the way, why are you in such appearances, Rosarin?”

“Ah, I thought they would take me lightly in a child form. How is it, is it to your liking? I will surely have a promising future, I am a beauty and my boobs will definitely grow big too.”

“Cough, cough.”

He choked.

The blushing Dirk-sama was super choking. I was just joking, a light joke. Sorry. I’m poor at dirty jokes, I see.

“A, a girl shouldn’t say something like boboboobs!”

“And so, do you like what you see?”

I tilted my head to the side. Dirk-sama had a place for another level of red, huh. I didn’t know. Are your blood vessels all right? You are red up to the neck, you know?

“I do think that Rosarin is… cucucute.”

“And so, do you like what you see?”

I want to hear that no matter what, personally.

“I haven’t though about my preferences before, but… the usual Rosarin is adorable and the current Rosarin is pretty and a bit ill-tempered… it makes my heart throb really fast. This is my first time experiencing this, so I don’t know what to do.”


Nonono, the hell is this! The hell is this! He’s way too cute! The gesture of his in the game where he conceals his mouth in bashfulness has incredible destructive poweeer! I will die from moe. My heart is throbbing way too fast!

Rather, I don’t know what I am supposed to do with my heart beating this fast!!

Geee, I will hug you as punishment since it came to this! I will rub and rub against you!

“Uwaaa, hehehey! Ro, Rosarin, are you really three years old!?”

“Ah~ half of my body is three.”


I summarized the story and told it to Dirk-sama. That Rosalia is three years old, but the Beneficiary Rin is an adult.

“Is it because of the Beneficiary Rin that Rosarin doesn’t find me unpleasant?”

“Hmm, I wonder? Rosalia has no discrimination against the Beastmen, she rather approves of getting along with Dirk.”

“… I see, Hey, Rosarin. I have a request.”


“Is it possible for me to see Rin’s appearances?”


I swayingly changed into Rin. Umu, no boobs as usual. I wonder if I should have boosted them up?

Dirk-sama stared at me fixedly.

“What’s the matter?”

“Yeah. Even if your appearances changed, you are still Rosarin, huh.”

“I have no boobs though.”

“I, I told you not to talk about that! Don’t make fun of me!!”

No, when I change from Rosalia to Rin, my chest area feels lonely, you know? There’s no help for it since Rosarin is still a child, but I wanted a little more volume.

“Ha~ gee…”

Dirk-sama hid his face and his ears and tail twitched!

Ah, I just wanted to hug him but a kiss is unavoidable now.

There’s not much difference in height between Rin and Dirk-sama. Taking the hands that were concealing his face off, I kissed his cheek.

“Let’s get along from now on too, okay?”

“Ha, ye… yeah.”

Dirk-sama placed a hand on the cheek that I kissed… are you a girl!

“Still, your reactions are completely different from when with Rosarin, arent’ they?”

“I’m telling you that playing with the little Rosarin and being played with by the current you is different!”

No, I would feel really sad if you felt no different.

When I thought about it, I felt a sensation on my cheek. Huh, Dirk-sama is seriously close!

I was kissed on the cheek!

Please praise me for not having a nosebleed!!

“I should be saying that, please take care of me from now on too.”

Dirk-sama’s bashful smile was the most wonderful so far.

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