Chapter 26

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Witch Queen of Judgment.
A bright afternoon in the castle. I’m enjoying after-meal tea with Dirk-sama. I’m sitting on his lap. It’s a bliss~ I was enjoying a supreme bliss while patting Holy Beast-sama.



While dozing off on Dirk-sama’s lap, something… Dirk-sama’s tail coiled around my legs. Is he telling me it’s okay to touch?


Dirk-sama hid his tail in panic. Why?

(Rosarin, coiling the tail around someone is the courtship behavior of panther Beastmen. Aren’t thou glad?)

“P, please don’t say something so unnecessary!”

Ah, Dirk-sama doesn’s posses Holy Beast-sama’s protection and he doesn’t have Spirit Insight, but he apparently can somehow tell what Holy Beast-sama is saying. Courting? Was he courting me?

“Dirk, do you like me?”

“Wa, ah, uu~”

Dirk-sama’s expression was changing from one to another. Ah~ so cute. He has teary eyes, he is blushing.

“I love Dirk very much, so I am happy to be courted.”

“…! Stop it, it’s bad for my heart!”

However, he couldn’t escape because I was sitting on his lap.

Holy Beast-sama was grinning. He seems to love teasing Dirk.

“That reminds me, the entire Knights Order unit is holding a public practice tomorrow, right?”

“Eh? Yes.”

“I will go watch.”


When the break was over, it was time for work. Dirk-sama has a practice. After seeing Dirk-sama off, I heard Holy Beast-sama’s whispering voice.

(… The issue?)

“It went smoothly. I will have to ask you to handle things tonight.”

(Leave it to me.)

Smiles of accomplices floated on my and Holy Beast-sama’s face. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.



Now then, the next day. The excited me went out with the whole family. Martha and Arc were with us too.

Mother has become able to go out!

The training grounds were quite crowded. We went to seats for the noble visitors.

“The entire unit has already gathered.”

His Majesty said in exhaustion with swimming eyes. Please give up, my mind won’t change.

(I got tired of waiting.)

“Good morning, Holy Beast-sama~!”

(How many times do I have to tell thou to stop massaging me.)

“L, long time no see!”

Ah, Stupid-dono. In fact, he has been driven away by Elder brother every day since then.

“Good-“Let’s go, Rosarin.”

Elder brother… isn’t at least a greeting fine? He has tears in his eyes, that Stupid-dono. I don’t mind though.

Urged by Elder brother, we sat far away from Stupid-dono.

Taking the opportunity, first prince spoke to me.

“This is our first official meeting, isn’t it? Miss Rosarin, I am Alphege Kristya.”

“I am sorry for my Elder brother, I am Rosarin Rosenberg.”

“This is our first time talking like this, isn’t it?”

“Aniue, not fair! I also want to talk with Rosarin!”

“… You have it hard.”

“… You understand me?”

You see, Stupid-dono yo. This older brother of yours spoke to me who has no interest on your behalf…

“… To be frank, I do sympathize with you, Your Highness. There’s nothing you can do with the hopeless.”

Elder brother, don’t lump me together with Stupid-dono. I feel sorry for involving you in this though. But, Elder brother, you were in high spirits too!

His Highness Alphege wryly smiled at me who started pouting.

Each unit stood in rows and the practice commenced. Now then, not then, the fun show time will begin now.

I softly stood up and innocently extended my hand to Elder brother. Elder brother took my hand.


Feeling an intense magical power, Stupid-dono cried out.

By joining hands, we amplified each other’s magical power. A resonating, song-like magic chant began.

“A compassionate green one, answer my call.”

“A pure-hearted rainbow-colored friend, a heart healing green friend, snuggle up to my song.”

“This wish.”

“This prayer.”

“”Lend us your power if you hear it!!””

A magic circle appeared in the training grounds. In fact, this is what Holy Beast-sama draw with light and concealed the last night. There’s no need for the concealment anymore so he has dispelled the concealment. When people noticed, it was already too late.

Our magical powers infused with each other and began rotating at high speeds.

“”Lock up our enemies in those arms! Jadeite seal!!””

A green tentacle appeared from within the circle and sucked up the target.

“Whoa~ Ojousama’s and Bocchan’s highest grade greenery sealing formation, huh. Amazing~ it’s my first time seeing one.”

Arc seems to be half amazed.

Father seemed to be saying ‘well done’? Mother was clapping her hands in delight.

Martha was brought to tears because of our growth.

Your Majesty, your jaw will dislocate, you know? Stupid-dono looks the same. First prince looks amused.

The show has yet to start though!!



Immediately after hearing my voice, Haru developed amplification magic. The conversation from the noble visitor seats generally reached the entire training grounds.

“Hello~ there~!! I am called Rosarin Rosenberg! This day, the public practice of the entire unit is suspended and I’m thinking of showing you a sideshow instead! I have received His Majesty the King’s permission regarding this matter!”



His Majesty was sporting a distant look, but I don’t pay attention to it!

Wahahahaha, it’s time to be judged, you idiots!

“Well then, I’m thinking of carrying out a public execution this time. The charges of the guilty cover a wide range including the abandonment of professional duties, slander of my beloved Dirk Barton, the son of Marquis, attempted murder and more.”

“BY THE WAY, instead of letting your Houses take the responsibility, I have received written pledges regarding the punishment for your crimes from your guardians, parents or spouses~”

Mother who innocently let out ‘Kyaa’ is sweet today as well.

It was me who asked Mother for cooperation, but you wouldn’t normally bring written pledges from everyone, right? Mother is scary. She’s definitely a person I must not make an enemy of.


I have worked hard since the incident with those three Knights. First, I asked able servants to spy for me.

I begged Elder brother until he consented, pestered Father, requested Mother to cooperate with me, threatened His Majesty… cough. I made a deal with His Majesty.

Furthermore, the spirits were on my side.

I don’t feel like losing!

“Well then, well then, let the sideshow begin.”

Connecting the space, I summoned one of the restricted young men.

“Gokigen’you, son of Marquis Rosweyde.”

He shouted at me.

“Do you think you will be able to get away with this!?”

“I will? Were you not listening to what I said? His Majesty the King has approved of my sideshow and I have also received permission from your parents. If the crimes you have committed don’t amount to much, you need not to resist.”

The presence of Darkness-sama is very strong. He has pleaded me to participate in this show by all means. That magical power mixes with mine.

“Fog of Nightmares.”

With those powerful words, the mastermind who looked down on Dirk-sama fell asleep.

After confirming that the man was affecting with the magic, pseudo-television magic appeared in the training grounds.

“This case all began when the son of Marquis Roswayde to Dirk-sama during the Knights Order enrollment examination. While of the same peerage, he not only assaulted Dirk-sama just because he is a Beastman, but he also involved other people, ganging up on Dirk-sama and even attempting to murder him. For his punishment based on my findings, I will have him forcibly look at his actions and make him re-experience the other side with my magic. I will show the same to everyone since it’s a good opportunity. Please, do enjoy it.”

A picture flowed on the pseudo-television. From slander to assault. Stop, the son of Marquis Roswayde cried and shouted.

“Stop it! Rosarin!!”

To shake off His Majesty’s guards, as expected of Dirk-sama.

I wasn’t going to turn around.

“No way. I have gotten angry.”

“B, by what?”

“By everyone who bullied Dirk-sama.”

“No, I am a Beastman, so it can’t be helped.”

“It sure can!”

Dirk-sama stiffened by my harsh words.

“I want to tear apart those fellows that have hurt my precious Dirk! You may praise me for only punishing them so lukewarmly like this!”

“But, there’s no need for Rosarin to dirty your hands, I also don’t want you to something this violent.”

“No, I understand that you don’t desire from something like this, Dirk. This is just for my self-satisfaction. This is revenge I wanted to take.”

The son of Marquis Roswayde was screaming and shouting in the pseudo-television. No one will help him even if he cries to be forgiven. He got condemned even more instead. Just thinking that Dirk-sama got used to such suffering is making me sorrowful.

Just thinking about the gouged out wound on the projection is painful.

He, who is so gentle that he doesn’t want to see those who made him suffer hurt is hopelessly sweet.

“I will handle it well, please forgive me for now.”

“… I got it. I will leave it to you, Rosarin.”

And then, the last scene appeared on the projection.

… It turned into a Resident Evil. Agonizing cries. The son of Marquis Roswayde was chased around ruins by zombies.

“… I have not been chased by zombies before though.”

“This investigation method has been supplemented by my imagination. I felt quite queasy when making this…”

“… Yeah.”


“He was struck by a demon.”


“Heyyyy! Stop it! Stooop it!!”

Dirk-sama was desperate. However, I won’t yield.

“But, but! I won’t forgive himmon! By the way, this was set to feel pain as it was real!”

“That’s not good even more!”

“Moreover, after this, a torture in hell awaits him! He better suffer until his soul collapses!”

“That’s not good! Not good at all! I will do anything, so please stop it already!!”

“… Anything?”

“Anything! So stop it!”

The son of Marquis Roswayde was just screaming while his limbs were chewed on by the zombies. Snapping my fingers, the projection stopped and blacked out.

The son of Marquis Roswayde was groveling on the ground, smeared with tears and mucus.

“This is the last time I am showing kindness. There won’t be a next time.”

I showed a blizzard smile I learned from Father.

“Now then, I will have the rest of the offenders experience the same thing.”

“I told you to stop, didn’t I!!”

I pretended not to hear Dirk-sama’s shout.

“Ah, those unrelated can return to the practice as planned. Dirk, have a good day.”

“I won’t be deceived even if you say it cutely! As if I could practice in a situation like this!”


“I want to see Dirk’s cool side~ I may fall in love again.”

“Ugh… no means no! Dispell the magic at onceee!!”

In the end, the zombie sideshow came to an end.

Actually, the Knight Commander Rudolf-san was also my accomplice, but as his boss, he wanted to understand Dirk’s circumstances properly, so he was mixed among the concerned people. In fact, I made the zombie stage clearable, but he was smiling and saying how nice clearing zombies for practice is. Musclehead. I’m thinking of making sure it can’t be cleared the next time.

By the way, I was feared by the Knights Order after this incident and was given the nickname “Witch Queen of Judgment”.

Why do I feel that my presence is more atrocious than that of the Villainess? Incomprehensible.

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