Chapter 27

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Behind the scenes of judgment and home cooking.
Two weeks have passed since then. The harassment towards Dirk-sama has disappeared just as I planned.

It seems that I had an impact on the frantic son of Marquis Roswayde and other culprits as things went favorably (according to the three Knights and Martha’s information).

As I thought, it was a good thing to show them the other party’s side, right? There seemed to be many people who apologized too (according to Dirk-sama).

No, there might have been actually a different way of handling things. As expected, normally, the person himself ought to do something about it. Something like deserting the other party in the middle of a horde of monsters, not leaving a chance for others to leave unscathed. Well, my personal feelings might be clouding my judgment a little bit though.

Well, it was serious after that. I was scolded by His Majesty for overdoing it. Dirk-sama scolded me as well.

This incident could have been realized thanks to Father and Arc who made some kind of a deal with His Majesty. Thank you very much, you two.

Doing something about the discrimination of Beastman is absolutely necessary, but that is quite a difficult task.

In this world, people who associate with beings like the Beastmen and Haru are called “Heretics”. I feel that I and Holy Beast-sama strictly belong to that category as well though. ”Heresy” is avoided.

I have talked about this with Rosalia many times, but it’s very likely that it will be the Beastmen country Wolfanea that attacks this Kristya Kingdom. The crests engraved in the armor of the soldiers matched with Rosalia’s dream.

Actually, the heroine of the game is also a Beneficiary. What is different from me is that the heroine came with her own body. She was summoned by the King of Wolfanea and enrolled in the Kristya’s Royal Magic Academy to study abroad on his recommendation.

In other words, the Villainess Rosalia doubted whether the heroine wasn’t a spy and harassed her in order to completely drive her away.

And she got beaten at her own game… wha, Rosalia is way too pitiful… she was way too earnest. Thinking back, she even lacked the common sense of going on dates even though she had a fiancé, so it can’t be helped that she was overly cautious.

Most likely, the heroine was used as a spy without her knowledge. She was reporting to the King every night after all.

That’s the story, but the reason Wolfanea attacked was because of the discrimination against Beastmen. Therefore, I want to do something about as much as I can.

Dirk-sama is of a gentle character, so I want to sweep the image of the frenzied Beastmen away. Moreover, if he gets along with a child like me, the image of Beastmen will surely improve. This is going to be a challenge in the future.

While thinking such with my hands nimbly working, a hand flashed past my sight.


This is the Prime Minister’s office. There’s no way Dirk-sama would be here. However, the one before me is Dirk-sama no matter how I look at him.

“I want to see him so much I started hallucinating?”

“It’s not a hallucination, alright! I have brought documents on Commander’s orders! You always make me delicious meals, so I thought I should at least occasionally come to pick you up…”


Oh my? A cold air is drifting from Elder brother?? Eh? Did I do something?

“Home… made?”

Father? What are you being shocked for?

“You can cook, Ojousama?”

I obediently replied to Arc’s inquiry.

“Well, so-so. The meat rice balls that has become popular recently is my recipe. The ones made by Dan were delicious though.”

“Rosarin’s meals are always delicious, you know?”

Dirk-sama tilted his head. His Angel-ness is stable today as well.

“That’s because they are matched to Dirk’s tastes and filled with love~”

Ah, he blushed. You are so cute, gee.

“Not fair.”


“That’s right, it’s not fair.”


“I also want to eat a meal made by Rosarin.”

“Ehh? Dan’s meals are delicious though?”

“I also want to eat home cooking of my daughter.”

“Ojousama, give up. Their opinion won’t change once like this.”

“Rosarin, who is more important to you between Dirk and us! It’s not fair for only Dirk to eat it! Even though I have did my best to cooperate the last timeee.”

Ah, Elder brother? I’m sorry, don’t cry. Rather, why do you look like your lover has been stolen by another?

“Family is important as family, Dirk is important as Dirk, I don’t think I can choose because the love I feel is different… I will make something for Niisama and Tousama next time. Do you have any requests?”

“Rosarin, let’s take a day off. You have a birthday present that you have not received yet.”

“Then, I will make a lunch box for a picnic.”

After that, it was difficult making the sulking Elder brother feel better.

Ah, we had lunch as usual in the end. Hearing that Holy Beast-sama eats my food all the time, Father reached his hand down Holy Beast-sama’s mouth as far as he could. He was envious and infuriated by the smug face. I tried to stop him desperately.

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