Chapter 22

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Mofumofu fever.
Holy Beast-sama came immediately after Elder brother drove away Stupid-dono.

(Fumu, I am glad you seem well above all.)

“You have come to see me? Holy Beast-sama!”

Tightly embracing Holy Beast-sama, I casually mofumofued him.

(I told you to not massage me in public.)

Despite saying that, Holy Beast-sama is weak towards me, thus unable to refuse me.

“You came? I will leave Rosarin in your care. What are you going to do, Ru?”

(Rosarin? Umu, thou have changed thy name. It’s a good name.)

“Thank you very much.”

Holy Beast-sama was apparently asked by Father. He praised my new name. I’m happy.


Oh my? Elder brother was drawing back. Holy Beast-sama doesn’t bite, you know? He’s cute, you know?

Seeing Elder brother like that, Father all of sudden thrust his hand into Holy Beast-sama mouth.

“Holy Beast-dono doesn’t bite, see?”

No, I drew back from Father’s actions. I think it’s fine for Holy Beast-sama to get angry. Why have you done that? How bad. Poor Holy Beast-sama.

What were you thinking, appealing Holy Beast-sama by thrusting your hand into his mouth??

Also Arc, your face got blue, you know? Why are you so poor with Holy Beast-sama?

“I, I will go too…”

Though looking frightened, Elder brother gave a clear answer.

(Umu. I don’t mind.)

Holy Beast-sama turned his back as if urging me to get on. His casual laying down posture allowed me to get easily on his back. Such a stable kindness. I got on without a hesitation.

“Eh? You are getting on!?”

(Thou shall get on too. Children walk too slow.)

“He said you can get on too. Children walk too slow, is what he said.”

(Don’t be reserved.)

Fearfully, Elder brother climbed on top of Holy Beast-sama’s back. His position is behind me.

“Wow… it’s so fluffy.”

(Fufun, my fur is of the finest quality.)

“Yes, I’m in a bliss.”

I rubbed and touched the fur with a whole-faced smile.

“What? What are you talking about!?”

“I told Holy Beast-sama that his fur is the best. Hauu, happiness~”

Elder brother was looking at me with disappointing eyes, but I didn’t notice since I was dazzled by the mofumofu.

“Ru, take this.”

Father handed Elder brother some document. Is it for our next work?

(Children, hold tightly. I am going.)

Holy Beast-sama stood up and begun walking. I think two children might be quite a lot of weight, but he composedly walked at a brisk pace. Not sure whether he was paying attention to it, but it was a comofortable ride without any shaking. And most importantly, it was soft to the touch.

(Hey, I told thou to not massage me.)

Holy Beast-sama was purring under my mofu technique and his tail was swaying left and right. What a reward…

“Rosarin, what did you do?”

“I got scolded for mofuing too much.”

“… You get along well, huh.”

“Yes. Our relationship wouldn’t lose out though, Niisama.”


Leaning on my back and looking behind, my eyes matched with the smiling brother, so I smiled back.

(Fumu, thou really are close.)

“Ehehe, he’s my prided Niisama after all.”


“He said the same thing as Niisama. That we get along well.”

Elder brother’s fear of Holy Beast-sama considerably thinned out with this conversation, so my brother who was stiff up until now has calmed down.

(We have arrived.)

It stinks of sweat here… I also heard some crude voices, you know? Is this perhaps…

Holy Beast-sama walked briskly without hesitation and clapped onto the leg of a large armor-wearing man. I want him to do that to me too!

“Oh my? Holy Beast-sama, you have brought quite cute children with you. How unusual, I thought you disliked children?”

That’s my first time hearing this! Eh, does he dislike me too!?

(I don’t really dislike human children. Children… on top of not knowing anything, the way they touch me is uncomfortable. Moreover, I often get misunderstood as threatening them when they touch me on their own.)

The armor-wearing man didn’t seem to understand Holy Beast-sama’s words, so I acted as an interpreter.

“Holy Beast-sama doesn’t really dislike children, you know? It’s just that he doesn’t want to be touched and misunderstood as menacing”

“Eh? Was that so? By the way, what’s your name Ojouchan?”

“Nice to meet you. I am called Rosarin Rosenberg.”

I curtsied like a proper lady.

“I’m Rupert Rosenberg. I have a letter from Father.”

Elder brother also bowed elegantly. As expected of Elder brother.

The armor-wearing uncle seemed to be surprised, but he clapped on our backs with a smile floating on his face after reading the letter from Father.

Hey! That hurts! Please spare me!

“What, wanting to inspect the practice of Knights, as expected of Rufus’ daughter. How peculiar. I’m Knight Commander Rudolf. Best regards.”

To think he was a Knight Commander. Rudolf-san showed us around the training school. Spars and meetings were occasionally held on the considerably large practice grounds with audience seats on the side.

When Rudolf-san asked whether I want to look from the audience seat or from up close, I naturally replied: “Up close!”.

Oh my? There seems to be a crowd here.

“Oh, how lucky. They are having a spar.”

However, I can’t see through the crowd of people. While considering to use magic to fly up to watch, my field of vision suddenly opened.

(How about this?)


Rudolf-san was startled by Holy Beast-sama transformation to the human mode.

Elder brother is frozen in place too.

At the present situation, Elder brother is sitting on Holy Beast-sama’s left shoulder while I’m on his right shoulder. I can see just fine.

The surroundings seem to be somewhat frightened, but I ignored it.

Behind the crown, what came to my sight first was the black hair. A black-haired boy was obviously toying with an adult of a good physique. His movements were like that of a cat. And, he had round ears and a long tail. He’s a Black Panther beastman.

“You are in luck, Ojouchan. The little black-haired one is Dirk. He’s quite a powerful one”

I absentmindedly stared at Dirk-sama. To think, to think that I would be able to meet him so soon! I thought it would be nice if I met him though.

He was my biggest fetish in this game!!

“Dirk-sama, so cool!”

Oh my, he’s seriously cool!

Elder brother was shocked by the cry of my soul, but don’t mind it! Ah gee, he’s too wonderful! He was an adult in the game, but a young boy Dirk-sama is super dreamy too!! I want to mofu him!!

(Fumu, he certainly does have a skill. Here, let’s get closer. Thou want to see Dirk, right?)

As expected of the gentlemanly Holy Beast-sama. He dexterously held us and moved to the front of the crowd.

By the way Holy Beast-sama, are you acquaintanced with Dirk-sama? Please introduce us by all means if you are.

I don’t care, but we are standing out too much. I would also take a look at a large, 190cm beastman (actually different) with two children on his shoulders. I descended a little to attract less attention even by little.

We are in the front row so there’s not a problem.

Ah, our eyes have met. Dirk-sama, aren’t you surprised too much?

“Dirk-sama, do your best!”

Don’t his ears turn towards us every time I cheer for him? Is that just my imagination?

(Fumu? Dirk seems to be interested in thee. He’s clearly listening in to our conversation.)

Ah, it wasn’t just my imagination then. Why? Am I being too loud? The surroundings are quite passionate too though?

“Goruaaa!! You have a death wish not paying attention during a spar, Dirk!! Take it seriously!!”

Oof, with his fur standing up after hearing Rudolf-san’s extra loud voice, Dirk-sama defeated his opponent instantly.

“… Watch out!!”

I have no idea what happened. Dirk-sama’s voice seemed to be at wits’ end. The sword of his opponent he repelled during the spar got sent flying straight towards me.

And then, I kicked the handle and caught it.

…………… Wha?

Nono, I can’t do stunts like that. I have lived the life of a sick person on top of my friend, the bed, so I have no physical ability. So that means, it was Rosaliaaa!?

(… I was trained by Manya. I can use throwing knives too.)

Seriously? I didn’t know. Rather, what are you teaching to a Duke’s daughter, Manya. So that’s why she gave me a present like that. Just how much did she teach, I am scared to confirm.

And, what do I do? Everyone is looking at me in puzzlement. Rather, I feel puzzled too.

Rudolf-san who has revived the fastest literally caught Dirk-sama by the nape of his neck and dragged him before me.

“There, apologize!”

“Ah, I, I am sorry! Are you injured?”

Fuooh, Dirk-sama is this close! He was kneeling and peeking into my face.

“I, I’m fine. I will return you this.”

I returned the sword. Rather, taking a better look, Dirk-sama injured all over his body. Softly touching his cheek, I healed him. With a bonus of relieving his fatigue.

“… Eh?”

While at it, I shrewdly touched his ears. Although they twitched, he stiffened.


(Dirk, this girl prefers beasts. Show her thy Beastification.)

What a wonderful proposal! I super want to see it!! And touch it while at it!!

“Haaah!? She will definitely start crying, you know!?”

(No? Rosarin is a peculiar girl. Show her thy sincerity for healing thy wounds.)

Saying that I’m peculiar is rude. But, I won’t deny that I’m pleased. Dirk-sama sighed in front of me whose eyes were sparkling with expectations.

“… I don’t care what happens.”

His beautiful black fur spread. His amber eyes were looking at me. I felt fear in his eyes.


Hearing Elder brother’s shriek, I felt the Black Panther in front of me growing sad.

And then, seeing the dispirited Black Panther, I lost my reasoning.

“Kyaaaa! Mo, mo fumofuuuu!! Super cuteeee!!”

Hugging him with all my strength, I started rubbing against him. Ah gee, adorable! I’m glad I didn’t start bleeding from my nose!!

Dirk-sama doesn’t stink of a beast, huh! I smell a bit of sweat. His fur is as soft as Holy Beast-sama’s, but it’s even silkier. It feels super gooood!!

As I was rubbing against him and was about to kiss his cheek, Elder brother whose sanity returned tore me off of Dirk-sama.

By the way, Dirk-sama is still frozen in place. He has been like that ever since I shouted out.

“We have caused you trouble. I’m truly sorry for interrupting your training. We will excuse ourselves here today”

“Eh, Niisama…”

“We. Are. Re. Tur. Ning.”


Not being able to win over the Great Devil Elder brother, I have returned to Father’s office on the shoulder of the greatly laughing Holy Beast-sama.

It was difficult to repair Elder brother’s bad mood after that.

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