Chapter 21

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Work and regarding Elder brother’s cheat.
Today, I’m going to work at the castle together with Elder brother!

Two children desks were promptly prepared in Father’s office.

“Am I really doing it too?”


Giving up after hearing Father’s apology, Elder brother started working in silence.

Fu fu fu. Today, I have brought a secret weapon!

The materials were provided and produced by Sui. The manufacturing and the finishing touches were done by Haru.

The name of this secret weapon is:


It’s an abacus!

I had it made! Today, I will do my best while using this.

“… What is that?”

Elder brother looked interestingly at me who was clacking with the abacus. Ah, was it too loud?

While explaining the use of abacus to Elder brother, the two adults were also fidgeting behind me before I noticed. The amount of ninjas in our house is too many. Don’t erase your presences! You will startle me!

Elder brother’s mental arithmetics are fast, so he probably wouldn’t need an abacus, right? Is what I said, but he wanted to give it a try.

In the end, Sui and Haru made another piece.

Elder brother has already mastered using it. Shiit, that’s why he’s a bright fellow!

While glared at by me, he returned a smug face. You fool! I won’t lose!!

As the result of Elder brother and me getting serious, we have finished most of the work just before the noon. I’m tired, but it all ended up well in the end.

The result of the match? … It was a draw. He was a good match to an experienced person like me? When I told him that he’s weird in many ways, he said that he doesn’t want to be told that by Rosarin. Incomprehensible.

Anyhow, while having a tea break with Father, I overheard a sad conversation of the adults.

“When was it last that we could have a tea break this early?”

“… I don’t remember.”

“Tea, we were only chugging a tepid one without stopping to take a breath until now, weren’t we?”

“Indeed. I don’t even remember when was the last time I drank a black tea that wasn’t tepid…”

“Tousama, I will help you anytime.”

“Please work me hard.”

We will make sure that you can take a proper break, alright! My and Elder brother’s hearts have become one.



While thinking about what to do from now on, a visitor came. It’s the Stupid-dono from yesterday… or not, it’s His Highness Aldin.

“I, I came thinking of letting you play with me!”

“We did not ask you, please leave.”

Elder brother decisively cut him down with one stroke. How nostalgic, he did it to me too… just a month has passed since then though.

Stupid-dono who was shut down with a single sentence got tears in his eyes. The damage from that is huge, isn’t it? I know, I understand.

“I, insolent!”

“Pardon me for saying so, but we have not come here to play. We are working.”

Elder brother, aren’t you too cold? “That” is, more or less, a Crown Prince, you know?

Is talking with him like that alright? When I looked at Father and Arc with such gaze, Father nodded and Arc replied with Tehe☆…

Good adults don’t laugh in embarrassment while sticking out their tongue…!

Is that the reason!? I spoke to Elder brother in panic.

“Niisama, I am not angry. I properly took revenge myself”

“Yes. Rosarin, be quiet.”

I have lost to a five-year-old. A crushing defeat. Elder brother’s smile had a great impact.

Since I can’t win, there’s no way that Stupid-dono will be able to.

The crying Stupid-dono was collected by the first prince again. Second prince, somehow, sorry. Please feel better.

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