Chapter 200.2

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Swimming in the sea and magic tools.
“Oh, I forgot something important. Milfi, please apply this on your body.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a sunscreen. It is a cream to protect your skin. You can get a sunburn if you get too much sun. Apply it to your exposed skin as a precaution.”


“Dirk, do my back please!”

“N? Okay.”

I had the pipsqueaks lend me the tent for a minute and took off my jacket and pants.


I laid down in my bathing suit. I urged Dirk to sit down, and he sat down next to me while fidgeting.

“Oh my, Rin’s dream finally came true. She longed to have her lover help her with spreading sunscreen on her back.”

Rin passed away before she had the opportunity to go swimming. In fact, she longed for swimming in the sea itself.

“… I see. I will do my best.”

“Yeah… fufu, that tickles… there… spread it under the border of my swimsuit too, okay? Ah! That’s so ticklish.”

“I will do my best.”

When it was over, it felt as if Dirk gained enlightenment.

“It’s your turn next.”

“Eh? Wha, hey, that is… nyaaa!?”




I used lots of sunscreen on Dirk’s body.

“Ugh… you definitely touched places you didn’t need to!”



He squished my cheeks. Is this a reward? Thank you.

“Oh, Niisama needs to use sunscreen too!”

I told everyone to apply sunscreen on their bodies to prevent the damage that would come later.

“It’s hard to reach my back, Rosarin can you do it for me?”

“Sur—”I will do it.”

Dirk quickly helped Aldin-sama. Aldin-sama was perplexed.

“Thanks, Dirk. Why do you seem so displeased, though?”

“It’s because he got jealous of you, Aldin-sama. Dirk dislikes it when Rosarin touches other men.”

“Hey!? Ru! That might be true but don’t go around telling everyone!”

The royal guards and my elder brother were grinning.

“Oh, I’m so loved. Although I would feel the same if our positions were reversed.”

“Eh, ah…”

The serious Aldin-sama bowed his head to the flustered Dirk.

“Sorry, Dirk!”



“I’m sorry to have made you feel uncomfortable despite knowing how much you love Rosarin! Will you forgive me…”

“No… it’s just me getting disgracefully jealous…”

“Well, this isn’t my first time realizing how dearly you love Rosarin. I should have been more considerate.”

“Umm, am I… that easy to understand?”

“When you look at Rosarin, you have a very gentle expression on your face, and when she is around, you always look very happy. It’s even more obvious when she’s not by your side, you know?”


When she’s around? Is that so? Dirk confirmed with his eyes. When everyone except me nodded, his eyes became wet. Oh my… is Dirk really that different when I’m not around? After that, Dirk has been made fun of thoroughly.



Oh my? It feels like Zilva is about to bite off a piece of handkerchief. What is he looking at… ah, it’s Milfi.

“Cidar-kun, I will spread it for you.”

“Hah? I, i, i, i, it’s fine! I can do it myself!”

“It’s difficult to spread it on your back, you know? I already finished helping your little siblings. You are the only one left… do you dislike the idea of me touching you that much?”

Milfi got teary-eyed in an instant. Cidar-kun hung his head down in defeat.

“… No. I will be in your care.”

Cidar-kun’s face turned bright red, but his tail was acting all spoiled around Milfi.

“Fufu, that tickles.”

“Huh? S, sorry!”

“I don’t mind. It’s not like you were trying to be mean to me or anything, right?”

“That’s true, but…”

“Come to think of it, are you able to Beastify, Cidar-kun?”

“Ah? I am. I can do complete Beastification, too.”

As soon as he finished talking, Cidar-kun turned into a palm-sized mouse. I heard beforehand that Cidar-kun is capable of complete Beastification, so the swimsuit thankfully shrunk to his current size. I thought he would be grey in color, but Cidar-kun was white like a snow bunny.

“Cu…………… cute.”


“So cuteee! Cidar-kun! Please let me, just for a little bit, so… please let me hold you!”

“Wait! Wha!?”

Milfi’s vigor didn’t dissipate even when he turned into a human-sized mouse.


Milfi hugged him and rubbed her face against him. She looked very happy.

“So even my best friend has finally fallen to the gap of the fluff…”

“It’s contagious!?”

“It’s not.”


We watched over Milfi as I glared at the pure Aldin-sama. Once Milfi’s sanity returned, she earnestly apologized to Cidar-kun.
It appears she lost her reason because of Cidar-kun’s cuteness. It’s fine, Milfi. Cidar-kun was acting all spoiled around you, and he kept on stroking your hair cheekily among the confusion, too.

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