Chapter 200.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Swimming in the sea and magic tools.
We returned to the beach safely with the teleportation magic. I told the worried aunts and uncles of the fishing village that the mermaids were not, in fact, Sirens, but sea spirits called Nereis, and that they would not be coming back.

“Aiiiight! Chaps! Let’s get the boats out! Raise the sails! It’s time to fish!!”



The powerful sea bastards ran off. The aunties promised to treat us to a fresh seafood dinner in return.
Well, I guess the matter is settled for now, huh?

“Thank you for your hard work, everyone. Now then, how about we start playing at last?”

“Playing? You are so energetic, Rosarin.”

“Oh no, stop it, Aldin-sama. Why do you think I went to the bottom of the sea in the first place? It was to play without any worries.”

“… That so? Well, helping others without any good intentions is Rosarin’s style.”

“… True.”

The two princes smiled bitterly. It looks like the two also understand me.

“Well then, I will pull out the magic tools I made for leisure at sea.”

First of all, the standard things. Swimming rings of all sizes, beach ball, huge floats in the shape of big fish, a toothed whale, dolphin, and Miss Kuurin.


Cidar-kun’s pipsqueaks immediately started playing with the rings and floats. Even though there was a barrier, I was worried that something might have remained in the sea after our hunting, so I asked Suigetsu-san to guard them. Suigetsu-san was watching over the kids while playing with them. I will have to praise her later. She worked hard today, after all.

“Fu, fu, fu. This is where it gets amazing!”

When I took out the swan boat out of my pouch, the interjection came.

“Wait, wait, wait! This is definitely weird!”


It was heavy so I put the swan boat down. The princes stared in dumbfoundment.

“Rosarin, here.”


Cidar-kun put a fish he caught into my pouch.

“Try getting it out.”


When I took it out, the fish was cut into three pieces. I gently placed the pouch on the ground.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop making things too convenient for me!”

The princes looked at me with sorry eyes.

“It’s Rosarin’s pouch that is weird. You guys saw the huge vegetables too, right?”



“Those moving ones?”

“She put thirty of them inside. Moreover, they came out cut in easy to eat sizes.”


“You better not be minding it. I already gave up.”

“It’s Rosarin, after all.”

“It’s Miss Rosarin, after all.”

“Wait! That is weird! It’s suddenly okay because it’s me!?”

“You are weird, after all.”

Elder brother said with a shining smile… nono, I am not weird, okay!

“It’s Pouch-san that is weird! I am normal!!”

(No, that’s not true.)

Another interjection came out of nowhere. What the hell, everyone is my enemy!

“Hmph! Even though things were about to get amazing now, I won’t take it out anymore!”

I crouched down and drew into the sand with my finger sulkily.



As expected of my kind-hearted best friend! She came to comfort me after I got bullied! Milfi patted me on the back to soothe my feelings.

“Rosary… I understand that you don’t want to admit to it, but if you honestly consider yourself to be normal, then there will be no normal people in Christia. Isn’t it fine to be a little… quite… greatly different! I will be your best friend no matter what, Rosary!”

“… Thank you.”

“She finished her off so nonchalantly.”

“However, as expected of Miss Milfilia. She meant no harm so Miss Rosarin couldn’t bring herself to retort.”

I can hear you, princes! Milfi is quite the natural airhead, after all. It’s the sympathy that counts.
With my spirit recovered, I took out the next magic tools.

A wind-powered motorboat-style magic tool! You can easily steer the boat by tempering with the control panel!
Even beginners can use this surfboard magic tool! Place your feet on the magic conduction panel and let your magical power flow through it, and you can go in any direction you want. It can even create waves!
Mermaid Transformation Set! You can breathe in the water! You can swim like a fish!
And my favorite, underwater soap bubbles! You can play with them as with normal soap bubbles! You can also play with them like with a beach ball by pouring magical power into them! And you can also take a walk under the sea by making them bigger!

“That’s really incredible!”

“I wonder what is going through Miss Rosarin’s head.”

“… I won’t lend you anything, you know?”

“”I apologize.””

They clearly wanted to play, so they immediately apologized. It’s good to be honest.

In addition, I took out a beach parasol with cooling and UV blocking magic, a table and chairs. I brought out the beach chairs and a tent. The tent is one that Arc gave me a long time ago. The pipsqueaks moved in right away. Kids love tents, don’t they?

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