Chapter 199

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Spirit King and Kuurin.
The Spirit King has been completely purified of the Evil, and stared in dumbfoundment. The surrounding ice melted little by little.

Dirk and I were riding on top of Hojo-kun, while Jash was on Suigetsu-san’s back.

“I’m returning the ring back.”

I returned the ring Dirk lent me.

“… Rosarin, can I ask you something?”

“Yes, anything.”

“There was no need for the last punch, no? I mean, Chita could have purified her on his own…”

“No, I tried to make the purification more effective by adding a shock. It was a necessary measure.”

“That’s the ‘official’ reason. What was the real reason?”

“I won’t forgive anyone who makes my children cry! So I had to hit her at least once! Is what I was thinking at that time… and well, I acted on a whim.”

“As I thought.”

As expected of Dirk. He knows me so well. Jash, who was listening in on our conversation was at his wits’ end.

“… Ojousama.”


“Please don’t do something so dangerous on a whim! To jump down from such a height! You would die if you made a mistake, you know!? I will make sure you receive a lecture later!”


Well, I can’t help it if I made him anxious. As we relaxed, Jash got carried away by a tsunami.

“Jash!? Suigetsu-saaan!?”

“I am so sooooorryyyy!!”

It wasn’t a tsunami! It was a big wave created by the prostrating Spirit King. You are huge so pay attention a little!


I was able to rescue Jash and Suigetsu-san properly. I’m glad…

“I’m sorry… to let myself get affected by Evil even though I am the Spirit King…”

“Umm… is my wife all right now?”

Kuurin’s father asked uneasily. I spoke to Chita.

“Chita, explain it to them please.”

The golden, cute spirit that is Chita puffed out his chest proudly.

“I purified the Evil! Of course you are alright! I am a rose blessed by the Goddess. A spirit of the Holy attribute.”

“I certainly don’t feel the presence of Evil anymore, so I think I’m alright now.”

“I see… I’m glad… I’m happy to hear that…”

Kuurin’s father cuddled the Spirit King. How lovey-dovey.


It was quite surreal to see a gigantic beauty embracing a gigantic fish.


“Little… no, was it Kuurin?”

“That’s right.”

“Kuurin, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for ignoring your will and locking you up for so long…”

“Mm. I’m also sorry for calling you a liar. What you told me most likely wasn’t a lie. But, it also wasn’t the truth.”



“Mama, you said that the outside world is a scary place, but it wasn’t all scary. I was happy over there. Although many unpleasant things did happen to me, I feel blessed now. The world is vast with many cruel people, but there are kindhearted people, too.”


“That’s why Kuurin won’t return here. But I will sometimes come over to play, okay?”


“We will be waiting. Come over anytime.”


Kuurin smiled refreshingly. The parents were also seemingly happy.

“In other words, Kuurin will remain as one of my children?”

“That’s right!”

“I will take responsibility for looking after her, so please rest assured.”

“… Yeah. Kuurin adores you so much, after all. I am really thankful… about Kuurin and the evil. I ought to return this favor back.”

“No, Kuurin is a very good child who helps me a lot, so we should call it a day with all the work she has done. Besides, you are Kuurin’s dear parents, so I had no choice but to help you in the first place, so don’t worry about it. Rather, I should be thanking you for influencing your daughter so much.”

“… Oneechan.”

I stroked Kuurin’s head. She looks older than me. Now that I think about it, I wonder how old Kuurin is? Yep, I decided not to think about it. It would get complicated!

“I decided!”


The Spirit King suddenly raised her voice. She seems to be sparkling and having fun.

“I will also become your protection spirit!”

“No, thank you. I already have Kuurin for water.”

“I, I’m strong, you know!”

“No, your magical power is just too strong to be a protection spirit. I have not stabilized my magical power just yet, after all.”

“Well… then, I will definitely be of use to you when it stabilizes! Take this with you.”

A compact made out of a beautiful seashell. This item seems familiar, I think…

“This is the Water Spirit King’s heart. With it, you can always talk to me or summon a part of me over.”

“Thank you very much. I think I will be seeking your assistance someday. I will be depending on you at that time.”

I bowed to the Spirit King quietly.

“Kuurin, go have a talk with your mom.”

“… Can I?”

“Yeah. We will go play near the beach. You can also stay the night here. Why don’t you tell your mom and dad about the world you saw?”


Kuurin went to her parents with a smile on her face. It would be better to let the family talk privately. Then, just as I thought about returning to the beach, I got surrounded by the Nereis. Eh? What is it?

“Please make me your protection spirit!”

“That’s not fair, get in line! I have fallen in love with your singing! Please make me your protection spirit!”

The Sea Spirits, Nereis, wanted me to make them my protection spirit one after another.

“It’s that, right? The period of life when you enjoy more romantic attention than usual.”

“… Well, you could say it in a sense, but it’s a bit different, right?”

As expected of Dirk. What a precise interjection. I was trying to escape reality, but it seems that I have to reply. Refusing everyone was truly a difficult feat.

How did it turn out like this!?

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